Leadership for Acceleration


– to build accelerating product & service organisations in the 21st Century.

”The way we manage has hardly changed since the beginning of the last century. We need to re-invent management”
—Gary Hamel, ”The Future of Management”

The management paradigm of the last century-centered on control and efficiency-no longer suffices in a world where adaptability and creativity drive business success. From an agile perspective, re-inventing management means adopting a mindset that perceives your staff as the main source of ideas, knowledge and development. The faster the change and the more complex challenges we handle, the more perspectives and competencies we need in order to come up with relevant products and services at a fast pace. An agile leader acts as a catalyst that enables and empowers multiplicity, co-creation and collaboration.

The primary focus of an agile leader is to enable
– a safe culture where it is ok to fail fast, in order to learn fast.
– transparency: Provide all the information necessary to make appropriate decisions.
– self-organization and autonomy: Harness the collective intelligence of the group
– a learning organisation through continuous improvement and knowledge sharing.
– vision and mission: Ensure the the work being done has a clear purpose.
– focus and alignment: Ensure that team members are focusing on achieving the highest possible business impact with the lowest  possible effort.

Dandy People can help you develop a new ”management DNA” acting from a catalyst mindset. We do this by combining the most effective methods from agile action models (Scrum, Kanban), Management 3.0 (delegation, motivation), lean management, IMGD – effective teams, nonviolent communication and coaching to a modern leadership method.

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