Paolo D’Amelio

Paolo D’Amelio

Senior Agile Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Leadership Coach, Collaboration enabler

“I truly love accompanying organizations, teams and people along the journey toward an Agile mindset, collaboration, and effective work. I am an advocate of positivism, there is nothing so powerful to make us enjoy changes“ – Paolo
✔️ I work with ORGANIZATIONS going through Agile transformations and changes. Helping them to get an environment and a company culture that promote people’s ideas, learning and everybody’s contribution.
✔️ I work with development TEAMS to help them with the way of working and team collaboration (my strong technical background helps me to support them in the best way)
✔️ I work with PEOPLE. Helping and coaching leaders in creating and maintaining innovations, experiments and opportunities for an environment where everybody can thrive. Helping and coaching team members towards empowerment and self-management.
✔️ I work with the external COMMUNITY, by teaching Agile certification courses, facilitating workshops and meet-ups, and speaking on events.



Magnus Sedlacek – CEO (DEK Technologies) Paolo has been one of the drivers in transforming DEK Sweden into an agile organization. Paolo is a skilled and appreciated agile coach and mentor both internally DEK and with our clients. Paolo is always positive, helpful and has a genuine interest in the wellbeing of other people.



Examples of my work

✔️ Coaching 15+ teams toward HPT – High performing team (Ericsson)

✔️ Created a collaborative leadership team, bringing together different company functions (DEK Technologies)

✔️ Trained ScM and PO on remote work (Vaimo)

✔️ Initiated company-large retrospective (DEK Technologies)

✔️ Created the DEK Cultural Blueprint (DEK Technologies)

✔️ Created forums/communities for ScMs and POs (DEK & Vaimo)

✔️ Established the Buddy System network (DEK Technologies)

✔️ Coached leaders as ScM & POs on their role  and work (Ericsson, DEK & Vaimo)

✔️ Established individual s.m.a.r.t. goals system (DEK Technologies)

✔️ Built a Peer Development process (DEK Technologies)

✔️ Trained people in Vietnam on Agile and remote work (DEK Technologies)

✔️ Drove a peer-to-peer salary process model (DEK Technologies)

✔️ Ran webinars on remote teamwork (DEK Technologies) 

✔️ Established Jenkins for CI/CD (Ericsson)

✔️ Set up Jira and Wow for ~15 teams (DEK Technologies)


Examples of courses and workshops


PSM Scrum Master certification – certified 200+ people  (INFORMATOR)

Introduction to Agile – INFORMATOR

Scrum Master and Product management (SAAB)


Product management in Agile (NORDEA)


Introduction to Agile (NASDAQ)

Trained students in Agile (EC Utbuildning)


The power of feedback (Ericsson)

Collaboration in Kanban (Ericsson)


Buddy system, Lean coffee


Educations and Certifications

CSP – Certified Scrum Professional  (Scrum Alliance, 2016)

The Coaching Stance (Agile Coaching Institute, 2014)

Continuous integration and Continuous delivery (DEK Technologies, 2013)

CSM – Certified Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance, 2011)

Scrum and WoW (Ericsson, 2011)

Design and realization of new generation networks certification (L’Aquila University, 2008)

Software engineering – Double Master degree (Mälardalen University, 2009-2010)

Computer science – Bachelor degree (University of L’Aquila, 2005-2008)

Photography: old and new techniques (Industrial Technical Institute, 2004)



Agile coach, Dandy People, 2019 – now

Agile coach, DEK Technologies, 2014-2019

Scrum Master, DEK Technologies, 2012-2014

Developer, DEK Technologies, 2011-2012

Software Developer, Klarna, 2010-2011



Håkan Nilsson – Sales and Business Development Manager (DEK Technologies) Paolo is one of those persons passionate about his work and interested in other people. He is eager to try new approaches and mindsets and skilled in his way of coaching and enthusiasm others to try new methods and think outside the famous box. I attended one of his Agile introductions courses and found it very useful. He is also a major force to the transformation of DEK as a company, trying, adapting and keeping it agile. In summary, I wish for everyone to have the chance to work with Paolo!