Agile Trainings

Trainings for Professionals who want to become Leaders and master People Centered Agile Transformation, Lean Service Creation, Product Development and Business Agility.

With years of experience in creating experience based Agile training for our clients we are happy to be able to deliver cutting edge trainings. Our trainers use accelerated learning techniques to teach course content in brain-friendly ways that help you maximize learning experience and information retention. Dandy People also work with trainers from outside the company to bring our customers the best new knowledge there is. Most training can be held at your location for you internally, in Swedish or English. Most of our trainings and events are based at our office at Kungsgatan 8 in Stockholm.

Gratis Seminarium – Med kunden i fokus och ett Agilt mindset – Favorit i repris
Target Group: Ledning (oavsett nivå eller avdelning), Alla som vill arbeta kundfokuserat, UXare som vill hitta effektivare sätt att arbeta tillsammans
Teachers: Mia Kolmodin
Conference: Agile Procurement for Business Agility
Target Group: This conference is for you in the public- and private sector, who wants to achieve your impact goals, in smarter ways.
1+1 Day Training – Agile Change Management – How to lead people-centered and fact based improvements in a complex environment
Target Group: Practitioners in complex environments that want to learn an agile approach to change management.
Teachers: Joel Ståhl
1 Day Training – Lär dig rita för bättre facilitering – Visualisering och Graphic Recording
Target Group: Facilitatorer, Agila Coacher, förändringsledare, kort och gott; alla som vill bli bättre på att kommunicera visuellt
Teachers: Maja Larsson
1 Day Training – Business Agility in Practice – Unlocking the Performance Potential
Target Group: All Management & Leaders, CEO, CFO, HR, Agile Coaches, Change Makers - anyone who wants to get an organization fit for the future
Teachers: Bjarte Bogsnes
2 Day Training – Flow Certified Professional Prep Course – Get to the optimal state of high performance
Target Group: This it the training for you who want to gain skills and knowledge in how to reinvent the organization to become truly Agile, from C-level to team and individual
Teachers: Andrew Kallman
Gratis Seminarium – Agil Förändringsledning – Transformation i en komplex verklighet
Target Group: Ledare (alla nivåer), agila coacher, förändringsledare, sponsorer för förändringsinitiativ
Teachers: Joel Ståhl
SAFe Trainings & Certifications in Stockholm
Target Group: The trainings covers everyone involved in a Large Scale Agile SAFe setup.
Teachers: Martin Teljeby
2 Day Training – Build the Right Product – Innovation through Collaboration & Design Thinking
Target Group: PM, PO, UX, Agile Coach, Business Developer, Architect & Developer
Teachers: Mia Kolmodin
1 dag – Grundutbildning i Agila arbetssätt
Target Group: Team-medlemmar, ledare och beställare
Teachers: Catrine Björkegren
2 Day Training – Lean Team – Continuous Product Discovery and Delivery with one Team
Target Group: Any one with the needed competences to gain insights, create content, build and deliver digital products that creates user value.
Teachers: Mia Kolmodin, Per Lundholm
2 Day Training – Certified Agile Leadership ® – CAL 1 – Stockholm
Target Group: Senior executives, Middle management, Leaders, Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches
Teachers: Evelyn Tian
2 Day Training – Certifierad Agil Beställare – Effektstyrd upphandling med Agila kontrakt
Target Group: Linjechef, verksamhetsansvarig, upphandlare, jurist, leverantör eller upphandlingskonsult
Teachers: Mia Kolmodin, Mattias Skarin
2 Day Training – Certified SAFe® Product Owner / Product Manager – Stockholm and at Clients Location
Target Group: Product Managers, Product Line Managers, Product Owners, Business Owners, Portfolio Managers
Teachers: Martin Teljeby
1 Day Training – Root Cause Analysis
Target Group: Practitioners in highly complex environments that want to be able to analyze, learn from and act on significant events, e.g. Product owners, Agile coaches, Scrum masters, Line managers, Program/project managers, Team members
Teachers: Joel Ståhl
1 Day Training – Value Stream Mapping
Target Group: Practitioners in complex environments that want to increase customer satisfaction through shorter lead times and increased flow, e.g. agile coaches, program/project managers, team members and team leaders.
Teachers: Joel Ståhl