Conference: Agile Procurement for Business Agility

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Are you interesting in how to succeed with digitization? How do we accomplish that when we have day-to-day business to run? And how do we succeed with digitization together with innovative partners? On this day you will meet inspiring people who tackled these challenges, and learn how they found a path to success.

This conference is for you in the public- and private sector, who wants to achieve your impact goals, in smarter ways.

Full day conference OCTOBER 18th, in Stockholm

First Five Tickets: 1500 SEK (sold out)

Early Bird Ticket: 1900 SEK (closing date June 30)

10% Ticket: 4500 SEK

Full Price Ticket: 5000 SEK

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Keynote: Experimentation in US federal procurement: 30 days or less for an agile team
Speaker: Joshua Sequel

Often the federal procurement cycle takes years to complete and often the requirements that were defined at the time the cycle started are outdated by the time a team is starting work. USCIS has executed several experiments in the procurement process to try to get to 30 days or less to awarding a contract. See the results of how these experiments have gone and how they have been applied to much larger DHS wide procurements.

About Joshua Sequel: Joshua Seckel has been working as both a contractor and a federal employee to improve federal information technology delivery, including procurement and execution. He has brought innovative ways of evaluating and delivering contracts ranging from several thousand to over a billion dollars. His more than 20 years of experience leading development of software solutions for federal entities at DHS, the US Marine Corps, Air Force, Treasury, and USAIDHe is currently Sevatec’s Chief Solutions Architect for Agile/DevSecOps.

Hur SBAB styckade elefanten och upptäckte egenskaperna bakom ett fungerande agilt avtal
Speaker: Maya Jernström, PM at SBAB

Hjälp! Läget är akut och vi måste byta ut våra bassystem som verksamheten vilar på samtidigt som vi behöver modernisera vår systemplattform. Vi hade en stark känsla av att enda sättet att lyckas var genom att göra implementationen i små värdeskapande steg. Så hur styckade vi denna elefant och hur påverkade det kontraktet som vi hade med vår leverantör av det nya systemet? Avtalet, som kommit att spela en central roll i styrningen av projektet, har inte lämnats oberört.
Låt oss berätta om våra viktigaste lärdomar kring hur vi styckade elefanten och vikten av tillit för att få till agila kontrakt.

Disruptive digitalisation – Åland style
Speaker: Victoria Sundberg from Ålands digitalisering

How do you kickstart the digitisation of a society? Learn how Åland hit the ground running with their digitisation with clever use of social media and hackathons. This enabled them to turn ideas into working prototypes within a matter of months.

Beating the odds in racing using Lean & Agile thinking

Speakers: Linus Lundkvist (racer) and Bo Hanner (race engineer and strategist)

From Day 1, it was clear that Linus had talent. But talent can only take you so far in the highly competitive world of racing. In this session, we will share with you how an ordinary family with a strong passion, used Lean /Agile thinking to make more with less, beating seasoned teams at every level he has competed on. This has propelled Linus into Formula 3, which he will compete in this year.  We will share how Linus and his racing team apply strategic thinking, teamwork and Lean/Agile principles to tilt the odds in their favor throughout a racing season.


How we built the right thing within the public sector
Peter Byström, Agile Coach

Most public departments already have legacy systems that needs maintenance while new demands and opportunities craves our attention at the same time. Working for the department of admission to higher education in Sweden (UHR) is no different. The ability for the customer and supplier to collaborate and find the right product together was the key to success. The post project survey showed that this was a great way of working together and a great way to achieve excellent results.


The conference is organized by is a network with people with a shared urge to spread the knowledge about procurement with Agile contracts and the impact that it gives to  projects and people.

In the search for success stories from the public sector we have got to know more people all over Scandinavia and Europe who all share this quest for improving procurement in large and complex projects.

In 2016 we had the first Agile Nordic procurement conference in Copenhagen, in 2017 we moved it to Stockholm, and now in 2018 we’ll be in Stockholm too and make it even better!

Mia Kolmodin, Mattias Skarin and Peter Byström

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