Simon Powers

Simon Powers

External Trainer - Adventures with Agile (AWA)

About Simon

Simon Powers is the CEO and founder of Adventures with Agile, the training and coaching company and global community of practice for agile and organizational change.

Simon is a world-class systemic coach, leadership coach, mentor, facilitator, and trainer. Over the last two decades, Simon has worked with leaders to improve their organizations, meet their objectives, and create a productive and happy work environment. He has worked in many industries including banking, financial services, retail, manufacturing, charity, oil and gas, and the public sector.

Based on his extensive experience, Simon has created a program of certified training classes that have been extremely effective in upskilling leaders, managers, staff, and contractors in organizational change skills. He has contributed to setting the industry standards through ICAgile, Disciplined Agile, and the wider community, and is seen as a thought-leader and entrepreneur for organizational change and agility.

Simon now runs the AWA coaching and training faculty and continues to coach and mentor leaders in organizational agility and meeting their key objectives. He occasionally runs training classes and facilitates large-scale events.

He is the winner of multiple agile awards and has written many articles and videos that have shaped the way people think about agile and organizational change.

Current role


As Head of AWA Consultancy, Simon is focused on leadership, transformation strategy, and delivery. He typically has multiple clients running concurrently and works a few days where appropriate to add the most value.

As a trainer and public speaker, Simon creates and delivers training courses, facilitates events, speaks publicly on agile and organizational change at major Agile conferences, free meetups, universities, and too large groups inside organizations.

  • Simon is the author of the Agile Onion and creator of the Agile Mindset.
  • Simon helped define the role and distinctions around Agile Coaching.
  • Simon helped write the Enterprise Coaching Expert Learning Objectives for ICAgile.
  • Simon created the AWA Organisational Change playbook.
  • Simon is incrementally writing the book Change. You can read it as he writes it.


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