Daniela Drazic

Daniela Drazic

Experienced Facilitator, Trainer & Coach with a Diploma
Certified Agile Leader & Scrum Master.


  • Agile Coach specialized on Leadership and Effective Teams
  • Team Coach and Scrum Master
  • Motivational Coach
  • Learning Designer (I design trainings based on your needs)
  • Facilitator

About me

For the last 16 years I’ve been helping teams and organisations fulfill their capacity for innovation, creativity and continuous learning.

My belief is that the digital transformation of our society requires a complete rethinking of how we organize and work. To dance with our time we need organisations powered by a human centered agile mindset, focusing on clear goals, continuous learning, prototyping and value creation.

When people experience the power of working in an effective team built on trust, transparency and autonomy they bloom. They bring their whole being and their inner mission to work. When people bloom business prosper.

Background and Certifications

  • Certified Agile Leadership, Crisp, Scrum Alliance, Stockholm
  • Certified Scrum Master, Crisp, Scrum Alliance, Stockholm
  • Coaches Training Institute, UK
  • Diploma from the the KaosPilots International School of Creative Leadership and Business Design in in Aarhus Denmark.
  • Kristianstad University, Field Of Study Arbetslivspedagogik.
  • Berghs school of communication. Malmö
  • Lund University, Field Of Study Philosophy, Media and Communication, History of Science

How I can help

  • Training leaders to manage and grow in an Agile setup
  • Coaching teams and organisations to work with continuous improvement
  • Training and coaching teams in scrum practices
  • Coaching teams get the best out of design thinking and human centered design in order to design relevant products and services faster and smarter.
  • Coaching leaders and teams become more effective and together reach goals.
  • Coaching leaders and teams (on individual and group level) on sustaining longterm agility.
  • Finding and defining organisation’s long term cultural success factors as well as setting up an implementation program.


Databyrån — 2017, Stockholm

I was part of a coaching team who helped Databyrån with an agile re-boot, kick starting and strengthen agile culture, improve collaboration and scrum practices as well as defining an improvement backlog for the teams. We also did process mapping identifying pain points and opportunities for improvement and more efficient ways of working, coaching teams in self organisation for a 6 months continuous improvements process.

Wunderkraut — 2017, Stockholm

I was part of a coaching team who helped Wunderkraut do an Agile re-boot in order to kick start and strengthen the agile culture, improve collaboration and scrum practices, as well as  coaching teams in self organisation around continuous improvement.

Oberthur Technologies  — 2017, Warszaw.

I designed and trained all C-suite managers globally in business transformation.

TV4  — 2015, Stockholm.

I designed, coached and trained a cross organisation program to create business transformation in order build a digital mindset and innovative culture for all 400 employees. I also trained the facilitators in the transformation team.

Tele2 — 2015, Stockholm.

I designed and conducted training and coaching for managers and employees in the communication department. The program focused on how to lead and work with change and innovation with a ”digital mindset”.

Aller media  — 2015, Stockholm and Helsingborg.

I designed and conducted coaching and training in a leadership program for all leaders in the nordic group, and training for all employees. The program focused on how to lead and work with change and innovation with a ”digital mindset”.

E.on. — 2015, Malmö and Ystad

I designed and conducted training for c-suit for their new way of working.

The Swedish Institute  — 2015, Stockholm

I was team coach for the YLVP (Young leaders visitor program), a month long leadership program for young human rights leaders from the Middle East region, working with developing their organisations and digital communication.

Dagens Nyheter  — 2015, Stockholm.

I designed, trained and coached in a 4 month program for the sales managers team on design thinking, client journeys and how to identify pain points in order to faster develop relevant client- and user centric products and services.

Unilever— 2014, London.

I designed and trained a digital strategy and mindset leadership program for Unilever global CFO’s.



Hyper Island
Learning Designer, Executive Education
Sep 2014 – Sep 2016

In my position as Learning Designer I was responsible for the design and delivery of strategic learning programs to clients. I worked closely with clients and delivery teams, making sure to deliver world class learning experiences. Basically it was all about facilitating our client’s journey of change by helping them find their unique ways to be successful. The key areas I’ve worked within is Digital Acceleration – Business Transformation – Leadership and Teambuilding – Cultural and Organisational Change – Innovation and Creativity. Some of the companies I’ve worked with include TV4, DN (Dagens Nyheter), Aller Media, E.on and Unilever.

Hyper Island
Program Manager, Digital Media
Mar 2011 – Sep 2014

As a Program manager some of my main responsibilities were:
– Hands on facilitation of the learning journey for the students, both individually and in teams, by being the program leader and by being a role model.
– Facilitate the learning journey for individuals and teams by having one on one meetings, working with team development sessions, performing class meetings and facilitate various processes needed.
– Plan, execute and follow up the various modules for the program, including briefing and following up with module leaders, guest speakers, assessment consultants and other people relevant for the program.
– Continuous innovation and development work
– Responsibility for the allocated program budget
– Participate in the admission process for potential students, both during the admission days on site in Stockholm as well as the digital admission days for international students.

Job coach/career coach
Sep 2009 – Apr 2010

Coaching clients on how to change or improve their career and find jobs in their desired areas.

Evolver AB
Client- and process manager
May 2007 – Mar 2009

Initiated the coaching process with clients by setting up goals for the period, conducting behaviour assessments and matching clients with the appropriate coach. Other responsibilities were evaluations, customer- and coach service, web management and administration of client accounts.

Södertälje municipality
Continuous Improvements Project manager
Nov 2005 – Dec 2006

Co-Project manager and Developer for Södertälje municipality’s Quality Project within the elderly care. The purpose of the project was to initiate a new work culture/mindset aiming for the staff to take an active part in the organization’s quality development. I designed and lead training programmes, developed tools and roles/responsibilities for all the staff. I also created and implemented an overall model for systematical work with Constant Improvement – Ständiga Förbättringar. All in all 250 employees went through 16 hours of training per person over a period of five months, plus a one day Open Space conference with 250 members of staff, which lead to 55 concrete action plans for the future.

Interactive Institute
Concepts- and visions developer
2001 – 2004 Employment Duration

Process design and facilitation:
Designed and facilitated a year-long process for vision development of two Swedish municipalities.
Concept development of pedagogical interactive prototypes.

Stig og Steins Idélaboratorium
Innovation & change consultant
Jan 2002 – Jun 2002

Co-developed and facilitated a structural change process for one of swedens major medical corporations. The process involved 800 employees.