Karin Hagren

Karin Hagren

Enterprise Agile Coach, Organisational Coach, Leadership Coach, Facilitator

I’m an experienced leader with a passion for solving problems and facing new challenges. 

One of my insights is that great business comes from happy and empowered people who have taken ownership of their own, or the team’s, assignment, and the leadership trust them to solve it. There are no failures, just opportunities for learning, and by using discovery as a tool for finding the best solution, you minimize the risk for the business and it will reduce the stress on people. 

My main interest lies in how to improve the overall system in larger organizations where team and leadership operate, with a focus on flow.  This can be a business in agile transformation or a business that would like to improve its process for developing the products. I believe in agile values and the culture they create in a working environment.

I’m pragmatic regarding agile and lean UX methods and I work closely with the individuals to develop the way of working best fitted for the company, the product, and the teams. I energize and inspire people to see new opportunities and to take on new challenges. I work with both short and long-term strategies and drive changes as experiments to be evaluated and adjusted to reach agreed goals. 

My skills as a Coach and Leader

Leadership: Coaching and teaching leaders about servant leadership operating in a big system built on trust, and the creation of a culture for happy and autonomous teams reaching business goals.

Organization: Enabling visualization of where the organization is heading and creation of goals. Initiating and driving change in the organization to enable collaboration and ownership of the result to reach business goals, creating metrics, and setting up the system to act on them.

Product: Coaching and guiding product managers to find a format for the product strategy and roadmap, meeting the needs of teams and stakeholders. Facilitating the process to continuously improve the workflow to enable iterative work with fast feedback and quick decisions.

Teams: Initiating and driving improvements and changes enabling teams to be autonomous, coaching  and leading development of teams to help them to reach their full potential and to take ownership of their outcome

Individuals: coaching co-workers to grow in their craft and support them according to their needs



  • Enterprise Agile Coach
  • Agile Coach
  • Coach for leadership teams
  • Organizational Coach
  • Coach for product management teams
  • Production leader/manager
  • Interim line manager
  • Change driver
  • Facilitator & workshop leader
  • Teacher

Employments, Assignments & Engagements

Agile Director @King 2020-2021

Part of Candy Crush Soda leadership team and manager for a team of agile coaches.

Leading and facilitating organizational changes and work methods for flow and effectiveness.

Leading the creation of Soda culture and mindset for a learning organization where we frequently do experiments and use prototypes for feedback from our players

Agile Coach @ King 2016-2020

Creating a learning environment where the focus is on customer satisfaction.
Introducing the concept of discovery & delivery to the organization and driving the implementation based on Soda’s needs, and continuously driving the development of the workflow.
Introducing outcome-based roadmap, and the use of objectives and key results on a quarterly basis to monitor and act on needed changes in the roadmap as well as the team set up. Coaching and leading teams to develop a culture supporting autonomous teams taking ownership of their assignment.

Agile Management Consultant @ Citerus 2014-2016

Working in different roles ( agile coach, change driver, trainer, workshop leader, facilitator, agile project manager, and scrum master ) to meet the needs of the customer in their agile transformation.

Agile Coach, Avanza Bank Oct 2015-November 2016

Part of IT leadership team, and coaching the leadership team to keep the established strong team culture while growing the organization and including new competencies in already established teams. Facilitating and driving improvements in ways of working in teams to incorporate new competencies (UX and graphic designers), with a focus on flow and customer satisfaction. 
Driving and implementing a team of teams set up (inspired by LeSS) to improve coordination and managing dependencies between teams.

Agile Coach, AMF Oct 2015-Nov 2016

Part of IT leadership team, and coaching the leadership team to work as a team, aligning in a vision for the organization and solving challenges and impediments together. Initiating and establishing a mindset in the group of project leaders to have a focus on flow, and agreed priorities for what project to finalize first and avoid resource optimization and multitasking for people in teams.
Initiating and driving experiments in the organization to learn how the system could be structured to enable cross-functional teams.
Training team members and leadership in scrum methodology and agile mindset.

Agile Coach, SEB Pension & Försäkring Aug 2014-Oct 2015

Initiating the agile transformation and creating a change program together with a team representing the organization. Establishing cross-functional teams with assigned scrum masters and product owners, and educating the organization in scrum methodology as well as agile mindset. Restructuring from multi-project and resource optimization to a prioritized roadmap and initiatives to be executed by product owners and teams.
Inspiring and training the leadership team to create a culture supporting the organization based on cross-functional teams.

Development Director, Requirement Area @Ericsson 2012-2014

Part of the Product Unit (3G) leadership team, and leading a unit of 150 people working in cross-functional teams in Stockholm and Nanjing (China).
Part of the change team established to drive the changes needed for the PDU to adapt to agile methodologies.
Recruiting and establishing a leadership team for my requirement area, and driving the changes needed to create a culture supporting cross-functional teams taking ownership of their assignment. 

Department manager, WCDMA I&V Performance @Ericsson 2009-2012

Part of the Product Unit (3G) leadership team and leading a unit of 100 people working with integration and verification of the 3G System before delivering to customers.

Education and Certifications

    • Leading Product teams, Crisp, 2020
    • Certified Agile leadership, Crisp, 2019
    • Systems thinking, Dave Snowden, 2018
    • Coaching beyond the team, Esther Derby & Don Gray, 2017
    • Neuroledarskap i praktiken, Inferno communications, 2016
    • Certified Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), Craig Larman, 2016
    • Certified Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Michael Boman, 2015
    • Certified SCRUM master, Tobias Fors, 2014
    • Certified Product Owner, Tobias Fors, 2014
    • Coaching agile teams, Lyssa Adkins, 2013
    • Toyota Kata, Bill Constantino/Avega group – 2013
    • Continuous Coaching program, NeuroLeadershipGroup – 2012
    • Ericsson leadership program, Ericsson 2007-2014
    • SW leadership program, Ericsson internal program -2008
    • Coachande ledarskap, Right management – 2007
    • Personal Development Women Leaders in Ericsson – 2007 
    • Kvinna chef, IFL Handelshögskolan – 2005
    • Master of Science Electronics, Chalmers, 1988-1992
    • Marinens Officershögskola, 1986-1988