A Safe Learning Experience During Covid

Our no 1 priority is always to deliver a safe high-quality experience for both our coworkers and customers. Therefore, we have taken a number of steps to minimize spreading of the Coronavirus.

We always do our best – regardless of a crisis or not – to make sure we create and operate from a safe space for all. That is always on top of our list! Since the start of when the Coronavirus started to spread across Sweden and the world, we have done our best to adhere to the recommendations from the Swedish Health Department and other authorities on the subject. We moved fast to take the necessary steps needed to minimize the spreading of the virus. Some of the measures we have taken include increased routines surrounding the live classes we teach, and it is of course completely self-evident that none of our coworkers conduct any kind of work with any symptoms of cold, sore throat, coughing, fever, or similar.

We work continuously to find new and creative solutions to meet the needs that arise and exist in our common every day, with respect and consideration taken to the recommendations shared from authorities.

Arrangements at Our Classroom Courses

  • The number of participants at our courses is being limited to make sure trainers and participants can interact in a safe and secure way.
  • We make sure that the venue is suitable for the number of participants at the training, with special consideration taken to the extra space needed to ensure a safe and secure experience.
  • A number of chairs will be removed from the classroom to give extra space and make it easier to move safely in the classroom.
  • Extra writing material will be put on each table, designated for the person using that desk.
  • Continuously during class, we will remind both participants and trainers about the importance of safe distancing.
  • Several bottles of disinfectant will be placed throughout the venue for all to use, and we encourage everyone to take proper hygiene precautions.
  • All chairs, tables, and similar surfaces will be cleaned during the day. The classroom and venue will of course be cleaned daily.
  • Extra cutlery for serving will be placed by all food that is served, and of course, these will be replaced regularly during the day. We will also use smaller bowls for all snacks during the day, which are also cleaned and replaced regularly to minimize the sharing of any tools and bowls.

We will be here to make sure and protect all participants well being, and we do all we can to offer all a safe high-quality experience.

Take care!