Agile Business Evolution

Our mission is to support our customers to meet their goals and visions. This usually means a transformation from traditional silos based organization with slow project deliveries to Agile cross-functional teams that can innovate and deliver value more autonomously at speed. We often support in collaboratively designing new Agile organizations, find new ways of working, transforming and building an Agile Mindset while step by step gaining new capabilities in teams and across the organization. The goal is to make both employees and customers feel awesome and to do it in a sustainable way. Here you can read more about what we as Agile Coaches do >

Leadership to support Agility

To create a new growth mindset and support the transformation we train and coach leadership teams, middle management and team level using Management 3.0, Agile Leadership and Transformational Leadership. Agile leadership is about coaching teams and individuals, building networks, creating trust and safety, these are the foundations for an Agile culture and a learning organization.

Business and Product development

Business and product development is one of our core competences, especially how to create the foundations to enable it in any environment. We partner up with the customer to drive the result and/or coach end to end business and product development, maximizing speed and innovation building new capabilities with cross-functional teams and shifting to a growth mindset.

Business Agility

Business Agility is needed to create a learning organization that is flexible and sustainable over time. This includes functions such as Finance, HR and Procurement. We support change in this by sharing examples of new ways of thinking and doing from other organizations and introducing practices from Beyond Budgeting, Agile HR and Agile Contracting.

Way of working

Our toolbox for delivering products and services covers Lean and Agile ways of working like Scrum and Kanban, but also customer centric design and innovation methods such as Design Thinking, Lean startup, Lean UX and Design Sprints.

Scaling Agile

The Agile Mindset – values and principles by itself is a way to scale organizations and functions successfully. We support our clients in sustainable scaling with Agility based on every clients specific goals and context using valuable parts from different scaling frameworks when needed.

Agile Training Programs and Digital Academy

The Dandy People Digital Academy gives everyone in the organization access to online Agile trainings from Dandy People. All to enable organizational Agility and change across the organization. We gladly help you facilitate the learning journey remotely or on-site to support your success.  Available trainings today are Agile in a Nutshell, Agile Team in a Nutshell and Agile Leadership in a Nutshell, Agile Product Ownership and Organization and Agile Leadership Teams. We also offer tailor made digital and in person trainings to our customers.

Visit our Digital Academy to learn more >

Interim Agile Manager

Get your agile transformation going right ahead by having one of our experienced Agile Coaches in an Interim Agile Management position. In an operating role, someone with the former experience of being a manager in an agile transformation can lead the way by doing the change. Being part of the management team, practicing the agile mindset in decision making, cooperating as a team, setting goals and visions, supporting and coaching employees in the agile teams to reach high performing teams, inspire and teach individuals and the organization what agile is and how to use the agile methods.

Read more about hiring an Interim Agile Manager >

Leadership Agility 360 Assessment

The Leadership Agility 360 is based on the in-depth research underlying our award-winning book, Leadership Agility, which shines a light on a central question: Competency models tell us what worked well in the past.

In a broad sense, leadership agility is the ability to take wise and effective action amid complex, rapidly changing conditions. But it turns out agility is not a single competency. It is a vital capacity that can be channeled into everything you do as a leader. As you develop new levels of agility, you become more far-sighted, more effective at collaborating, more creative, and more proficient in learning from you experience. The Leadership Agility 360 is the only assessment that identifies where you are in this developmental process.

Reiss Motivationsprofil

Reiss Motivationsprofil är det första empiriskt utvecklade testet, som ger en komplett bild av strukturen bakom en människas grundläggande motiv och drivkrafter. En personlighet förenklas inte till ett fåtal basbehov, som i många populära personlighetstest på marknaden. När du förstår dina yttersta motiv, drivkrafter och värderingar, kan du lättare inrätta ditt liv såsom du vill ha det och fokusera på de områden, där du äger verklig energi och motivation.

Läs mer om Reiss Motivation Profile och hur den kan hjälpa dig

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