Exclusive 4 Week Agile Program - Online

Online Program
Mia Kolmodin Dandy People

Are you interested in business agility? Probably you don’t know where to start? What if you have a chance to learn in a fun and interactive way supported by experienced practitioners and other students sharing the same focus? This is a training that will give you all of that – and more.

This training is a facilitated 4-week program with self-study material from Dandy People, facilitated online workshops, homework, and coaching sessions. 5 experienced Agile Coaches are your trainers in this exclusive training.

Buckle up and get prepared for 4 weeks of fun learning and kick-start your Agile journey!

Every week you will get

  • New online self-study content 
  • Videos, articles, games & assessments
  • Facilitated online workshops
  • Scheduled coaching sessions
  • Hands-on homework & assignments

We hope you can join us during the 4 weeks, but if something unexpected happens you are welcome to cancel your purchase at any time during the program and only pay for weeks already started. To continue you will though have to join in a new full program. Visit the Dandy Peoples digital learning platform where the training will be >

What are the perks of this program?

Visual & Fun

All online content and exercises are visual, fun, and always to the point. No endless, boring lectures or slides!

Facilitated Workshops

Dedicated online coaching sessions and facilitated workshops are all part of the training curriculum.

Agile Toolbox

You will learn to use great Agile tools in your own context building up your very own Agile toolbox through the exercises and great downloads.

Community & Learning Buddies

Get access to our Facebook Community, buddy up with other participants to solve problems together, and share your thoughts in online coaching sessions.

Experienced Agile Coaches

This exclusive program is created and facilitated by experienced Agile coaches and trainers with many years of hands-on experience from dandy People and the Dandy People Network.

Accessible 24/7

The self-studying content is available to you anytime you want, on mobile and desktop, and can easily be digested in small nuggets.

The 4 Week Journey

Week 1

We start by understanding the basics of Agile ways of working and some key principles and concepts. You reflect on the difference from your current way of working and the value this might bring you.

Week 2

We dig into the why, and when you need to work Agile. We take a look at some business cases to see how an organization can transform and become Agile. You create an understanding of what business problems you can solve for yours.

Week 3

To create a high performing organization we need to start with the team. We learn about what a team really is, how to start one, and what T-shape means. You facilitate the start or re-start of your own Agile team.

Week 4

We learn how to support the team to become high-performing and how to foster a growth mindset. We also take a look into transformational leadership and the impact it has on business growth. We share our learnings from the program and what experiments we can do.

Hi from your Trainers!

All trainers have vast experience from Agile transformations, product development, organizational development, leadership development, team coaching, and have worked in many different organizations across different countries.

Mia Kolmodin – Sweden
Mladen Tomov – Bulgaria
Frank Olsen – Denmark
Bodil Björnberg – Sweden
Ilyas Varol – Turkey

Questions and Answers

How much time will it take each week? To get the most out of the program we have planned for two 1 hour sessions each week with one facilitated workshop, and one coaching session with the group. You will also get self-study content for about 1h each week, and homework to do as well as an assignment. We believe it will be around 4-8 hours of work each week for you as a participant.

Can I stop the training after 2 weeks? Yes, you can stop the training at any time you like, and you only have to pay for already started weeks.

Do I have to reveal sensitive info? No, you only share the information you want to. No exercises or workshops will be in a format that forces you to reveal any restricted information.

Can I get more coaching hours? Yes, book a time slot that works for you with one of our trainers.

Can I start the training any time I like? Unfortunately not. To be able to facilitate parts of the training and give you the experience of experienced-based learning we have to keep a starting date. New content and exercises will be launched to participants each week.

Will I get a diploma? Yes! All students who stay the full program and pass all assessments will be given a course diploma but there is no certification.