Jens Rottbøll

Jens Rottbøll

External Trainer - The Association of Master Trainers

Educated at the Rythmic Music Conservatory (RCM) in Copenhagen, Jens Rottbøll is a musician at heart. The years he spent developing an understanding of music theory taught him to hear what was behind the sound and to find the harmony, that is at the heart of innovation and re-invention. This, plus his training in performance arts generated a unique toolset of competencies and ever evolving perspectives that he has brought to the world of business and executive consulting for the last twenty years.

With focus on organizational and leadership development, Jens is proficient in bringing people together,  helping them first identify their shared vision, values and unifying principles  that are necessary to implement in them and through time.

His career in business management includes ten years as CEO for Banana Republic A/S, a music and food venue that has become a legendary Danish brand and, an enterprise with sixty employees. He has likewise served as an educational project director at Art Lab, and was formerly CEO of VEGA, the largest and reputed ‘best’ concert venue in Europe. Later on, he went on to become Director, Human Ressources at Bang & Olufsen.

Jens holds a diploma in Leadership and has completed a course of study at INSEAD and Wharton Business School. His competence in developing and implementing strategies and finding and implementing corporate values have served him well as an independent executive consultant at Trivium.

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