The Dandy Acceleration Team

We help you get Agile, faster and with more energy. We are an accelerator for rapid Agile and Lean business transformation increasing output as well as value. We get your leadership and product ready for the 21st Century working across the organisation from Marketing, Finance, HR, Product and Development. When you don’t know what the problem or the solution are, we have the experience and we are here to help. Here you can view our delivery model >

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Enterprise Agile Coach, Facilitator, Trainer & Speaker.
PM, PO, Lean UX, Lean Startup, Innovation, Leadership and Organization Design.

Enterprise Agile Transformation │ Leadership │ Learning Organization │ Agile HR │ Coach │ Trainer │ Speaker

Enterprise Agile Coach, Leadership coach, Change maker, Inspirational speaker and trainer

Agile Coach, Product Owner and Scrum Master

Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Product Owner

Agile Coach, Change Leader and Development Manager

CEO at Dandy People

Course Administrator
& Marketing Manager

Chairman of the Board
Entrepreneur, business strategy specialist

External Trainer - Beyond Budgeting.

External Trainer - Agile HR Pioneer - From Agile People

External Trainer - Agile Procurement and Contracting. From Crisp

External Trainer - Illustration and Graphic Recording
From Maja på Näset

External Trainer - Lean-Agile Procurement

External Trainer - Training from the BACK of the Room Certified trainer

External Trainer - Agile HR - From Agile HR Community

External Trainer - Lean Team, from Crisp

External Trainer - Certified LeSS Trainer - Co-Learning