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In the Online Agile Leadership in a Nutshell Training & Toolbox, you will learn about Agile Leadership, it’s core components and why intrinsic motivation is so important in a modern-day workplace. The training is designed to help you evolve your leadership as a Manager an to take the next step in the evolution to become an Agile leader. You will get an introduction to Agile leadership, as well as a deep understanding of the connection between leadership practices and business results. You will reflect on your own leadership style and get tools to start practicing Agile transformational leadership today as well as starting up your own Agile leadership team (more on Agile teams in the Agile Team in a Nutshell course). With a “Professional” package, you can also use this training as your toolbox to facilitate Agile leadership training and coaching in your organization.

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Course materials in the “Agile Leadership in a Nutshell” training

All course material are original productions by the Dandy People team of experienced Agile Coaches and Trainers, many of which only can be found here in this training.

  • 8 Videos
  • 3 Workshops and Exercises
  • 8 Infographic Posters and Models
  • 15 Articles

At your fingertips at all times

      • You can take this training step by step at your own pace and you can do the exercises by yourself, or with your colleagues.
      • The training is available on your mobile on the fly, as well as in a desktop version.
      • All training material is in English.
      • Buying a one-year membership gives you access to the courses you request and the updates in those modules for a full year.
      • Digital Online Courses available to purchase; Agile in a Nutshell, Agile Team in a Nutshell and Agile Leadership in a Nutshell.
      • For professional use as an Agile Coach or Trainer please also purchase the Network Membership that gives you (one individual) the right to use the course content for professional use in running your own training or coaching sessions with clients or internally in your organization.

You should take the training

Executives, Managers, Employees, Associates in all functions across the organization, everyone who belongs to a team, and you who also support teams, in an Agile organization.

What you will learn

Through a series of articles, videos and exercises you will learn what it means to practice Agile transformational leadership, how it differs from traditional leadership – or even destructive leadership styles, and how it connects to the business delivery of the organization. You should be ready to apply a Transformational Agile leadership on a daily basis and growing the people you lead and therefor also the business.

agile leadership in a nutshell courseFull course contents


      • Agile Leadership Introduction – Video

The Leadership Shift

      • We are too slow – Article
      • The Leadership Shift Model Article
      • The Leadership Shift Model explained – Video

Destructive Leadership

      • Destructive Leadership Overview – Article
      • Example of Passive Destructive Leadership – Video and reflection
      • Example of Active Destructive Leadership – Video and reflection

Conventional Leadership – Downside

      • Conventional Leadership Overview – Article
      • Example of Carrot & Stick & Control Focus – Video and reflection
      • Carrot & Stick & Control Focus – Article

Conventional Leadership – Upside

      • Example of Agreement & Necessary Actions – Video and reflection
      • Agreements & Necessary Actions – Article

Agile Leadership

      • Transformational Leadership in an Agile Context – Article
      • Example Transformational Leadership – Video and reflection
      • Inspiration and Motivation – Article
      • Role Model – Article
      • Compassion and Caring – Article
      • Example of Transformational Leadership Confrontation – Video and reflection

Agile Leadership and Stress

        • The cause of stress – Stressors – Article
        • The Stress Cone – Article
        • Stress in a Nutshell – Infographic Poster
        • Stress and leadership – Article
        • How to Manage Stress – Article
        • 8 step Decision-Making Process under Stress – Checklist

Become an Agile Leader

          • Try this – Article
          • The Agile Leadership Guide – Visual Guide

Wrap up

          • Congratulations!
          • Check you Learnings & Take Action

Set-up and Duration

  • This is an online self study training that gives you access to all the unique course material and content for a full year from purchase date.
  • Time to work through entire course: Apprx 4-8 hours.


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Digital online Agile courses that engage and involve people in collaboration and help people think and act in new ways can be a great way to enable change across an organization. That is why we at Dandy People created these courses, to support that change and enable people to create better organizations and deliver more business value together.