Beata Padlo

Beata Padlo

Experienced Agile Coach I ScrumMaster I Facilitator I Team Lead

Example of Roles

  • Agile Coach for individuals or teams, Scrum, Kanban or other
  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner och Product Owner Coach
  • Development Team Lead
  • Workshop facilitator
  • Test Lead / QA Lead
  • Coach of Guilds and Squads

Beata’s vision is to build and support happy teams that work together delivering great software to users across the globe. She enables development teams better collaboration by focusing on individuals and teams’ potential by bringing it into the daylight. She makes people think “outside the box” by challenging their mindset and cultural habits. During her career she gained technical background and excellent leadership skills. She is a proactive leader who searches for new ways to learn and grow. Her positive attitude brings people together and creates pleasant working atmosphere. When she is out of the office she enjoys being an amateur photographer and a passionate world traveler, combining that with work and wellbeing she managed to create a satisfying balance in life.

I very much enjoyed seeing Beata transition from a highly respected QA engineer, to an effective Scrum Master. Her confidence and ability to mould agile principles to get the best out of teams, and individuals, is a testament to her natural talent. As she gains more knowledge and experience, she'll go from strength to strength.

Miles Tillinger - Program Manager at Atlassian | Agile Coach | Agile Tour Guide at Agile Tour Sydney
Miles Tillinger - Program Manager at Atlassian | Agile Coach | Agile Tour Guide at Agile Tour Sydney

Example of Clients

  • Vattenfall
  • Linkon
  • NetEnt
  • Scania



Methods:​ Agile (Scrum, Kanban, XP), Managment 3.0, TDD, BDD, SAFe, A/B Testing
Workshops: Product Discovery, Persona, Customer Journey, Retrospectives (team & departments) and more
Programming​ ​languages​ ​and​ ​frameworks:​ Ruby, Cucumber (Gherkin), Java
Test​ ​and​ ​development​ ​tools:​ ​Jira, Charles Proxy, Jenkins, TeamCity, GIT, SVN, Robotium, Instruments (Xcode), SoapUI, Calabash, Selenium, Eclipse, SourceTree, Flurry, Mixpanel, QlikView, jStats, AWS Amazon Redshift, Oracle Database, SQL, Chrome Developer Tools
Operating​ ​Systems:​ OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian

Some of my Clients

Vattenfall – Stockholm, Sweden September 2017 – Ongoing

Role: Agile Coach for multiple teams (2-4). I coach the team as well as product owners and stakeholders, facilitate discovery workshops with all stakeholders and team to help them get a common view on what the value is and what to deliver, facilitiate Management 3.0 workshops to enable better teamwork and clear expectations as well as acting Scrum Master for the teams growing their abilities to deliver as well as collaborate and off course act as a driving force for continuous improvement.

Linkon​ ​a​ ​Silver​ ​Rail​ ​Company​ – Stockholm, Sweden Jan 2017 – Jun 2017

Linkon enables seamless travel on the railway across Europe, by working tightly with Swedish Rail (SJ) and building ticketing distribution systems.

Role: Development Team Lead Successfully implemented a culture based on common values and lean principles. Transformed conflicted and disoriented team towards working common values with an agile mindset. As a team lead I established a goal oriented environment for the team responsible for both customer deliveries and maintenance of a main business products.

By coaching individuals on weekly one-to-ones and creating forum for a group to discuss issues through a series of retrospectives I rebuilded trust within the team that was previously based on criticism and blame practices. Team was no longer afraid to fail together.

I helped resolving conflicts that were surrounding the team by creating a knowledge sharing culture where pair programming became a habit. I also visualized achievements by using wall display techniques through Jira and other dashboards, then making first ever demo in the development possible. Making it easier for the team to identify the progress and celebrate achievements.

While working tightly with the Portfolio Management Office I clarified development deliveries and educated the business to the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) concept.

Through that process I coached Product Owners on what are user stories and how to map them together with the development teams by introducing a s user story mapping concept. I educated other team leads on strategic leadership, agile and transparency, by developing a fair and goal based approach towards salary reviews and business deliveries. I also assisted a team in knowledge growth by creating learning space not only for sharing what we know but also what’s hot in the world of development. Educated team on better coding standards through tools such as Pluralsight and enabling individuals presents at various meetups and conferences such a Jfokus and Woman in Tech.

I’ve set up Jira tracking system removing that way three obsolete systems, saving money and time for both business and development sides. I have also contributed to the salary review and recruitment by growing a team.

Syson​ – Stockholm, Sweden June 2016 – Dec 2016

Syson is an IT consultancy focused on development and QA solutions.

Role: Consultant Improved transparency across the organisation and helped in narrowing the company’s expertise towards skilled and experienced developers. My role has mainly circulated on working with the leaders of the company, supporting them and coaching towards innovative solutions and approach towards customers and employees.

Kentor​ – Stockholm, Sweden Dec 2014 – May 2016 (Employment)

Consultant NetEnt​ ​(Dec​ ​2015​ ​-​ ​May​ ​2016)

Agile test coach for online game team studio in a Swedish online casino provider. My assignment at NetEnt focused on supporting multiple game development teams with test expertise and verification during the certification period of games. I introduced the game team to an agile testing techniques such as TDD, automated functional testing and exploratory testing. As a result team delivered Jimi Hendrix online slot game to the customers on time.

Role: Test Lead Tools: Jira, Charles Proxy, Chrome Developer Tools, Jenkins, SVN, SourceTree,

Techniques: Scrum, exploratory, functional, manual, integration testing

Scania​ ​(Feb​ ​2015​ ​-​ ​Dec​ ​2015) (Consultant)

Scrum Master and test lead for multiple teams in a large global sales project.

At Scania I worked in a global sales project. I started my assignment as a tester developing automated regression tests, but quickly took on the role as a Scrum Master.

In that role I transitioned the project from waterfall to agile while coaching teams, management, business owners and stakeholders. I enabled communication between the business and development, by reducing huge requirements documents and initiating a concept of a user story. I developed collaborative and flexible Jira workflows as a process improvement tool. I also reduced the release processes and release management work by promoting automation and continuous integration. As a team lead for multiple teams I was responsible for resource management, mentoring and providing feedback on development and project-wide goals.

Roles: Scrum Master, Team Lead, Test Lead Tools: Jira, Charles Proxy, SoapUI, Chrome Dev Tools, Jenkins, SVN, SourceTree, TeamCity, Selenium

Techniques: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe (scaled agile framework), TDD, exploratory, functional, automated, manual, integration testing.

Hailo​ (now myTaxi) – London, UK Nov 2014 – May 2012

Hailo developed mobile applications for taxis across the world, connecting drivers and passengers across big cities such as London. When I joined we were just a few tech enthusiasts, working in a very ad-hoc environment with frequent deliveries to the market, tight deadlines and competition running right behind.

Roles: Scrum Master / Test Lead / Tester Responsible for coaching multiple scrum teams and test development in the fastest growing startup in London.

As a tester I lead multiple QA efforts, continuously worked on improving testing quality, efficiency and acceptance coverage in and agile manner. I initiated the concept of session based exploratory testing that resulted with getting quick feedback to the development team. The biggest challenge was to coordinate testing off all 12 mobile applications in an ever so growing test group. I was involved in the recruitment process and further training, coaching and mentoring testers who were based in the local office and other countries. Once I moved to a role of a full time Scrum Master, I formed teams that I coached in scrum and kanban practices through various workshops. I assured scrum rituals were performed and assisted teams while removing their impediments, while creating visibility around sprint goals and product vision. I frequently held retrospectives which I believe are the best way to be constantly improving as a team and become more cross functional and self organising.

I guided Product Owners and helped them prioritise an ever so growing product backlog in collaboration with other Scrum Masters. I initiated agile meetups and actively worked with other Scrum Masters and management on improving and promoting agile within the company. I was also involved in a new city expansion by providing research and supporting new launches on site.

Tools: Jira, Instruments, Xcode, Charles Proxy, Cucumber, Ruby, Confluence, Git, AWS, Redshift, QlikView, Jenkins, SourceTree and other open source tools

Techniques: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, BDD, exploratory, A/B Testing, functional, manual, automated, database testing.

Aimia​ ​Inc​ ​- London, UK May 2012 – Oct 2010

Aimia is an owner of Nectar points loyalty scheme in UK and Italy as well as Air Miles.

Roles: Tester / Scrum Master Tester in a global marketing company in a self managing scrum team with a rotating Scrum Master role.

I worked on multiple mobile and web application projects testing applications for: Nectar, BP (British Petrol), Sainsbury’s (supermarket), and The BP project was later awarded an internal app of the year at BP globally. I worked in a scrum team as a tester developing test strategies for both manual and automated testing. I tested features on a story level, coached new testers and helped out with testing on other teams when the deadlines were tight. I developed Java test automation skills and the ability to work in cross functional team developing further testing and Scrum Master skills.

Tools: Jira, Charles Proxy, Chrome Developer Tools, Jenkins, SVN, SourceTree, Test techniques: functional, exploratory, UAT (user acceptance testing), usability, integration, manual, automated.

Centrica​ – London, UK May 2012 – Oct 2010

Centrica – a global energy supplier.
Role: Tester Tested a CRM based application and rolled it out to various markets across the organisation. At Centrica – a global energy supplier, I started as a Customer Service person, dealing with customer enquiries on a daily basis. After 10 months I moved from being a user to test the new system being developed globally. I was engaged in testing the new work management system being developed internally using Microsoft CRM. I worked closely in an agile team that followed kanban practices. I frequently provided offshore support with teams in India and South Africa in regards to testing and/or training users. I also analysed business requirements and was a close link between the customer and the development teams, leading direct training for new and existing users.

Tools: Jira, SQL, Bugzilla, CRM Techniques: UAT (user acceptance testing), functional, regression and exploratory testing.


Education and Training

Mar 2018
Business Agility in Practice – Unlocking the Performance Potential
Implementing Beyond Budgeting with Bjarte Bogsnes

Feb 2018
Learn how to draw for better facilitation – Visualisation and Graphic Recording
Maja Larsson

Feb 2018
Managment 3.0
Happy Melly One

Apr 2017
Leadership Psychology (Psychologia Przywodztwa)
Starway Institute – Mateusz Grzesiak

Oct 2013
Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)
Scrum Alliance

1999 – 2004
ZSE 3, Krakow, Poland High School of Economy and Trade
5 year higher education program resulting in: A level equivalent in Maths and Polish (“Matura”). Diploma in Marketing, Advertising, Accounting and Business economics.



Polish – native
English – fluent
Swedish – beginner