Andrew Kallman

Andrew Kallman

External Trainer in Flow.
Enterprise Agile, SAFe, Large Scale Scrum, Scrum at Scale and Scaling Agile.

Andrew has over thirty years experience in product development and Agile transformation. He trains, coaches and mentors teams, leaders and organizations on how to attain a sustainable pace that Flows.

He delivers outstanding value-add via world-class management consulting for portfolio, program, project and organizational leadership enabling executive teams to implement their strategy and vision.

He is the co-author of  the books “Flow” and “The Nehemiah Effect”, which describes how to strategically implement Flow and the UVF to achieve the remarkable results desired:



– Over thirty years of experience leading, transforming, training, coaching, mentoring and consulting with start-ups to Executive-level assignments in Europe, the US and Asia.
– Coaching, Training and leading Agile Transformations, Transitions and Governance from Waterfall to Agile/Scrum/Flow.
– Enterprise Agile (including Agile Portfolios and Programs), SAFe, Large Scale Scrum, Scrum at Scale and Scaling Agile.

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