Cecilia Bjuhr

Cecilia Bjuhr

Enterprise Agile Coach, Agile Transformational Coach (ICAgile), Agile Trainer, Agile Author

Cecilia is an agile coach with focus on change management that wants to inspire teams and individuals to try new more efficient ways to work and interact.She wants to create an agile way of working and an agile mindset that works in practice, it shall be adopted to the specific context the team and organizations works in. Her focus is always to help teams to continuously improve and remove impediments that stops them or the organization to work in an efficient way.


    • Enterprise Agile Coach
    • Agile Transformational Coach (ICAgile)
    • Agile Trainer
    • Agile Author

Clients, assignments and engagements

Enterprise Agile Coach, If insurance, March 2024 – Current

Cecilia is supporting and coaching PMs to create one backlog and a roadmap for implementing a new mobile core platform. 

Senior Agile Coach, Epiroc IT, March 2023 – October 2023

Cecilia started the assignment at Epiroc IT by understanding and analyzing the current state and presenting the result and a roadmap for the change. Cecilia also delivered online agile trainings for people outside of Örebro.

Senior Agile Coach, Swedish Radio, March 2022 – December 2022

Cecilia started the assignment at Sveriges Radio by understanding and analyzing the current state. This was done by interviews with all Product Owners and Scrum Masters and identified the need to help teams to structure and prioritize their work to get a better flow in the deliveries. This led to a structured Big Room Planning for the entire Release Train to visualize the priorities and deliveries every quarter. The work continued with the growth of the scrum masters, internal agile coaches and managers at different levels by education and coaching. In parallel workshops were held with teams for their growth and understanding of how to cooperate and find better solutions in their way of working. The work was done together with other agile coaches and strategically prioritized together with department managers to find the best steps forward iterative.

Deputy CEO, Citerus AB, April 2020 – January 2022

Cecilia was appointed deputy CEO for Citerus to help the organization even more practice their own beliefs. Citerus is an employee owned company and wants to also let the decisions be made by the employee i.e. let those affected by decisions also be involved in the decisions. In this change Cecilia introduced parts of Sociocracy 3.0.  part of the role has been to guide the organization in this change as well as being a part of it. These two years have given valuable learnings, many new skills and a deeper understanding of business. It has strengthened the ability for her to coach and mentor leaders to drive change within an organization.

Agil Coach, Axfood IT AB, October 2018 – September 2020

Cecilia introduced Agile and started an organizational change in the IT department by educating all employees in agile principles and values and an overview of the way of working. She then continued to coach different pilot teams to teach and coach them how to work in an agile way. This approach gave the whole department the same language to use while exploring how to work in a team based organization. The change also included starting Axfood Agile Ambassadors, a group of internal agile coaches, by   educating and coaching them to support the teams. In the later phase the assignment included supporting the newly formed change teams both at IT and in the business parts of Axfood. In the assignment Cecilia also:

– coached specific teams, management teams and product owners

– created Community of Practices

– introduced DevOps Practices

– facilitated Value stream mapping workshops

– helped teams to go from theory to practice in Scrum, Kanban and other tools

– documented and helped teams use Axfoods  guiding principles for teams

Agile Coach, SBAB, March 2018 – June 2018

Cecilia helped 5 development teams as an agile coach. The teams were part of a project with the goal to change parts of the core system at SBAB. Since time was crucial, focus was to improve flow in the project, commitment in the teams and agile way of working in the whole project. This was done with an agile approach, Cecilia created a change backlog and the areas were broken down into improvements small enough to implement directly or experiments to test different hypotheses. Examples of improvements are: Lowering the amount of user stories worked on at the same time i.e. managing the WIP, introducing a delivery kanban to get more focus on flow and creating cross functional teams to remove handovers.

Agile Coach at ICA Online E-commerce, ICA Sverige AB, April 2017 – March 2018

Cecilia was an agile coach for five teams that developed the Ecommerce platform for grocery shopping online at ICA. The role involved team building, Team Lead coaching, facilitating retros and Big Room Planning, introducing new ways of working, teaching values and ways of working. One major change in way of working was introducing DevOps i.e. help the teams to take care of development, production and maintenance of the product. An important part of the role is also to influence teams and POs to work closer in finding the Minimal Viable Products, enabling small releases often, in order to get feedback early.

Product Guardian for Test Environment, Ericsson AB, Feb 2016 – Dec 2016

Product Guardian is a role for long term quality assurance in a large agile organization. Cecilia worked as team lead for a change project with the goal to make our supply and support flow for test equipment more efficient, using lean and agile methodology.

Agile Coach & Change Leader at Continuous Integration 4G, Ericsson AB, Sept 2012 – Jan 2016

Cecilia worked in a self-organized team with agile coaches, helping other teams and the organization as a whole with the agile transformation for example including: Retrospectives, Value Stream Mapping workshops, facilitating value discussions in leadership teams.

Cecilia also worked as change leader in the Continuous Integration (CI) sector of the development unit. Using Lean methodology to define and improve the CI flow. The flow secures legacy functionality for both new SW features and new HW. The work resulted in: Visualization of the CI-flow, a CI machinery for code delivered by >200 teams in three time zones, removal of bottlenecks, defined improvements for increased efficiency. Coaching the CI teams to define their own efficient way of working was also a part of the role.

Verification Line Manager at Base Station Development, Ericsson AB, Sept 2009 – Aug 2012

As line manager Cecilia built a team with multi-standard competence where the employees knew one standard from the beginning. The group was formed in a reorganization and Cecilia was the only one who had chosen her position which meant a lot of change management, individual and team coaching to empower the people to take on the challenge. The results were: a high performing team with multi-standard competence, team spirits and engaged team members, verification performed in time in a multi-standard equipped lab.

Other roles at Ericsson AB 1998 – 2009

System Project Manager, Senior Sales Engineer for 3G, SW System Engineer, HW System Engineer, Trainee, Thesis Work

Education and certifications (a selection)

  • Peaceful Transformation, Esbjörn Hyltefors, 2022
  • Sales training, with Patrik Nordkvist, Försäljningschefen, 2020
  • Agile Enterprise coaching program, mentored by Michelle Madore, 2019
  • Agile Transformational Leadership, ICAgile Certification, 2018
  • Advanced Scrum Master, 2017
  • Certified Product Owner, 2017
  • Certified Scrum Master, 2017
  • Book Integration Program, This is Lean, 2013
  • Scrum & Agile introduction, 2012
  • Individual coaching, manager coaching skills, 2010
  • Leadership@Business Unit Networks, coaching, 2010
  • First Time Line Manager, 2010
  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, KTH Stockholm, 1993 – 1998

Developing educations and author

Trainer in agile leadership, AMF, Scania, Open Citerus course

Educated leaders in a leadership training called The leader’s new role in a complex world. The course was developed to help leaders work with smaller experiments to faster adapt to changes and new circumstances.

Trainer in team development, Arbetsförmedlingen

Educated a group at Arbetsförmedlingen what the differences are between a group and a team, how to create a high performing team and the importance of a common goal and how to achieve that.

Trainer in agile methods and mindset, Tieto

Created a custom made Agile introduction course with the purpose to understand agile way of working and agile mindset. The course also gave the people in the companies the same language to continue discussing and developing their internal agile way of working.

Co author of the book XXL Agile and Lean coaching – the giraffe cookbook

Wrote and published a book with Lean and Agile methodologies and the story telling from the experience of the coaching team at Ericsson AB.