Johan Wildros

Johan Wildros

Agile Team Coach, Enterprise Agile Coach, Interim Manager, Change Lead, Scrum Master,
Release Train Engineer, Program Manager, Line Manager, Agile Trainer and Development Manager

Since 2005 I have been focusing on enabling Lean and Agile management and effective end 2 end value chains in software development. Introducing Lean and Agile Software Development in every new assignment. My main interest is Agile transformations, scaling agile and evolving transformational leadership, from basically any role along the value chain and in any organization needing to connect the business side and the IT side of the company. I’ve been a dedicated IT professional for 30 years, having most roles from business modeling to expert troubleshooter.

Working as a developer for 16 years, mainly C++ and Java, often combining this role with roles like scrum master and maintenance manager. I’m always focusing on delivering value and reducing waste. Always motivated to learn and looking out to help a colleague.

Specialties: Great inter communicational skills! Will deliver value in any business by bringing people together. My greatest gift is making people’s knowledge and skills come to use through collaboration and communication.


  • Agile Team Coach
  • Enterprise Agile Coach
  • Leadership Coach
  • Lean Coach
  • Development Manager (Line Manager)
  • Scrum Master
  • Change Lead
  • Release Train Engineer / Agile Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Interim management role to support your Agile transformation
  • Agile Trainer

Education and certifications

      • Agility in the Enterprise ICP-ENT, ICAgile, 2019
      • Certified Scrum Master, Scrum Alliance, 2011
      • Scania Leadership, 2011
      • Ledarskap genom medveten kommunikation, 2010
      • Grupputveckling och konflikthantering, 2009
      • UGL , 2006
      • Att leda mig själv och andra, 2005

Examples of methods and techniques I bring

Agile & Lean Coaching
Integral Transformation Framework
Continuous Delivery
Project management
Program management
Business continuity planning
Organizational development
Sourcing for Agile organizations
Agile Portfolio management
Sourcing strategy
Leadership Coaching
Recruitment for Agile organizations

Employments, assignments & engagements

Agile Enterprise Coach @ IF

2020.03 – 2022.06
Johan has been part of the strategic change team at Waypoint with an assignment to find new and more agile ways of connecting the strategic product focus with the work in the teams to support delivering the right things at the right time. Johan have among other things worked with coaching the management and setting up OKR process for Waypoint as well as a shared rythm for planning and delivery for all teams.

Agile Coach @ Tele2

2020.03 – 2021.02
Johan is an Agile Coach with the assignment to coach and lead an agile transformation for 3 departments at Tele2.  Coaching the Teams in Agile Practices and Engineering, Coaching POs in Value Based Outcome, Leadership and Scaling Agile and coaching the managers in Creating Culture and Prerequisites for the Agile Transformation to be possible at Tele2.

Agile, Lean, Coaching, Integral Transformation Framework, Agile Training

Leadership Coach / Agile Transformation Leader @ Scania R&D

2019.03 – 2020.03
Johan is an enterprise agile coach with the assignment to coach the management team in creating an agile and team-based organization. Both as individual leaders and as a team. The assignment is to lead the cultural journey in building a stronger and present leadership that is both clear in expectations and vision and create the pre-requisites needed to succeed. Johan also leads the constant improvement of the value chain throughout the department; visualizing deviations and bottlenecks.

Johan has coached both senior management, first-line management and individuals in the transition to a new organizational model.

Agile, Lean, Coaching, Integral Transformation Framework, SAFe

Agile Coach @ Scania Connected Services
2017.10 – 2019.02
Johan has been an agile coach with the assignment to coach both management and the rest of the organization. The challenge was to build an organization to include the whole value chain; including development teams, sales- and business management and first-level management.

Johan has coached both teams and individuals in the transition to a new organizational model.

Agile, Lean, Coaching, Integral Transformation Framework

Senior Project Manager @ SG Digital
Johan has been a project manager for 3 projects where one of the projects was one of the biggest projects ever run in the company. Introducing a new gaming platform for the Dutch state lottery and migrating all player and transaction data into the new platform.

One of the projects was to introduce a new platform and portal solution for a media company in Mexico.

The last project was to introduce new functionality in the platform and building a team around the delivery. The team is to be a long term agile team that will take on new challenges.

Continuous Delivery, JIRA, Lean, Project management, Scrum

Agile Organizational Developer @ Scania Commercial Operations
2014.11 – 2016.07

Johan has been developing the value chain and the organization supporting the value chain for one of the biggest development-/implementation projects. This in the role as manager for a program that introduced a new process for maintaining the Scania truck, along with the IT system to support the process.

The program was global with development and implementation in the 40 most important Scania markets around the world.

Johan’s main focus was to create and develop processes and ways of working along the entire value chain.

The process started in the business need and ended up in building an organization to maintain the concept where process development and IT development can add value to customers within a week.

The project model was an adaptation of PPS and the production model was based on SAFe, Scaled Agile Framework.

Johan initiated the agile way of working with 1-week sprints for the whole program.

The responsibility was divided into four different organizations where representatives monitored their interest in the steering committee.

The program consisted mainly of 4 projects, development of a solution, implementation och process, local system adaptation, and central system adaptation.

The core of the project consisted of approximately 70 people. Counting the interfacing systems and the involved markets the project affected around 700 people.

Continuous Delivery, JIRA, Lean, Program management, SAFe, Scrum, Agile

Agile/Lean coach @ Scania IT
As an agile and lean coach for development and maintenance assignments, Johan was part of a coaching network for leadership and agile/lean methods.

Examples of challenges was from introducing scrum on a team to coaching managers wanting to develop their organization. From root cause analysis to value stream mapping. Supporting challenged projects.

Agile, Coaching, Lean, Methods development, Project support

Leading the introduction of a team-based organizational model
Johan was responsible for the delivery of several production supporting systems. Reporting operations KPIs to the production management with the purpose to find improvement possibilities.

·       The global dealer stock management system, ranked top 5 in a BCP-perspective. Johan also build the organization handling the maintenance and support 24/7/365.

·       4 Logistics system for the chassis assembly workshops. Johan introduced a new way of working and cooperating between IT, business and customers.

Portfolio management and sourcing strategies was part of the assignment.

Agile, Business continuity planning, Lean, Organisational development, Sourcing, Portfolio management, Scrum, Sourcing strategy

Development responsible for new methods
Responsible for introducing and leading java as a technical platform. This included the recruitment and development of personnel.

The assignment was to introduce the platform due to increased demand for development at scale. In the assignment, Johan was also responsible for introducing methods, processes and ways of working to improve the value chain.

Johan handled both strategic planning and operational implementation. During this period Johan was responsible for the quality and delivery capacity for 7 development teams.

As responsible for one of the technical platforms the assignments from the management group to follow and improve velocity, quality and customer satisfaction.

Agile, Lean, Leadership, Organisational Development, Recruitment, Strategic planning

Responsible for methods- and process development
Johan was responsible for process- and methods developed within the systems development department.

Focus on creating automation and to shorten the feedback loops and to make sure the methods used were using technical possibilities.

While Johan’s development teams created the technical pre-requisites and improved the methods the organization learned to meet the customer more often and to build in quality from start.

Agile, Lean, Methods development, Development manager

Leader of adopting Agile methods
Johan was responsible for the development of one of the most important solutions at Scania, where to describe the truck in information structures. Building our own no-sql database (before there was any).

Johan was group manager for the department responsible for the delivery. He introduced agile methods and continuous deploy at Scania with this project.

To spread the knowledge and drive the agile shift at Scania he also created a Lean-assessment where the organization could follow a variety of quality parameters in the value chain.

Agile, Continuous Delivery, Kanban, Lean, Scrum


Development background

Johan worked as a developer and team lead in his first 16 years in the business. The first 7 years dedicated to telecom. After this period he transitioned through defense solutions, media platforms to automotive.

Already as a developer, Johans realized that the real power in the organization was to get the teams really working as teams.

C++, Information modelling, Integrations, Java, Object orienting, Oracle, SQL Server