Mia Kolmodin

Mia Kolmodin

Enterprise Agile Coach, Facilitator & Trainer.
Product Management, Product Ownership, Lean UX, Lean Startup, Leadership & Organization Design.
Learning Designer & Speaker. Founder and CEO of Dandy People.

I help big organisations, companies and agencies to build an Agile mindset, transform and improve ways of working, leadership, organizations and culture to be able to innovate and deliver valuable products with shorter lead time, higher quality and with less work. I love to engage and create trust among people as well as enable teams and people to grow, making them have fun together, become stronger and more T-shaped in their skill set as well as making them work as a team taking on missions and delivering together and feel proud of their success.

My next free talk here on how to get customer focused with an Agile mindset (In Swedish) >

My strongest focus the last 15 years has been to on WHY and WHAT to deliver something, and to WHO. It is important to gain customer and business value in the product development process as well as optimizing existing solutions to give the best impact. Today we call these kind of organisations and teams for Data Driven Development, Hypothesis Driven Development, Customer Centric Development and Lean Service Creation. I find that Agile and Lean UX ways of working is the best way to support this type of development and I have coined the expression “Lean Team” for this way of working in Agile setups.

As a Agile Coach I help enabling good communication, collaboration and continuous improvement through processes and methods that brings people together with clear common goals and a human centered approach to both product development and organisation development. It is important to me to create an environment of trust and collaboration. By doing that we can better solve problems, prioritize what to focus on and deliver value to the business and the user with less effort and time.

As a Transformation Coach my strength is in my ability to lead and communicate horizontally in the organisation, to transform incrementally by being part of the operative work to support and create structure and build strong internal catalyst leadership that focuses on people, the value they bring and how the system can support that in the best way possible.

Some of my most popular blogposts

Agile in a Nutshell poster

Blogpost and Free Poster – Agile in a Nutshell with a spice of lean UX – Downloaded over 75.000 times since October 2016 and translated to 14 languages.

Blogpost and Free Poster – Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell > – Downloaded over 7.000 times since April 2017 and translated to several languages.

The X-team Silos Game – getting in T-shape. A Lego game that illuminates the difference when members allow themselves to take on tasks outside their expertise, being so called T-shaped. Play the game to kick-start your change and create collaboration.

Peter Frey, CPO/CTO Expressen
Peter Frey, CPO/CTO Expressen

"Mia har varit delaktig i uppbyggnad av Expressens utvecklingsavdelning i sin roll som UX chef. Hennes målinriktade arbete med att införa och skapa förutsättningar för Lean UX i teamen med metoder, process och anställning av UXare med Lean UX-fokus, har hjälpt till att skapa de förutsättningar vi behöver för att kunna jobba snabbt, involverande och användarcentrerat."

Camilla Högström, Projektledare Kungliga Operan
Camilla Högström, Projektledare Kungliga Operan

"Jag jobbade tillsammans med Mia Kolmodin från Crisp i samband med kravspecificering av Operans planeringssystem. Ett agilt arbetssätt för detta är både utvecklande , lärorikt och fantastiskt roligt! Speciellt när man får jobba tillsammans med någon som Mia!"


Founder of Dandy People, April 2017 – Ongoing
I am the founder, and member of the board at Dandy People. Accelerating the growth of PEOPLE & BUSINESS by creating new capabilities and energy by  Coaching, Training, and Mentoring in Agile ways of working and mindset.

Co-funder and driver of the Network Agilakontrakt.se – August 2015 – Ongoing
I´m co-funder and driver of the website and network agilakontra.se. In the last 2,5 years, I have focused on spreading knowledge about Agile procurement and Agile contracting in Sweden and Scandinavia. As a part of the network, we have initiated a website, agilakontrakt.se, collected success stories in written form as well as videos. We have also set up numerous seminars, a Certified Agile Procurement training and two conferences in Copenhagen and Stockholm. All to spread the knowledge within procurement, both in the public sector as well as in the private, and build a network with shared understanding around the topic.

Member Steering Committee at Hyper Island – August 2016 – May 2018
As a member of the steering committee of the Digital Business Program, the only member with Agile and UX competence, my role is to ensure the program is conducted in a good way by Hyper Island. That the students will be able to benefit from the training, that the modules are covering what they need to get attractive in the market and that the market has need for that kind of competence.


Some of my Clients

Enterprise Agile Transformation@ Sveriges Radio May 2021 – Ongoing

Enterprise Agile Transformation – @ ATG May 2020 – Ongoing

Enterprise Agile Transformation – @ 3 June 2018 – April 2019
Coaching 3 to take their next step in their ongoing Agile journey towards high performance in complexity. Assessing, understanding and communicating the current state, crafting the vision and strategy for reaching their next level, and delivering the change in the organization together with the Dandy Reboot Team involving and empowering the people in the organization.

Leadership Coach @ Scania IT February 2018 – April 2018
Coaching the Leadership team of Scania IT in Servant Leadership. Assessing all leadership team members, creating awareness to what leadership in complexity means, building knowledge and interest in Servant Leadership and “Management Innovation” and starting discussions in the Leadership Team and throughout the organization around Servant Leadership and what that means in practice in day to day life. And eventually supporting the Leadership Team in defining what Servant Leadership at Scania IT means.

Enterprise Agile Coach @ Sveriges Radio March 2017 – August 2018
Coaching in Agile and Lean UX for POs and teams helping to enable strong Lean Teams, as well as creating a common base in Agile and Scrum for editorial staff and all teams involved in deliveries, including external parties. Also caching in Agile transformation from an organizational and cultural perspective and helping teams to co-create and build on the same products as well as coached in innovation and management in Agile leadership and culture.

Enterprise Agile Coaching @ Avanza May 2017 – June 2017
Coaching the Leadership Team and staff from both Product, Marketing and IT to come together and grow an Agile mindset and understanding for different ways of being Agile and benefits with different types of organizations helping the Avanza to transform to a new Agile product development organization. I’ve blogged about it here >

Enterprise Agile PO Coach @ Nordea, CBP, Lending Stream September 2016 – May 2017
Coaching and Training CPO and PO-team in structured large scale Agile product development in SAFEe in two release trains, 80 – 120 people. The mission was to change the core bank system. We created prototypes and mocked to be able to make releases across the entire process to test the new platform safely and iteratively using User Story Mapping and other Agile methods fro slicing and planning. Also, I developing in-house specific training modules for Product Ownership in Nordea.

Enterprise Agile Coach @ Databyrån, April 2016 – September 2017
I started to coach one person in one team in Agile/Lean UX and customer-focused product development. After a total transformation in culture and ways of working with much better quality, shorter lead times, happy team and customers, the rest of the organization also wanted to learn more and we started to coach CEO, PM, PLs, other functions and all teams in an Agile transformation with continuous improvement and Scaled Agile with customer focus. Also, I coached the CEO during this time of transformation twice a month.

Training and Coaching @ Nordea Cards, May 2016
Coaching and training in structured Agile product discovery over several teams with a focus on collaborative user research and slicing deliveries with a customer focus. Using primarily User Transaction Flow for research and visualization and User Story Mapping for planning and slicing horizontally.

Coaching Product Owners @ Nordnet, May 2016
Coaching Product owners in structured Agile discovery and delivery over several teams.

Coaching Product Management and UX @ Benify, March 2016 – November 2016
Coaching of the Chief Product Manager, the Product Management team and UX group in structured Agile discovery and delivery.

Innovation Coach @ Alumni Global, February – Mars 2016
Training, lecturing and coaching in innovation, Lean Startup, Lean UX and Agile.

Agile Product Owner Coach @ NetEnt, December 2015 – Mars 2016
Coaching Agile Product owners in the gaming- and frameworks teams.

Lean UX Coach, Trainer and Product Owner @ MittMedia, December 2015 – June 2016
Coaching and supporting cross-functional Agile teams to start working with Lean UX on a regular basis building T-shaped team members and new ways of working with hypothesis-driven development and customer focus. Also acting Product Owner in an innovation project to help build common ways of working together in an innovation project across the organization, involving development team, marketing and stakeholders as well as editorial staff and management. We managed to both create a strong Agile mindset across the organization, creating new collaboratively, data-driven and experimental ways of working with an understanding of the role of the Product Owner as well as delivering valuable outcomes with new streaming products and new improved payment process. Also coaching management on the development department as well as editorial management to support the change, as well as coaching, leading and training the UX competence group continuously on a weekly basis. Read more about it in the case study here (in Swedish) >

Industry Leader for UX @ Hyper Island Stockholm – September 2015 – October 2015,
Responsible for the 5-week long module of UX on the Digital Business program with 40 students. I was responsible for setting up the education, plan content and trainers according to learning outcomes as well as planning the case for the training. The training is experience-based with lots of hands-on practice mixed with lectures and mentoring. The content was Agile basics as well as Agile and Lean UX, design thinking and service design, in detail User Research, Ideation, prototyping, design principles, interaction design, usability testing, UI-design and client presentation connecting to business and user needs.

Lean UX Coach @ Expressen, August 2015 – November 2015
Coaching balanced teams in Agile Product Discovery and Lean UX.

UX Manager med personalansvar @ Expressen, December 2014 – August 2015
With a vision to work Agile, data-driven and user-centered with product development I gladly took on the assignment as UX manager at Expressen’s development department to help build up the department and specifically the UX-group and competence. I had staff liability with recruiting and coaching of UX-personnel as well as making sure we spread our knowledge and network with others working within design and at Expressen. I worked in the dev board, coaching the management team members to build and develop the department and grow an Agile culture. I was also responsible for enabling Agile discovery processes and methods across all the development teams and enabling both user research and user experience to scale over several product teams and platforms over time. We started to work structured with UX work doing usability testing on a weekly basis in all teams inviting stakeholders to join in as well as interviews on-site in Stockholm and Gothenburg and eye-tracking all devices. We created personas for the product based on both qualitative and quantitative data together with the BI department. Enabling A/B testing in the teams with tools and infrastructure, training and mentoring to build competence. Also, we started to build a scalable user experience framework including graphic profile and design patterns to be used by all teams and devices. I’ve written a short case study here >

Product Owner @ Ping Pong, Oktober 2014 – January 2015
Assignment as Product Owner to work with one team (50%) and the new “Kursadministration”. The project had already started, and they had done a very thorough requirements in the team but after 6 months the team had not delivered anything that could be used or tested. They asked me what I would do to help the team speed delivery up. I said I would define the MVP that could be launched to one of the clients, work close with that client and do sprint planning and usability as well as functional testing, and after launch of the MVP roll out the rest of the product client by client dependent of their needs and build up the product step by step. This is exactly what we did for the next 3 months that I joined them. According to the CEO they had never had such a successful project and both the client (SSL) and the team had never been pleased with how it worked and what they delivered.

Lean UX Coach @ Sveriges Radio 2014
Assignment to coach stakeholders in the Digital Media Board, Leadership Team, Product Owners and UX group at Digital Media. The assignment was to help and support the first Lean UX project at SR to success and help create trust with stakeholders in the Digital Media Board, and an understanding of what this new way of working meant for them to enable Digitala Medier to continue this way of working officially.

Chief Product Owner and Enterprise Agile Coach @ Viaplay, 2013 – 2014 (7 months)
As CPO at Viaplay my assignment was to coach the 7 product owners as well as stakeholders to work in an Agile way with product ownership (continuous discovery and delivery). Also, I was responsible for the Viaplay roadmap and communication with other departments as well as ongoing discovery activities on strategic level within Viaplay to deliver capabilities and meet deadlines. I worked to build strong relations between the departments (such as Marketing, UX and IT), to create a collaborative, customer-centered, data-driven and transparent culture and ways of working across the organization and in the teams. We visualized all the planned work and progress on a Product wall, had innovation workshops together with stakeholders, started to do usability testing once a week as well as starting to do monthly big demos of both discovery and delivery work focusing on outcome and moving KPIs inviting the whole of Viaplay and streaming to all offices.

Agile UX for Public Procurement @ Kungliga Operan, 2013
Leading and execution hand on user-centered agile requirements for public procurement. The Royal Opera needed support for its planning process that leaps over 5 years involving the whole of the organization end to end. We involved all roles in the requirement process, worked with impact goals, personas as well as scenarios and did a huge user story map that we sliced for must-haves and nice to have for Agile delivery. I’ve blogged about it here >

Conversion Design @ PostkodLotteriet 2012 – 2013
Leading and execution of design for conversion design (CRO) and other ux-related tasks.

Agil UX Coach @ Adeprimo 2012
Coaching of balanced teams.

Conversion Strategy and Design @ Filmnet / TV4 2012
Leading and execution of conversion and usability audit and conversion design and communication strategy. (CRO).

Agile UX Consultant @ Aftonbladet / 2012 Mars – November
Leading and execution hand on UX-work in several internal and external systems,webb and apps. I was involved in the new “Tipsa!” function that is a part of all AB´s digital platforms, we also built the admin system enabling the editorial staff to work seamless with tips coming in from readers. I’ve blogged about it here >

Examples of methods and Ways of Working

Effektkartläggning and Impact Mapping
Business case creation
Target group analysis
Customer Journey Mapping
Card sorting
Wireframing and rapid prototyping
Design Studio
Usability Testing
A/B testing
User Story Mapping
MVP – Minimum Viable Product
Search Engine Optimization – SEO
Conversion Optimization – CRO
Scrum and Kanban

My open trainings and lectures

Upcoming Seminars & Trainings

See upcoming free seminars and professional trainings here >

– Keynote Speaker, Agile Scotland, UK, December 2019
Speaker ACE!, Kracow, Poland, April 2019
Open Training “Build the Right Product – Innovation through Collaboration & Design Thinking”, Zürich, September 2019
– Speaker Agile Islands, Åland, September 2019
– Speaker Agile Islands, Åland, September 2018
– Speaker, Webbdagarna, Göteborg, September 2018
– Speaker at “Kravställning på riktigt”, May 16, 2018.
– Speaker at “NEXT, IDG”, May 8, 2018.
– Open Training “Build the Right Product – Innovation through Collaboration & Design Thinking”, April 2018, Stockholm
– Speaker at “Agile Days Istanbul”, April 2018
– Speaker at “Meridiumdagen”, November, Stockholm
– Speaker at the conference Agile Åland 2017 – “Beställa på rätt nivå – Customer Centric Procurement” . September 2017
– Speaker at the Conference Sundsvall 42, October 2017
– Open Training “Build the Right Product – Innovation through Collaboration & Design Thinking”, Zürich, November 2017
– Open Training “Build the Right Product – Innovation through Collaboration & Design Thinking”, October , Stockholm
Öppen kurs, Lean Team, 2-3 maj
– Arrangör av och moderator på konferens i Effektstyrd upphandling med Agila kontrakt- “Lyckade Upphandlingar 2017”.
– Föreläsning om Effektstyrd upphandling med Agila kontrakt, Frontit 2017
– Moderator på konferensen “Webbos 2016” för offentlig sektor
– Öppen kurs, Product Discovery med Lean UX @ Crisp, 9-10 juni
– Föreläsning Agil Upphandling och Agila kontrakt i offentlig sektor @ Almedalen 2016
– Öppen kurs, Lean Team – Product Discovery och Delivery med ett team – @ Crisp, september 2016
– Öppen kurs, Product Discovery med Lean UX @ Crisp. september 2016
– Moderator @ Webbos – Webbstrategidagarna Offentlig Sektor, i Stockholm, 5 oktober 2016
– Föreläsning, The art of specifying Needs instead of Solutions to create Useful Products @ Konferensen “Procuremenet with –
Agile Contracts Networking days in the Nordic” i Köpenhamn. 20 april 2016.
– Intern kurs, User Story Mapping @ Nordea, 1 dag, april 2016
– Intern kurs, Product Discovery med Lean UX @ Folksam, 2 dagar, april 2016
– Frukostföreläsning om Lean UX i Agila team @ Wunderkraut, 15 april 2016
– Frukostföreläsning om Lean UX i Agila team @ Wunderkraut, 26 februari 2016
– Föreläsning och workshop i Innovation, Alumni Global, Köpenhamn, 11 februari 2016
– Öppen kurs, Product Discovery med Lean UX @ Crisp, 7-8 december 2015
– Öppen kurs, Certifierad Agil Beställare @ Crisp, 5-6 november 2015
– Industry Leader @ Hyper Island Stockholm, Lean och Agil UX, ansvarig för 5 veckors utbildning för 40 personer, sept 2015 – oktober 2015
– Workshop för 30 personer på UX-open, “Så får du andra att förstå varför de ska jobba med Agil och Lean UX”, 16 oktober. 2015
– Öppen kurs, Product Discovery med Lean UX, 8-9 september 2015
– Öppen kurs, Certifierad Agil Beställare, 2-3 september 2015
– Öppen kurs, Certifierad Agil Beställare, 5-6 november 2015
– Öppen kurs, Certifierad Agil Beställare, 11-12 december 2015
– Öppen kurs, Certifierad Agil Beställare, 27-28 april 2015
– Frukostföreläsning om Agila krav och Agila kontrakt, SKL Kommentus 2015
– Frukostföreläsning om Agila krav och Agila kontrakt, SLL, 2015
– Frukostföreläsning om Agila krav och Agila kontrakt, 2015
– Frukostföreläsning om Agila krav och Agila kontrakt, 16e januari 2015 @ Metamatrix
– Öppen kurs, Product Discovery med Lean UX, 4-5 december 2014
– Föreläsning @ “Digital design och konvertering” @ Cap & Design Live på Grand Hotel Stockholm tillsammans med John Ekman, 4 december 2014
– Frukostföreläsning om Agila krav och Agila kontrakt, 3e december 2014 på Crisp
– Internkurs hos Lantmännen, Effektstyrning och konverteringsoptimering, 1 dag, september 2014. Jag har bloggat om det här >
– Agil UX och Digital Design 12-13 maj 2014 >
– Öppen kurs, Agil UX och Digital Design, 4-5 februari 2014 >
– Lean and User Driven Product Development. Intern föreläsning för Schibstedt i Barcelona, Nov 2013.
– Öppen kurs, Agil UX och Digital Design 7-8 oktober 2013 >
– Öppen kurs, Agil UX och Digital Design 4-5 februari 2013 >
– Conversion Optimisation talk on Agile Evening, 20 maj 2013 >
– Öppen kurs, Attraktiv Digital Design och User Experience, 13-14 maj 2013 >
– Öppen kurs, Attraktiv Digital Design och User Experience, 18-19 februari 2012 >

Educations and Certifications

Certified in Scrum at Scale, Jeff Sutherland and Henrik Kniberg, 2019

Management 3.0, Agile People/Happy Melly, Pia-Mia Thorén, Management 3.0 Certificate, March 2018

Beyond Budgeting,  Dandy People, Bjarte Bogsnes, March 2018

Certified Agile Leadership, Crisp, Peter Behrens, Scrum Alliance 2017

Safe Essentials, Crisp, Jan Grape & Mattias Skarin, 2017

Agile Requirements Analysis and Planning for Product Success – Crisp, Ellen Gottesdiener 2013

Facilitation from Back of the Room, Crisp, Sharon Bowman, 2015

Lean UX – Cross Functional Collaboration – Crisp, Jeff Gothelf, 2013

Certified Online Conversion Manager – Conversionista, 2013

Gamification (MOOC) – Courser,a 2013

Leading and Coaching People – Crisp, Cristopher Avery, 2012

Effektkartläggning – InUse, Ingrid Domomingues, 2012

Certified Product Owner – Crisp, Jeff Patton, Scrum Alliance, 2011

Scrum Master – Crisp, Hans Brattberg 2009

PR och Marknadsföring – Kvällskurs på Forsbergs, 2000

Kommunikation, Art Direction och Copy – Företagskurs på Berghs, 1999

Digital och Multi Media Design– Capital School of Multimedia, 1997 – 1999

Fotografi – New England School of Photography, Boston, MA, USA, 1996 – 1997

Grafisk design, illustration, fotografi, TV och radio – Mediaprogrammet, Tumba, 1991 – 1994


Dandy People AB – CEO, 2020 – Ongoing

Dandy People AB – Owner, Funder and Consultant, 2012 -2020 Ongoing

Crisp ABCrisp är en paraplyorganisation för invalda fristående konsulter med eget bolag. Managementkonsult, coach och lärare inom modern digital produktutveckling, 2012 – 2017

Metamatrix AB – Digital Art Director, Interaktionsdesigner, Projektledare, Scrum Master, 2011 – 2012

Metamatrix är webbkonsulter med kunder främst inom offentlig sektor, medlemsorganisationer och myndigheter på plattformarna SiteCore och EPiServer. Som Interaktionsdesigner och Digital Art Director med ansvar för att skapa kreativa koncept arbetade Mia ofta nära kunderna, och deras målgrupper för att skapa användarcentrerad design för ökad måluppfyllelse. De arbetssätt och kreativa metoder Mia arbetat med har syftat till att öka kännedom om kundens egna mål och målgruppernas behov samt att separera de olika leden i den kreativa processen för att skapa en mer övergripande målbild. En nyckel till framgång har ofta varit kunskapsöverföring i samband med presentationer och även på plats efter leverans i hur kundens webb är uppbyggd och varför, dess målgrupper, on-site SEO, sociala medier och hur användaren agerar på webben. Mia implementerade även Kanban som projektmetodik och drev utvecklingsarbetet innan hon lämnade över till utvecklingsteamet.

MamaMia Gaming – Digital Art Director, Interaktionsdesign, Team Leader, Product Owner 2009 – 2010
MamaMia Gaming är en speloperatör med fokus inom bingo och casino på den Skandinaviska marknaden. MamaMia Bingo är den främsta webbplatsen med ett stort community med 2 år online och ca 24.000 medlemmar. Mia ansvarade för utvecklingen av en ny bingo webbplats med ett utökat community, och för utvecklingen av ett nytt online casino, MamaMia Casino, vars primära mål är att höja LTV på våra bingospelare.
Projekt ledning, Scrum Master, Art Direction. Ansvarar för att skapa kreativa koncept, wireframes, konverterings design, on-line marketing, on-site SEO, identitet och varumärke. Med ett starkt fokus på användbarhet – upplevelse och konverterande design. Mia implementerade Scrum som projektmetodik och drev utvecklingsarbetet.

Web Guide Partner – Web Art Director, Interaktionsdesigner, Design Lead Conversion, Scrum Master 2005 – 2009
Web Guide Partner (WGP) arbetar framför allt med sökmotoroptimering (SEO) och att maximera leads. Web Guide Partner är internationell partner för flera branschledande företag inom linser, poker, casino, webbhosting, mortgage med mera. Som chefsdesigner för konverteringsavdelningen var Mia ansvarig för att skapa konverterande webbdesign, målsidor och kampanjer. Mia designade många tester och tillsammans med webbanalytiker, fastställa hypoteser bakom tester samt tolkade resultaten och skapa ännu bättre design, innehåll och CTAs från det. Mia skapade också grafiska profiler, logotyper och on-line marknadsföringsmaterial för kunder samt var Scrum master.

Miablo, Grundare – Web Art Director, Webbstrategi 1998 – 2001
Polyester – Delägare / Grundare – Webbyrå och spelproducenter2001 –2002
Framfab – Web Art Director 1999 – 2001
Netsolutions (Fusionerade med Framfab) – Webb Designer 1998 – 1999
Tumba Gymnasium – Lärare i fotografi/grundkurs 1995 – 1996