Elinor Lange

Elinor Lange

Enterprise Agile Coach, Agile Business Coach, Agile Trainer, Transformation Coach, Professional Coach (ICF PCC)

With great passion and deep knowledge of agility Elinor helps people, teams and organizations to grow to become their full potential.

From her +10 years of experience of leading and taking part in agile transformations within large organizations she has developed deep skills on how to successfully transform any type of organization to get the value from working Agile. Elinor has great agile leadership- and leadership training skills, as well as in depth skills in business agility, lean sales, agile & lean methodologies in general, Agile change management, team development- and human centric organization development, feedback training and conflict handling.

Colleagues and clients describe Elinor as sympathetic, dedicated, caring and with a positive mindset in everything she does. 

My skills as coach and leader

Leadership: Coaching and teaching leaders about servant leadership operating in a big system built on trust, and creation of a culture for motivated and autonomous teams reaching business goals.

Organization: Enabling visualization of where the organization is heading and creation of shared goals. Initiating and catalyzing change in the organization to enable collaboration and shared ownership of the result to reach business goals, supporting creation of metrics and the system to act on them.

Product ownership: Coaching and guiding product owners to find a format for the product strategy and roadmap, meeting the needs from the stakeholders and teams. Facilitating the process to continuously improve the workflow to enable iterative work with fast feedback from real customers and other stakeholders and quick decisions.

Teams: Coaching and teaching teams in their development towards becoming autonomous and high performing, to help them to reach their full potential and to take ownership of the team’s outcome.

Individuals: Coaching co-workers to grow to become their full potential both as individuals and team members.


  • Enterprise Agile Coach
  • Agile Business & Sales Coach
  • Agile trainer
  • Professional coach (ICF PCC)
  • Line Manager/Leadership Team


  • Telecom
  • Transportation
  • Retail Industry
  • Education

Example of customers 

  • H&M
  • Ericsson
  • Scania

Some of My Assignments and Engagements

Agile Enterprise Coach, Business & Organization Development @ Influence

2020 – 2020 Stockholm
Influence management consultancy needed to redefine one of their business areas to become agile and be able to attract and retain agile customers and agile coaches. Elinor was one of the agile head coaches to support and facilitate this journey as well as boost the competence level needed to meet the customer needs. With deep knowledge of agility and great experience in agile transformations, Elinor coached and taught managers and employees in agile mindset, agile WoW and agile business development.

Role: Agile Enterprise Coach (employed)

Agile Enterprise Coach, Agile Transformation @ H&M

2020 – 2021 Stockholm
H&M Business Tech organization needed to increase the development and delivery speed of customer value. An agile transformation from waterfall WoW and a reorganization from traditional hierarchical- to team centric organization was initiated. Elinor was an agile transformation coach for the AI and Data Analytics development, an organization consisting of 20 teams and handling all global data analytics for H&M – from customer data to production and logistics data. The work included on-boarding of teams; agile ways of working and thinking, coaching and teaching in Scrum, team development and agile leadership, mentoring of internal agile coaches and development of WoW using parts of the SAFe framework.

It also included facilitation of value stream management within production, logistics, customer payments and customer support.

Role: Agile Organizational/Enterprise Coach

Lean Management Consultant and Change Leader, Modularization Management @ Scania

2017 – 2020 Södertälje
Scania has since 1980 had a successful modularization methodology providing possibilities to tailor make unique customer solutions with short lead times for each specific customer need. Scania has with this strategy been one of the world’s most successful truck companies.  In order to remain world leading in the future, the methodology needed to be updated to include not only hardware (“Bygglådan”) but also software functionality and services. 

Elinor’s assignment was to develop Scania Modularization 2.0 through coaching Scania Product management and Sales experts. By performing pre-studies and revising the existing portfolio, the new methodology was proven to be successful for performance levels of hardware components, software functionality and services. Elinor was one of the authors of the updated Modularization booklet and the creator of the new Modularization course for both new and mature employees.

Role: Lean Enterprise Coach, Teacher, Author.

CEO @Framtidsledarna

2017 – 2021 Stockholm
Start-up of a consultancy company for Agile & Lean coaching and Management. As the owner, Elinor developed the business and handled all management. She was also responsible for the accounting and tax declarations.

Role: Owner and CEO

Agile Enterprise Coach: Lean Business Transformation @ Ericsson

2014 – 2015 Global
The Ericsson Global Radio Networks Sales organization (18-20 Billion USD/year) consisting of sales managers organized in a hierarchy with individual responsibilities for sales goals needed help in increasing the profitability. The organization had been successful in sales for the most prioritized large customers but not for the rest of the market potential. Ericsson also ended up in price negotiations rather than customer value discussions, even though the Ericsson products had premium performance. To gain trust in the market and support all customers with value offerings, an agile transformation was initiated. Elinor was the agile transformation coach, helping 20 new sales support teams with on-boarding, teaching Business Agility, Scrum, Kanban and Agile Leadership. Two of the major achievements were:

  • Flow and Pull instead of resource optimization to be able to create suitable customer offerings with speed 
  • Shared instead of individual sales goals to remove sub optimization and provide all customers great engagement.

Role: Agile Enterprise Coach, Business Agility.

Agile Enterprise Coach: Agile HR Transformation @ Ericsson

2014 – 2015 Stockholm
The Ericsson Human Resource organization supporting the (by that time) newly agile transformed R&D organization needed help in changing to become a supportive organization for the new agile culture. Elinor was responsible for the on-boarding and coaching of agile cross functional HR teams. A Scrum/Kanban methodology suitable for the support function was created together with the HR organization. Pure resource optimization was replaced by Flow and Pull. The HR management system was changed from individually- to team optimised.

Role: Agile enterprise coach.

Agile Enterprise Coach: R&D Agile Transformation @ Ericsson

2010 – 2014 Stockholm

The Ericsson Radio- and Core network development organizations had at the start of the assignment development cycles of 1-2 years per release. Customer needs changed rapidly as mobile broadband became commodity and required more frequent deliveries, faster development and better adaptation to changes in market needs. Ericssons R&D organizations were organized based on expertise areas, which often became bottle necks when there was a larger need for development in some areas and less in others – and later on the other way around. An agile transformation to increase speed and flexibility was initiated, inspired by some agile thought leaders. Elinor was one of the head coaches for the agile transformation, consisting of appr. 500 teams in various organizations. Elinor created on-boarding programs, agile coach community, learning days for the whole organization (every third week), Value streams for the 3G/WCDMA Radio network development, scrum of scrum support for the scaling of the agile WoW in the large organisation and agile leadership program for managers. She was also a member of a leadership team that did the journey from group to high-performing leadership team. With that experience, Elinor also created a modular program for development of leadership teams. As a professional coach (PCC, ICF) Elinor was also coaching leaders in personal development as a part of developing self leadership.

Role: Agile enterprise coach, Professional coach (PCC, ICF) , member of a High Performing Leadership Team (HPLT).

Agile People and Product Manager @ Ericsson 2010 – 2014 Stockholm

Line manager (People manager) for employees, scrum teams and products during a large-scale agile transformation. Member of a high performing leadership team with shared goals and responsibilities. The organization was responsible for development of products for a world-leading Radio Network System, with appr. 200 engineers.
Role: Agile Manager and Leadership Team member.

People and Product Manager @ Ericsson

2008 – 2010 Stockholm
Line Manager for employees, scrum teams and products. These were two of the first scrum teams in Ericsson, who later on became the success story for motivation of the large-scale R&D agile transformation. As her first line manager role, Elinor developed coaching skills and an understanding of what support scrum teams need in order to become high-performing and successful. Development of core network products, such as payment and subscriptions. Appr. 100 employees.

Role: Line Manager, Coach, Leadership Team member.

Senior Project Manager @ Ericsson

2002 – 2007 Stockholm
Project Management of the world’s first mobile broadband radio networks (3G/WCDMA). 1 billion SEK budget. Elinor was responsible for the integration and verification of the radio network solution, including First try out deliveries to Japan and Italy. The I&V project consisted of appr. 200 project members and one of the worlds largest IT labs. The products delivered from the project served Ericsson with income for delivery of new generation radio networks for several years. Elinor has been praised in several Ericsson forums for her contribution in the project.

Role: Senior Project Manager (Principal level in Ericsson org.).

Project Manager @ Ericsson

1999 – 2002 Stockholm
Project manager R&D. Delivery of the first O&M System for the WCDMA Radio Networks. Elinor was the project manager with appr. 30 project members, delivering the first systems to Japan and the US.

Role: Project Manager.



Digital Facilitation – Miro 1-2-3

Influence Academy

ICF PCC Coach Diploma
Leapfrog AB



Sociocracy 3.0; Dynamic Governance
Crisp AB, 3 day course held by James Priest.
Agile Coach
Crisp AB, Agile organizational-, team- and individual coach. Held by Lyssa Adkins.
Personal Development Program for Women Talent Leaders @ Ericsson
Gestalt Akademin i Skandinavien, 1,5 years program of personal development.
Leadership Core Curriculum
Ericsson, 1,5 year leadership program.


Teaching license Mathematics and Technics Gymnasium/High School (Masters)
University of Linköping (Linköping) Pedagogy program for teacher’s license.
2020 – Ongoing
Masters in Computer Science and Engineering (Masters in Engineering)
Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg)
1994 – 1999


  • Swedish Native
  • English Full professional proficiency
  • German Elementary proficiency