Join our free agile events where we share and dig deeper into the different areas of the agile world. We believe in sharing, and when we all spread and share our knowledge of new ways of thinking and working it benefits all of us. So come join the Agile community!

How we used Liberating Structures to set goals for a Leadership team
Target Group: Anyone who is interested in learning (more) about Liberating Structures and how to use them with your team.
Upplevelser av uppskalning – Vilka effekter får det Agila arbetssättet i stor skala?
Target Group: Alla som är nyfikna på Agilt arbetssätt och vill lära sig mer om hur uppskalning påverkar arbetssätt och människor.
Agile Contracting Webinar – Swiss ERP System Case
Target Group: Anyone interested in how to make the procurement process smoother and quicker: Purchasers, Strategic buyers, Sales, Decision-makers, Management, Innovation, Business, Delivery.
Teachers: Mirko Kleiner
The FREE Dandy Dojo – Next Session: Overcoming Stress
Target Group: Anyone curious about Agile who wants to understand and use Agile ways of working, and get value from the core principles.
Teachers: Kari Kelly, Paolo D’Amelio, Bodil Björnberg
Free Webinar – Product Ownership in a Nutshell
Target Group: Product Owners, Product Managers, Project Leaders, CPOs, and anyone involved in the product owner process.
Teachers: Mia Kolmodin