Agile Manager – Interim Management

As a Manager, we can support your Business and IT in change, starting to work Agile and delivering value across the organization in the day to day operations as well as on tactical and strategic levels. Many of our Agile Coaches at Dandy People have Management experience as Development Manager, Product Manager, DevOps manager, Program Manager, Agile Coach Manager, Design and UX Manager, HR Manager as well as the experience from transforming traditional organizations on both a global scale as well as emerging startups to high performing Agile organizations.

Read more about how our sister company Moderna Ledare supports with Interim Management as and Recruiting of managers that are experts at nagaing in fast paced change and complexity (SWE).

Interim Manager with a bonus of enabling Agility

As an Interim Manager an we can do the job as a manager – but also making sure to support the people in transforming their competencies to Agile ways of working, transforming the processes and removing hinders in the structures so that you get even more out of the people in your organization.

There is a big difference acting as a manager with responsibility for the people and the structures, this means you also have the mandate to make decisions making a structured change process and involving people to move smoothly and fast, enabling people to collaborate and deliver value at a higher pace.

As a Manager in your organization, our Dandies will take part in your management teams boosting your transformation and deliveries acting as a transformational leader boosting change from the inside facilitating shared understanding and collaboration, and changing the behaviours to more efficient and focused ways of working.

Get your improvement journey on rocket fuel!

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