Simon Metacci

Simon Metacci

Fullstack UX/UI/CX-designer. Lean UX methods and Agile mindset.
User-centered design & Innovation.

Example of roles

  • Fullstack UX/UI/CX-designer
  • E-commerce Optimization Expert
  • Conversion Specialist
  • Art Director
  • Digital Product Developer


With over 10 years of experience as a consultant in digital businesses I solve problems with human-centered design that builds brands, promote sustainability, lead to long-term relationships and improved customer – business alignment.

I’m passionate about people and find excitement in problem solving, studying human behavior and culture differences.

Over the years, I’ve had the honor to help hundreds of brands in all types of industries online. People often describe me as positive, having a genuine interest, easy and fun to be around.

”Working with Simon on the Elunch project was a very enjoyable period! From day 1 it was clear that Simon is a talented UX professional with a great attitude and is extremely easy to get along with. He delivered great result for this particular project as well as shared his experience with the rest of the team. His thorough understanding of user behaviour in the digital sphere was very useful for the project and team.”

Jens Marions, Senior Business/Application Analyst, Electrolux IT AB
Jens Marions, Senior Business/Application Analyst, Electrolux IT AB

"Simon is one of the persons I have had the great opportunity to work with. His ability to dare to try out creative ideas and still keep a business focus is outstanding. Simon is an allround within in marketing and tech. With both frontend skills and datadriven marketing skills makes him highly effective, combine this with a swift learning skill and you have someone which can drive your digital business forward. As a teammember you would find Simon as person with a high energy level to bring the team to achieve the goals. Always helping and supporting the team whenever he can. Working with Simon is fun, interesting as you learn a lot and days you really remember in life."

Daniel Norin, Digital Business Developer, Bonnier Publications AB
Daniel Norin, Digital Business Developer, Bonnier Publications AB

Ways of Working

My principles are easiest explained as Lean UX – An action based mindset that encourages:

  • Continuous learning
  • Working towards outcomes instead of features
  • 100% Transparency
  • High empathy for people
  • Adapting to changes
  • Empower Experimentation and fun

Expected results

  • Shorter lead-times
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Data-driven Design
  • Improved Conversion Rates
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Collaborative ways of working with more T-shaped team members.
  • Outcome-based goals
  • Loves to share & fun to be around
  • Understands people in depth

Some of my Clients*

* Both through freelance and previous employments

Selected Results

Built an app for the HQ canteen using Lean UX mindset in 5 days.
See promotion video of the event and our ways of working. (I’m the guy with the beard)

Improved product page conversion rate by 8.8% annually.

Improved checkout conversion rate by 6% annually

Improved Sales by 160%

Digital Qualifications

  • User eXperience & Usability – Very Good
  • Responsive-design – Very Good
  • Photo editing – Very Good
  • HTML5/CSS – Very Good
  • Conversion Rate Optimization – Very Good
  • Visual Website Optimizer – Very Good
  • Optimizely – Very Good
  • Adobe Photoshop – Very Good
  • Adobe Illustrator – Very Good
  • Google Analytics – Very Good
  • E-commerce – Very Good
  • Balsamiq – Very Good
  • Sketch2 – Very Good
  • Marvel – Very Good
  • InVision – Very Good
  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Word etc) – Good
  • jQuery – Good
  • Adobe Indesign – Good
  • Affinity – Good
  • SCRUM – Good
  • Kanban – Good
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Good
  • Copywriting – Good
  • Social Media – Good
  • Domain Management – Good
  • WordPress – Good
  • Personal branding, Influence (Blog, Social media) – Good
  • E-mail Marketing (MailChimp etc) – Good
  • Effect Mapping – Good
  • Javascript – Intermediate

Work Experience

Dandy People, Stockholm 2017-

Agile UX/CX-Designer
Electrolux, Stockholm, 2017

  • UX/UI/CX-designer creating apps and improving User Experience.
  • Recently developed the #elunchXP project app with Lean UX mindset where we created an app in 5 days. The project mission was to improve the lunch experience among employees in the canteen in Electrolux HQ and try to learn from the Lean approach for future project development.
  • We chose to build an app as the approach which we did by:
    1) Creating a first draft of the MVP
    2) Collected user feedback and did testing at the same time to develop it further.
    3) Developed the app further in iterations.
  • The result was impressive and became a big hit within the Electrolux organization and we reached a big interest from stakeholders that saw the benefits with working with MVPs and Agile.

See the v1 prototype

E-commerce Manager
(Caffesso) Espresso Capsule Club Sverige AB, Stockholm, 2016-2016

  • Managing e-commerce sales and performance.
  • I managed the conversion optimization, digital marketing, design, analysis and retention.
  • I delivered improved conversion rates and a more customer-centric approach.

Digital Behavior Consultant, Business Area Manager, E-commerce Strategy, Board Member,
Vendre AB, Stockholm, 2011-2015

  • Responsible for the Conversion Optimization where my role was to increase our clients sales through behavioral analysis, interaction design, consumer behavior and user-testing.
  • Sales and building relationships were a natural part of my work.
  • I built the business area from scratch to a profitable part of the company.
  • I also managed sales, designers, system developers and had a daily communication with integration partners.
  • During my time at Vendre i worked with companies within all kind of industries. Diskteknik, Webhallen, Klarna, Ridestore, Brittfurn, Nacka Byggnadsvård, Daniel Wellington to name a few.

Creative Director
Jobblyftet AB, Stockholm, 2010-2011

  • Responsible for design, copywriting, promotion and sales optimization in all of Jobblyftets digital channels.
  • During the period when job coaching where the most popular in Sweden, Jobblyftet was the largest privately-owned player on the market.
  • I developed a new brand strategy, brand design and managed the satellite sites.

Loopr, Stockholm, 2007-2009

  • In parallel with my job at Getupdated Internet Marketing AB I started Loopr – a niche PR-agency, whose purpose was to renew, market and create good reputation for the Stockholm nightclubs.
  • We introduced some of Stockholms nightclubs to social media, created teaser movies and ideations.
  • Before Facebook became the hit, we also created and managed the event website for two years, where we marketed upcoming events and happenings.

Art Director / Front-end Developer
Getupdated Internet Marketing AB, Stockholm, 2007-2008

  • Sweden’s largest web agency during its time.
  • I worked in the design team where my area of responsibility was to create sales-driven design as well as interfaces to our client’s web projects.
  • Selection of clients I worked with: Orto Novo, Renault, Modern Times Group, ASA Transport, 7-Eleven, Clarion Hotels, etc.
  • Extra: I also introduced the company to a new environmental plan – making it more environmental friendly.

Relevant Training

  • 2014 – Google Analytics Certified (GAIQ)
  • 2013 – Certified Conversion Manager, Conversionista – 12 mån
  • 2011 – Praktisk Projektledning – 3 dagar
  • 2009 – Coachutbildning, Personlig coachning – 3 mån
  • 2009-2017 – Hundreds of Books, Experiments, Articles and Seminars.


Swedish (native), English (fluent), Spanish (intermediate)