Join our free agile events where we share and dig deeper into the different areas of the agile world. We believe in sharing, and when we all spread and share our knowledge of new ways of thinking and working it benefits all of us. So come join the Agile community!

Innovate by Non-disruptive creation – Introduction to the Blue Ocean Strategy
Target Group: Management & leaders on all levels, team managers, product owners, business development managers, enterprise agile coaches, innovation managers/coaches, UX and everyone interested in taking innovation to another level.
Teachers: Mina Boström Nakicenovic
Gratis Online Webinar – Gissa, gör om, jobba hårdare – eller experimentera och gör rätt?
Target Group: Chefer och medarbetare, alla som har intresse av att arbeta effektstyrt
Teachers: Joaquim Linder
Free Webinar – Unlocking The Collective Intelligence With Business Agility
Target Group: Leaders, Executives, anyone who wants to innovate and work customer-focused in a fast paced and complex environment.
Teachers: Mia Kolmodin
Gratis Seminarium – Med kunden i fokus och ett Agilt mindset – Favorit i repris
Target Group: Ledning (oavsett nivå eller avdelning), Alla som vill arbeta kundfokuserat, UXare som vill hitta effektivare sätt att arbeta tillsammans
Teachers: Mia Kolmodin