Catrine Björkegren

Catrine Björkegren

Agile Coach │ Trainer │ Scrum Master │ Product Owner

Catrine is a dedicated and cheerful Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Product Owner. Being a people-person she leads people in continuous improvement enabling valuable deliveries and strong cooperation. With a wide range of technical skills and experience both in modern product discovery and traditional requirements management she often acts as a bridge between business and development/IT.

Having been part of three agile transformations she has experience in supporting people in change and the agile mindset. She has worked in the whole product life cycle where she has held different roles like Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Test lead and Requirements analyst.

Catrine is a very popular trainer of Agile courses, both in open trainings and in Colleges of Higher Education. Her trainings are a mix of experience based training and stories of her own experience in agile transformations.

Within requirements and test she has introduced agile mindset, principals and tools with clients in highly regulated industries like nuclear and life science. Clients appreciate Catrine’s positive and pragmatic attitude, her ability to inspire cooperation and to build strong teams.

Example of roles

  • Agile Coach
  • Scrum Master
  • Team Lead
  • Product Owner
  • Facilitator
  • Trainer

Some of my clients

  • Sveaskog
  • Apoteket AB
  • SF Bio
  • The Royal Swedish Opera

I have worked with Catrine both in her role as scrum master and as a fellow team leader. I am always impressed by her professional and leadership skills, her keen sense of detail and her ability to contribute to the scrum team work though the focus of the project was in a field far from her expertise.

Fredrik Wellner,  Infrastructure service manager and architect at Södertälje muncipality
Fredrik Wellner, Infrastructure service manager and architect at Södertälje muncipality

Some of my work

Requirements analyst, SKB, the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company, 2018.05-2018.09
Lead and participate in collecting requirements for a project portal to be used in the design and construction of a new repository for nuclear fuel.

Agil Coach, Team Lead and Requirements analyst, Sveaskog, 2016.04-2018.05
Lead and participate in gathering requirements and writing User Stories for new business support and IT support for production planning. Acting Agil Coach and Scrum Master for my team, as well as training in Agile mindset and tools to help the organization go from traditional to agile.

Acceptance test lead and coach, the Royal Swedish Opera, 2015.09-2016.04
Test manager for the introduction of a system from an external supplier, responsibility for test strategy, acceptance tests and system tests. Coaching the project manager on supplier management, requirements management and implementation.

Team lead and Agile Coach Swedish Public Employment Service, 2014.02-2015.09
Agile coach and supporting the introduction of agile working practices and agile transition. Coaching new Product Owners. Driving improvement work in the team about faster delivery, better working methods and cooperation.

Course leader and guest lecturer, Plushögskolan och Påhlmans Handelsinstitut, 2014.02-2017.06
Part-time assignments as a course leader and guest lecturer on lean and agile methods at two different colleges of higher education.

Procurement requirements, the Royal Swedish Opera, 2013.08 – 2014.02
At the Royal Opera’s procurement of a production planning system, Catrine wrote the requirement specification as part of the procurement documentation.

Acceptance Test Lead, Svensk Dos, 2013.03-2013.07 
Upon launching Svensk Dos first pharmaceutical dose dispensing plant, Catrine was responsible for planning and leading the acceptance tests of the IT-solution for the whole plant. Planning and conducting the tests of multiple integrated systems. Test cases were written in the form of User Stories and acceptance criteria.

Project and Quality Manager, Swedish eHealth Agency, 2012.10-2013.02
Project and Quality Manager for approval of Pharmacy Receipt Expedition Systems that want to connect to the national infrastructure provided by the eHealth Agency. Planning and managing the test-intensive project, the project had a testing team with pharmacists and system testers who worked in pairs with exploratory tests. Process development, documentation and implementation.

Validation Lead, Apoteket AB, 2012.08-2012.10
Validation Lead for upgrading a Pharmaceutical application that meets regulatory requirements (GxP). Planning, leading and reporting on the validation work in the project. Structuring the entire development process: from customer needs to the suppliers development work to customer acceptance tests, and to support both project participants and external suppliers in following the guidelines. Training project participants in pharmaceutical validation.

Agile Coach and Scrum Master, SF Bio, 2010.10-2012.09
Scrum Master for two teams handling both new development and system management. Coaching the team members in the agile transformation, coaching individuals and introducing agile mindset, practices and tools. Facilitating Scrum meetings. Release planning, handle incidents and helping stakeholders prioritize. Coaching Product Owners and Project Managers in the agile transformation.

During the two years Catrine was there, the team delivered:

  • New web site
  • Integration of new payment solution for cash register, self service checkout and web
  • New integration solution for the sale of gift cards in food stores
  • Digital tickets, a new product introduced into existing purchase and payment flow, a new web-based customer portal and administration interface

Acceptance Test Lead, Apoteket AB, 2010.08-2010.10
Acceptance test lead for a Pharmaceutical application that meets regulatory requirements (GxP). Create a test strategy and test plan, write test cases, plan and coordinate the test work, and manage the test team on a daily basis. Training project participants in pharmaceutical validation.

Validation Lead, Apoteket AB, 2010.04-2010.06
Validation Lead for a Pharmaceutical application that meets regulatory requirements (GxP). Support project participants and external suppliers in following the guidelines for development work, and to close the project and hand the system over to system management.

Subproject manager global ITIL-transition, AstraZeneca, 2008.09-2008.12
Making the plan for the company global introduction of new ITIL processes and new IT support systems. Create a technical solution for reporting and following up the ITIL-implementation. The project group was distributed across three countries in two continents.

Team lead, Stockholm University, 2008.01-2008.08
Team lead for a 5-person team in an internal IT department. Coaching team members, performance reviews and salary reviews.

Scrum Master, Stockholm University, 2006-2008
Scrum master tasks like facilitating meetings and coaching team members. Prioritize, coordination and project management. Coach in the agile transformation.

Example of delivery: new wireless networking software and hardware for about 40,000 users.

Technical Project Manager, Stockholm University, 2005-2006
In-house Project manager for multiple projects. An example is the development of an online education catalog for the university. The project developed a education database with internal administration interface as well as the website presenting the information to the students to be.

Training and certifications

  • Agile Product Discovery with Lean UX, Dandy People, 2017
  • Certified Product Owner, Scrum Alliance 2017
  • Introduction to SAFe, Frontit, 2015
  • Projektledarskap, Projektstyrning AB, 2013
  • Projektstyrningteknik och metoder, Projektstyrning AB, 2013
  • GDP grundkurs, Knowit, 2013
  • GMP- & QSR-krav datorsystem, Key2compliance – Lundén/Ellow, 2010
  • LEAN-spelet, Knowit, 2010
  • Baskurs i LEAN-principer och metoder, Knowit, 2010
  • GMP Baskurs, Knowit, 2010
  • Certified Scrum Master, Scrum Alliance, 2008
  • Ledarskapsutbildning, Kunskapslust & Kompetensutveckling, 2008
  • Projektledarutbildning, Kunskapslust & Kompetensutveckling, 2007
  • PPS, 2005


  • Swedish
  • English


Dandy People 2018.08-

Consultant: Agile Coach Product Owner and trainer

Frontit AB 2013.03-2018.08

Consultant: Scrum master and trainer

Knowit AB 2008.08-2013.02

Consultant: Validation, Quality management and Scrum Master

Stockholm University, IT-department 2004.06-2008.08

Team lead, Scrum Master, Project manager

Stockholm University, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences 2002.01-2004.06

Developer, Project manager, trainer