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The Online Agile Leadership Team in a Nutshell Training & Toolbox gives your team easy structures to follow to get started to work as an Agile leadership team, become a that can collaborate and deliver faster results together to the organization. You will learn about how stress impact our ability to solve problems and make smart decisions. Get models to think about and handle stress to become stronger both as individual leaders, and as a team. Slow decision making is often an effect of traditional structures. As an Agile Leadership team you can more easily break this behavior together. This training gives you guidance, tips and tools to do so.

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Course materials in the “Agile Leadership Team in a Nutshell” training

All course material are original productions by the Dandy People team of experienced Agile Coaches and Trainers, many of which only can be found here in this training.

  • 4 Videos
  • 3 Workshops and Exercises
  • 4 Infographic Posters and Models
  • 37 Articles
  • 5 Models

At your fingertips at all times

      • You can take this training step by step at your own pace and you can do the exercises by yourself, or with your colleagues.
      • The training is available on your mobile on the fly, as well as in a desktop version.
      • All training material is in English.
      • Buying a one-year membership gives you access to the courses you request and the updates in those modules for a full year.
      • Digital Online Courses available to purchase; Agile in a Nutshell, Agile Team in a Nutshell and Agile Leadership in a Nutshell.
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You should take the training

Executives, Managers, Employees, Associates in all functions across the organization, everyone who belongs to a team, and you who also support teams, in an Agile organization.

What you will learn

You will get an introduction to Agile leadership, as well as a deep understanding of the connection between leadership practices and business results. You will reflect on your own leadership style and get tools to start practicing Agile transformational leadership today as well as starting up your own Agile leadership team.

Full course contents

The Agile Leadership Team

      • The Agile Leadership Team Poster
      • Four Functions of an Agile Leadership Team
      • The 7 Conditions for effective Agile Leadership Teams
      • Agile Management Areas
      • The 7 Agile Leadership Principles
      • The Agile Leadership Team Bingo – DIY
      • Check your Learnings on Agile Leadership Teams


Why Agile teams

      • Introduction to the Agile Teams
      • Agile Team in a Nutshell Poster
      • What is a Team?
      • Type of Agile Teams
      • High Performing Agile Teams
      • Coaching Teams in different Stages of Maturity
      • Coaching Agile Teams Guide
      • Research: The Power of Teams
      • ROI on Agile Teams
      • Check your Learnings on Agile Teams

Quickly forming an Agile Leadership Team

      • 5 Common Mistakes when Forming Agile Leadership Teams
      • How to form a team in 10 minutes

Starting the Collaboration in the Agile Leadership Team

      • Starting up the Collaboration in The Agile Leadership Team
      • The Strategic Leadership Room
      • Effective Decision Making as a Team – Decision Making Canvas – FICA
      • 10 Design Principles inspired by Spotify
      • Seating for Agile Teams
      • Team Canvas – Workshop and Description
      • Check your Learnings on Starting your Agile Leadership Team

Agile Ways of Working

      • Shared Values in the Agile Team
      • The Scrum Process
      • Roles in an Agile Team
      • The Agile Events and Activities Guide
      • The Kanban Process
      • Agile Ways of Working – The Game
      • Agile Ways of Working the Online Virtual Game

Facilitating Agile Events

      • Sprint Planning and Refinement
      • The Retrospective – Why and how we improve
      • Facilitating your first Retrospective
      • Self Reflection for Agile Teams

Agile Leadership and Stress

      • The cause of stress – Stressors
      • The Stress Cone
      • Stress and Leadership
      • Stress and Emotional Maturity
      • How to Manage Stress
      • Decision-Making Process under Stress
      • Stress in a Nutshell Poster
      • Check Your Learnings on Agile Leadership and Stress


Conflict Resolution

      • Conflict Resolution for Well-Functioning Teams
      • Conflict Resolution Poster
      • 5 Type of Conflicts
      • The Conflict Resolution Compass
      • Check Your Learnings on Conflict Resolution


Optimizing Flow in Your Organization

      • Flow: Why it’s the secret to success in today’s marketplace
      • Small Batches & Flow – A great video and resource for your teams
      • How to implement a pull-based system to create flow
      • Tactics for optimizing flow in your organization
      • Check your learnings on “Optimizing Flow in Your Organization”

Set-up and Duration

  • This is an online self study training that gives you access to all the unique course material and content for a full year from purchase date.


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Digital online Agile courses that engage and involve people in collaboration and help people think and act in new ways can be a great way to enable change across an organization. That is why we at Dandy People created these courses, to support that change and enable people to create better organizations and deliver more business value together.