Here you find all our Dandy Infographic Posters from the Agile in a Nutshell-series as well as other free original Dandy content. Our “In a Nutshell posters” has now (May 2019) been downloaded over 75.000 times and translated to 15 languages. We are so grateful for all the help we have received from the global Agile community with all the translations. Feel free to download and use all our materials in your work, just as long as you refer to Dandy People.

The Product Organizational Design Patterns Poster in a Nutshell

In this poster, we have collected some organizational design patterns from Agile product organizations at scale. The highlighted questions might serve as an entry point to different topics to reflect on to grow an awesome product organization that delivers products customers love.

Agile Leadership Team in a Nutshell

This poster captures the role leadership plays in an Agile Organization, and gives several helpful tools to the Agile Leadership Team such as; Values & Principles and also how to set up to become a learning organization.

Agile Recruiting in a Nutshell

We created this poster to try to capture what can be done to adapt the recruiting process for the people working with recruiting, what it would mean for the candidate, and how and what to look for when hiring for Agility.

Agile Transformational Leadership in a Nutshell

In this leadership poster, we have captured Transformative Leadership, which is based on the most recent research. This is the type of leadership that enables Agility in the organization. By removing hindering structures and growing the capabilities of people we can also grow the business.

Conflict Resolution in a Nutshell

To be able to improve and change, conflicts need to be resolved by the people in the conflict and perhaps support to facilitate the process is needed. Often just a reminder that this is a natural part of improving, so let’s move on and find out what we can do to improve together.

This poster was created to support smooth handling of conflicts everywhere in the organization.

Agile Team in a Nutshell

This poster was created to cater to the need we see in many organizations today to create a shared understanding of what a well-functioning Agile team is and how you can build that team to get the value you expect from an Agile organization.

Stress in a Nutshell

This poster gives you an overview over reactions, causes and how to manage stress.

The System Shift in a Nutshell

This poster is our combined experience in Agile transformation within the team at Dandy People, condensed into one page of goodies. We use it to get a shared view on Agile transformation without getting fixed to specific frameworks. Feel free to download and use it you too.

Enabling Business Agility in a Nutshell

In this poster we cover the combination of the people perspective and the business perspective and how new perspectives and ways of working can enable business agility. Only once these two perspectives are in sync we can truly empower people and build learning organizations that not just handle complexity better – but even uses it as a business advantage.

Agile Coaching in a Nutshell

In the Agile Coaching in a Nutshell Poster the role as an Agile Coach is captured both with competences, coaching stances, how we often work in the organization and more. The purpose with the poster is to create mutual understanding between Agile Coaches and other functions as well as to support us in our own development.

Agile HR in a Nutshell

In the Agile HR in a Nutshell Poster we captured what Agile means for HR and what HR can do to support Agility in the organization.

Agile in a Nutshell

In the Agile in A Nutshell Poster we have captured some of the key concepts of Agile and why to work Agile. The poster is used by many Agile Coaches and trainers across the world.

The Customer Journey Product Organization

The Customer Journey Product Organization in a Nutshell Poster is created to visualize how you can organize around the customer and get a really flexible organization where teams have clear missions and can act with both alignment and autonomy.

Get Seated for Agile

The Get Seated for Agile Poster is a visualization of how the interior can support Agile teams. It is Showing the difference between a interior that allows for flow optimization versus flexible seating.

Agile Leadership in a Nutshell

The Agile Leadership in a Nutshell Poster is visualizing the change in leadership needed to support Agile teams and organizations. It is our most downloaded poster after Agile in a Nutshell.

Agile User Experience – with a Dash of Lean UX

Many Agile teams are struggling to connect user experience and the design process with Agile ways of working and often Scrum. In this Poster we are visualizing the connection, and how you can collaborate in the team to learn more about user needs and solutions to solve real user problems together.

Product Ownership in a Nutshell

In the Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell Poster we have tried to capture the mindset, processes and tools that we find valuable for coaching and training Product Owners, Agile Teams and leaders.

Monotasking in a Nutshell

The Monotasking poster is created to visualize how you as an individual can get focused and work on whats most valuable. It is created together with the creator of the method; Staffan Nöteberg.

Agile Change Management in a Nutshell

This poster visualizes the concept of change in complexity.