Björn Sandberg

Björn Sandberg

Team- Leadership- and Organizational Development, Agile HR, Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Björn is a very innovative and curious change leader with extended experience within Agile HR, leadership and Agile change management from both global companies as well as medium size organizations and the public sector.

To support the development of sustainable results and inspire a learning lifestyle, he has a development-oriented approach to learning. This is important both within organizations and teams, and of course to individuals.

Björn´s experience spans through the entire area of People, HR, Leadership and Transformation. Including business transformations, inspired by Lean & Agile and what really can be achieved with it, but also traditional process and improvements work. Used to maintain a holistic approach in a rapidly changing and complex business environment.

His experience has given him a deep knowledge of both large global multicultural organizations as well as government agencies, but also the challenges small medium-sized businesses encounter. His responsibilities have shifted from operational to strategic questions via tactical ones, both at the functional and general business level. He has held a wide number of different roles, both as a direct and indirect leader with and without direct reporting and as a consultant.

Specialties: Have a passion for making complex transformations user-friendly, by breaking down processes into pedagogical steps for all levels in the organization. I strongly believe that by developing people at all levels in the present, we build the foundations of the autonomy needed for the future.

Björn is running the Certified HR Agile Processional trainings at Dandy People together with Frida Mangen.
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  • Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach
  • Agile Team Coach
  • Line Manager Coach
  • Transformational Leadership Coach
  • Agile HR Coach
  • Change Manager
  • Trainer
  • Facilitator
  • Interim management role to support your Agile transformation

Education & Certifications

  • Certified MyNeeds Consultant + Expert, My Needs, (My Needs) 2018
  • Authorized Instructor & Trainer in Agile HR, ICAgile – (ICP-TAL Instructor) 2018
  • Certified Professional, ICAgile – Agile Talent (ICP-TAL) 2018
  • Authorization Training Developmental Leadership (HUL) 2018
  • Authorization Training Indirect Leadership (HIL) 2018
  • Indirect Leadership (IL) 2017
  • Development of groups and leaders (UGL) 2016
  • Scrum Master (Lean & Agile) 2015
  • The Institute of Business Administration – FEI, Diploma in Financial Management 1997-1998
  • Swedish Defense University – Captain 1994-1995
  • Organizational Psychology, Umeå University 1994-1995
  • Pedagogics (Test, ratings, exams, assessments) Umeå University 1995

Some of my Clients

  • Länsförsäkringar Fond/Liv 2019-2020
  • Scania IT 2019
  • Dek Technologies 2018-2019
  • K-Rauta 2017-2018
  • Royal School of Technology (KTH) 2016-2018

Employers and Previous Roles

Dandy People – Enterprise Agile Coach
2019 – now

Preparatus – Senior consultant and owner

Organization and business development at the crossroad of leadership, learning, leadership and team development in a fast-changing and complex world, with HR as main focus.

Ericsson, Business Unit Cloud & IP – Global HR Business Partner
2014 – 2016

Sweden, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, China, Canada

Driving strategic HR tasks for global Organizations, during the ongoing Lean & Agile transformation and beyond. Responsible for two to five leadership teams with up to 2500 employees in 8 to 9 countries.

Ericsson, Business Unit NetworkHR Manager
2006 – 2011

Member of leadership team. Responsibility for approximately 700 employees in two sites in Sweden. Lead and drive strategic and operative HR initiatives in the line organization.

Ericsson, Shared Service Center – HR Project Manager

Supported operational development as an internal consultant and project manager.

Ericsson, Shared Service Center – Manager PA HR Service Desk

Lead, stabilize and develop the operations, in order to meet users and functional requirements, while securing a good sustainable work environment. Responsible for approx. 12 employees on two sites split into two teams.

Ericsson, Shared Service Center – Team Leader PA Service Desk

Leading the operative work in close cooperation with another team leader and the tactical together with our manager. Responsible for approx. 6 employees.

Ericsson University, Leadership & Communication – Internal Consultant Competence & Learning

Internal consultant focusing on supporting the way of working with competence and learning.

Doctus AB, Consulting and education company focusing on Rescue and Emergency service – VP, HR Manager, Assistant Principal and Psychology Teacher

Operational and tactical responsible to lead the staff, school, courses and consultant activities. 

Swedish Armed Forces – Captain, Platoon Leader and Company Commander, Logistics and Infantry

Staff, operations, development and training responsibilities for 2-3 officers and up to 40 soldiers in the training organization. Corresponding in the war organization as Company Commander of 150 soldiers and officers.

Special focus; management, learning and leadership and what is possible to achieve with it, by creating a psychologically secure development-oriented environment.


Training & Courses

2018 Authorized Instructor & Trainer in Agile HR, ICAgile – (ICP-TAL Instructor)

2018 Agile Talent (ICP-TAL) – Agile HR

2017 Certified in MyNeeds® (Self Determination Theory)

2017 Indirect Leadership (IL)

2016 Developmental Leadership (DL)

2016 Development of groups and leaders (UGL)

2016 Leadership & self-awareness (LS)

2015 Sociocracy 3.0; Dynamic Governance

2015 Scrum Master (Lean & Agile)

2015 Agile Management

2015 Change Management Training 

2014 Beyond Budgeting

2013 Lean Basics Course; This is Lean

2011 Introduction to Lean, Agile and Scrum

2010 Set Advisor training for Leadership Assessment

2008 Leadership@BNET; Leadership, Communication & Coaching

2007 HR Toolbox; Ericsson Global HR Processes

2005 Consultative working methodology

2005 Change management

2003 Leadership Core Curriculum 

2001 To Work with Competence Management

2001 PROPS (project management) Introduction

2000 Moderation and Facilitation Training

1993 Debriefing leader (Crisis Management)

1993 Psychiatric reactions to accidents and threat situations