Isabelle Svärd

Isabelle Svärd

Enterprise Agile Coach, Agile Coach, Engineering/Development Manager, Facilitator, Leadership coach, Changemaker, Inspirational speaker and trainer

Isabelle is a agile coach, change maker and leadership coach full of energy and with a contagious laugh. She has experience of several agile transformations, coaching management teams, leaders, product owners and teams. She has a passion for modern agile leadership and experience with personnel responsibility in the role as development manager.

She has fifteen years of experience developing digital products and user experiences in roles as scrum master, product manager, agile coach and manager. In her assignments her focus is building sustainable and high performing organisations, teams and individuals.

“I believe in people, in their ability to innovate, change and make a difference. Thats why Im an Agile coach. Being a coach has meant that I get to help others see the full potential, in a company, a team and in themselves”.  Isabelle

Isabelle believes that modern leadership is about trusting in everyone’s ability. That everyone wants to do their best. As a leader you can create a culture where people’s input, experiences and intelligence is welcomed and appreciated. Being open to new possibilities and have the courage to try something new and create an environment where people dare to try their ideas, where it is ok to fail. That’s when magic can happen. The magic of people contributing, sharing, coming together to create something awesome.

Some of my blog posts:

Free Poster: Stress in a Nutshell – and the connection to Leadership
“In a knowledge-intensive work life, we have to be careful with increasing the pressure, so that it doesn’t switch to stress. It is counterproductive because it reduces the intellectual capacity that we need as much as possible to cooperate, solve problems and innovate.” Read the full post here. 

Recovery and reflection as part of the workday is conditions for lasting a work-life
“Our health is the most important thing we have. Our health is something that we as people, leaders, colleagues, employees and employers should hold as our highest priority. It is not enough to offer a wellness allowance, there must be room for wellness, reflection and recovery during work hours.” Read full post here.

Avoid losing your most valuable employees
“Sick leave due to stress of unhealthy work environments has increased to the double in the past ten years and is now the most common reason for sick leave in Sweden, and women are overrepresented in the statistics. And those affected are your most valuable loyal employees that turn themselves inside out to deliver at work and in their private lives.” Read full post here. 

Jia-Chwen Wu, Product Owner Digital & Innovation
Jia-Chwen Wu, Product Owner Digital & Innovation

“We worked closely together and by the time she left: got nominated as "Best website 2016" by Web Service Award, the web team was the role model and success story of how to work agile in the company and her work contributed to the digital transformation at JM. It was inspiring and fun to work with Isabelle and I can warmly recommend her!”

Some of my Clients and Assignments

Agile Enterprise Coach @ Länsförsäkringar Fondliv 2019.11 – present
Agile change management and coaching. Lean portfolio management, agile management, agile training, and coaching management teams and leaders.

Agile Enterprise Coach @ Attendo 2019.05 – 2019.12
Business development and innovation of agile ways of working for teams in health care. Training and coaching leaders, business developers and teams.

Agile Enterprise Coach @ AFA Försäkring 2019.05 – 2019.12
Agile transformation and change management. Coaching transformation team, training and coaching leaders, individuals and teams.

Agile Enterprise Coach @ Skatteverket 2018.06 – 2019.04
Agile transformation and change management. Coaching management team and teams for Skatteverket application unit in Västerås.

Agile Enterprise Coach & Development Manager @Fyndiq 2016.03 – 2018-05
Agile transformation of entire organisation of Fyndiq including culture, HR, leadership, processes, sales, marketing and customer services. Coaching management team, product owners and teams. Development manager with personal responsibility for frontend, backend and app developers and for DevOps and machine learning/data engineers.

Teamlead and Agile Coach 2014.06 – 2016.02 @JM
Agile transformation of JMs web development team and inspiration to agile ways of working for intranet and CRM development teams. Introducing focus on user experience and user testing.

Agile coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner 2009.01 – 2014.05 @Valtech
Agile coach and scrum master for Boxers (Teracom) development teams. Other clients I worked with was SKL, MSB, GIH, and AxFlow.

Educations and Certifications

  • 2019 Mastering Team Dynamics, @Stefan Lindblom @Viktor Cessan
  • 2018 SAFe SPC @Best brains academy
  • 2018 Everyone can draw @Dandy People
  • 2014 Advanced agile project management @Crisp
  • 2009 Scrum master @Valtech
  • 2006– 2007 Projektledning Kvalificerad Yrkesutbildning @Idékraft
  • 2005 Pedagogik med inriktning mot personalvård 20p @Uppsala Universitet


2019.04 – Dandy People, Enterprise Agile Coach
2018.06-2019.04 Agiltec, Agile Enterprise Coach
2016.03-2018.05 Fyndiq, Agile Enterprise Coach & Development manager
2014.06-2016.02 JM AB, Team Lead and Agile Coach
2014.01-2014-06 Upplands-Bro kommun, Webmaster
2009.01-2014.01 IT consultant Valtech
2007–2009 IT consultant Kiara
2006–2007 Project coordinator, OMX Technology
2003–2005 Webmaster Svenska Internetportaler