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Agile Business Evolution

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Our mission is to support our customers to meet their goals and visions. We support you no matter where you are on your journey.

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The Dandy Acceleration Team

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We help you get Agile, faster, and with more energy. We are an accelerator for rapid Agile and Lean business transformation increasing output as well as value. We get your leadership, organization, and product ready for the 21st Century working across the organization from Marketing, Finance, HR, Product, Development, IT and Operations. When you don’t know what the problem or the solution is, we have the experience and we are here to help.

Enterprise Agile Coach, Facilitator, Trainer & Speaker.
PM, PO, Lean UX, Lean Startup, Innovation, Leadership and Organization Design.

Enterprise Agile Coach, Leadership Coach, Organisational Researcher, PhD, Integral Professional Coach, Facilitator, Trainer & Speaker

Enterprise Agile Coach, Agile Team Coach, Change Lead, Agile Trainer and Interim Agile Manager

Senior Agile Coach, Agile Transformational Coach (ICAgile), Agile Trainer, Agile Author

Enterprise Agile Coach, Organisational Coach, Leadership Coach, Facilitator

Product Discovery and Delivery Coach, Senior Agile Coach, Distributed Working Facilitator and Trainer

Enterprise Agile Coach, Organizational and Leadership Development, Agile HR, Trainer, Speaker

Enterprise Agile Coach, Agile Team Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Enterprise Agile Coach, Leadership Coach, Change Leader and Trainer within Leadership, HR and Organization

Product Development Coach, Product Manager, Senior Agile Coach, Engineering manager, Lean and Agile Trainer

Enterprise Agile Coach, Agile Business Coach, Agile Trainer, Transformation Coach, Professional Coach (ICF PCC)

Senior Agile Coach, Agile Team Coach, Change Leader, Interim Development Manager

Senior Agile Coach, Product Owner, Agile Product Discovery Coach, Team Coach and Mob Programming Coach

Enterprise Agile Coach, Organizational Transformation Leader, Behavior Science Expert

Strategic Product Management, Product Leader, Change Lead

Enterprise Agile Coach, Agile Transformation, Agile Team Coach, Interim Agile Manager

Agile Business Coach and COO at Dandy People

Enterprise Agile Coach, Organizational Coach, Leadership Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Professional Coach (ICF ACC)

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We take pride in building strong relationships with our clients, based on commitment and results. We often work with clients over a long period of time, guiding them through several larger steps of transformational change. 

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We strive to do as much good as possible by adapting existing practices and creating new ones to solve problems for clients and ourselves. We love sharing our learnings and knowledge with the community. We hope you will build on it and share it as well.

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Agile Procurement and Contracting

We are one of the founding partners and drivers of, aiming to Agilize public procurement in Sweden.
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