Value Stream Mapping

Flow efficiency and quality
Joel Ståhl Dandy People

Do you recognize this situation?

  • Long lead-times
  • Everybody is fully occupied all the time
  • Much of our work is done to compensate for problems

With Value Stream Mapping you work in a structured way to analyze the current situation and define a future state that meets defined process performance criteria. Improvements towards the future state are done incrementally and learnings are captured.

Lead Time and Process Flow

Who this training is for

Practitioners who want to improve flow efficiency and quality, e.g. :

  • Product owners
  • Agile coaches
  • Scrum masters
  • Line managers
  • Program/project managers
  • Team members

This training is suitable for teams. Thats why we give a rebate for teams with up more than 3 people. Sign up more than 3 people and you all get 20% off for all! We speak Swedish or English depending on audience.

What you and your team will learn

  • Define the problem and set the challenge
  • Understand the current process and its performance and the types of waste in it
  • Learn to see flow
  • Define the future state
  • Develop options for eliminating obstacles preventing us from reaching the future state
  • Incremental implementation
  • How to sustain performance over time

How you will learn it

This course is very practical in its nature. A mix of theory, smaller exercises and an end-to-end case study gives the participant a balance of understanding and experience of performing hands-on Value Stream Mapping.

Previous training occasions by Joel Ståhl:

  • San Jose, California, 2014
  • Stockholm, Sweden, 2014-2015

Joel Ståhl is a skilled and passionate trainer and Agile coach, author of the Wild Animals Lean Game and a Six Sigma Black Belt. He has deep knowledge in Change Management and large portfolio of methods & tools to use from Lean, Agile and Six Sigma. He has a proven track record of helping organizations, team and individuals to improve and deliver business value in product development as fast as possible as well as with as high quality as possible, even in globally distributed organisations. He has helped organizations to change and improve on all levels through building their own insights into proven methods, visualizing, adjusting for their situation, learning how to experiment and how the human side of change management plays its role.

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This training is suitable for teams. Thats why we give a rebate for teams with more than 3 people. Sign up more than 3 people and you get 20% off for all! It is also suitable for internal training to change ways of working and speed up cultural change across the organisation. We speak Swedish or English depending on audience.