Jenny Persson

Jenny Persson

Enterprise Agile Coach, Agile People Coach, Change Leader and Trainer within Leadership and Organization, Leadership Coach, Organizational Coach, Facilitator, Reiss motivation master, Leadership agility 360 coach

My purpose is to develop organizations where people feel happier, perform better and are more motivated. I have worked in different roles as a system developer when I came in contact with agile. Then I started as a teamcoach with group coaching of teams and their managers. I saw all the structures which did not helped the team, so I started to work with managers higher up in the hierarki, HR, controllers, leadership support section and others, to work with the culture, structures and measurement, where agile leadership training was crucial. Building great leaders is my biggest passion.


– Agile Coach
– Agile Trainer
– Change Leader
– Method Developer
– Agile Transformation
– Leadership Coach
– Organizational Coach
– Facilitator
– Reiss Motivation Master
– Leadership Agility 360 Coach

Some of my previous assignments

– Cambio
– Försäkringskassan
– Agile People
– Bonnier News
– SVOA (Svenskt Vatten och Avlopp)
– Health Solutions


– Leadership coaching and training
– Organizational transformation
– Scrum
– Soft skills as Self-leadership training

Trainings and Educations

2021 Political science A, Mittuniversitetet

2020 Adaptive leadership Acumen Academy and adaptive change advisors through NovoEd

2020 To coach groups, Akademi coachstjärnan, ICF

2020 Transformational coaching (psycological coaching), Akademi coachstjärnan, ICF

2020 Leading with agility, ICAgile

2020 Agility in HR, ICAgile

2020 Fundamentals in agile foundation to leading with agility and HR), ICAgile

2020 Agile people coach – new role for management and HR, Agile people

2020 Reiss motivation master, RMP Nordic, Green Bullet

2020 Certified coach, Akademi coachstjärnan, ICF

2019 Grafic facilitation (build on Maja Larssons book; everybody can draw symbols)

2019 Training from the back of the room, Dandy People, TRB Certified Peter Byström

2017 Implemeting SAFe 4.0 with SAFe Program consultant (SPC4) certification, 4 days,

(upgrated to SAFe 5.0), Ivar Jacobsson, Stockholm, Brian Tucker, Ian Spence

2016 Large Scale Scrum, LeSS, Crips, Craig Larman, Stockholm

2016 Creating results based teams – anytime, anywhere with anyone, 2 days, Crips, Stockholm, Christopher Avery

2016 Prosci change management, licensed change manager, 3 days, Dataföreningen, Maria Widström

2016 Leading SAFe 4.0, 2 days, Ivar Jacobsson, Stockholm, Keith de Medonca

2016 Jira in-depth, Intern

2016 Automatic installations, intern

2016 Introduktion to organisational agility 4 weeks, Informator, Ola Berg, Distanseducation

2015 Agile testing, 2 days, intern

2015 Agile requirement management, 2 days, Informator, Ola Berg, Sundsvall, (was involved in developing the course from 1 to 2 dagys and holding the training with Ola Berg)

2015 Agile coachning och teamdevelopment, Informator, Ola Berg

2014 Jira for teammembers, intern

2013 Scrummaster, Informator

2013 Product owner, Informator

2013 Agile foundations, Informator

2012 Process development, Dataföreningen, Sthlm

2012 Active coachning för projektmanager och mangagers, intern, extern trainer

2012 ITIL advance course 3 days, intern, extern trainer

2012 Basic pedagogical education for internal trainers 2 days, intern

2009 Effective meetings/Workshop mangagemnet intern, extern trainer

2009 Trusting cooperation 2 + 1 days, intern