Lena Åckander

Lena Åckander

Enterprise Agile Coach, Organizational Coach, Leadership Coach,
Trainer, Facilitator, Professional Coach (ICF ACC)

I am a dedicated leadership and organizational coach with extensive experience of leading and taking part in agile transformations within large organizations, coaching of leaders, supporting learning and helping people and teams to grow.

I believe successful companies are the ones keeping both business and people perspectives in mind, in order to be and stay competitive in today’s fast paced environment. To support that, I help leaders, organisations and teams – through advising, workshops, education & coaching – to focus on their customers, secure prerequisites for developing a learning organization and create a culture that continuously improves their products and services and the way they work.


    • Enterprise Agile Coach
    • Agile Coach
    • Coach for leadership teams
    • Organizational Coach
    • Coach for product management teams
    • Change lead
    • Facilitator & workshop leader
    • Teacher
    • Individual coach (ICF ACC)

Clients, assignments and engagements

Enterprise Agile Coach @ Swedish Radio  – Oct 2021 – ongoing

Organizational Coach @ King, Live Games Mar 2020 – Oct 2021

Organizational Coach and Change lead for evolving the product development workflow to meet fierce competition and establishment of Operations organization within the mobile game Candy Crush Soda. Focus on envisioning, engaging, communication and collaboration to make the change happen and stick. Working in a pure remote and digital work environment enabling and supporting leaders and teams to contribute to the business using their full potential and to continuously reflect, learn and improve. Running retrospectives to enable continuous learning and improvements as well as Learning Labs for leaders on Psychological safety. 

Agile Coach & Leadership Development @ King, Live Games Aug 2018 – Feb 2020

Agile Coach in world leading mobile game Candy Crush Original, part of leadership team and leader for development teams. Supported the teams in startups, e.g. via mission statements, working agreements, decision making, feedback, role expectations, values etc. Introduced OKRs for alignment on product priorities and organizational improvements. Defined and drove experiments, workshops and activities to increase psychological safety and trust in leadership and feature teams. Provided coaching and support to leaders, team members and agile coaches within the organization. Developed and provided various courses, e.g. on team dynamics, values, responsibilities, psychological safety and organizational agility.

Agile Coach @ Handelsbanken, Capital MarketsApr 2017 – Jun 2018

Agile coach as part of an Agile coach team supporting the bank in introducing agile, scaled agile and team based approach in the organisation. Supported less experienced Agile coaches and line managers in their ambition to grow as leaders. Designed and facilitated workshops with development teams and line managers, e.g. retrospectives, team development, Modern Agile and psychological safety, experimental mindset, agile leadership etc. Started up new cross functional teams and helped applying Scrum and Kanban methodology, provided mentoring and coaching. 

Agile Coach @ SEB, Centre of Excellence for Agile – Feb 2016 – Mar 2017

Agile coach part of an Agile coach team at SEB with the mission to support and challenge business development and IT on the agile transformation journey. Developed and delivered leadership courses for line managers to practise leadership skills such as active listening, feedback, coaching and positive reinforcement. Facilitated workshops and meetings with development teams and line managers. Supported teams in their agile and team development through workshops and experience based education as well as coaching of Scrum masters and team individuals.Developed and delivered experience based education in building scaled agile organisations (SAFe centric) to change leaders. 

Agile Coach @ Ericsson, Cloud Execution Environment2014 – 2015

Part of the leadership team for development of Cloud Execution Environment, an organization distributed over four sites with approx 15 development teams. Supported and led successful adaptation to Lean and Agile practices for increased efficiency throughout the value flow to enable the success of a first commercial delivery within a tight market window. Deployed the feature team concept and introduced CI/CD. Activated Scrum of Scrum, Community of Practice, Learning Labs, Impediment Board, visualization of value flow and real time quality on the software tracks. Facilitated workshops, retrospectives and Learning Labs on team and organizational level. 

1st Line manager / Change Leader @ Ericsson – 2001 – 2014

Establishment of new multinational organizations and development of sw products within new technical domains. Responsible for two-three cross functional teams (up to 24 persons) as first line manager with responsibility for budget and personnel. Provided coaching and support to Scrum masters and Product owners to grow in their respective roles. Implemented Scrum and Kanban in cross functional teams. Identified needs and facilitated activities to address e.g. team building, feedback, team self- assessment of agile maturity and acceptance for the new way of working.

2nd Line manager / Organizational Developer @ Ericsson – 2008 – 2013

Part of multi-national leadership teams and organizations for development of Component Based Architecture (CBA) and Platform. Responsible for 150 employees and for product deliveries, product quality and competence. Development of leaders. Transition from Command and Control to Servant leadership management style. Initiated step-wise transformation from traditional waterfall project stearing model to project handling according to agile principles. Initiated test atomization and Continuous Integration activities. 

Project Manager @ Ericsson – 2001 – 2003

Responsible for sw development projects in cooperation with other sites with responsibility for delivery precision, content and quality. PROPS.

SW Developer @ Ericsson – 1993 – 2001

Sw developer, tester and test leader in projects for development of AXE for fixed telephony and GSM. 


Education and certifications (a selection)

  • PCC coaching program (ICF) ACC coaching diploma (2020)
  • Implementing SAFe, SPC (2019)
  • Transformational leadership Framework (2019) 
  • Agile enterprise coach certification (ICP-ENT) (2019) 
  • Facilitation diploma course (2018)
  • Modern Agile (2018)
  • Coaching Beyond the Team (2017)
  • NLP Business Practitioner (coaching leadership) (2016)
  • Change Management in sw development organizations, 7.5 hp (2015) 
  • Scrum Master certification(2015)
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Change Management (2015)
  • Change Management with the brain in focus (2014) 
  • Chalmers Technical University
  • Electrotechnical engineering, MSc