Agile Culture

Flourish in your culture and environment

Boost change beyond scrum and the team with a culture and environment that enables teams and people to flourish.

Why are some companies more successful than others? Is it their way of applying agile ways of working? Their ability to scale scrum? Technical excellence? These things matter, but as David Logan writes…

Birds flock. Fish swim. People Tribe.

What makes some tribes more effective than others is culture.

During this one-day course, we explore how we can shape our culture and environment into one that enables teams and people to flourish, grow and accomplish great things. Having teams use a methodology like Scrum or installing a framework like SAFe is only the starting point of a much bigger and longer journey.

One aspect of culture is our beliefs. What do we regard as true? How do we believe we need to act to succeed? Another aspect of culture is what behaviors are rewarded and which are reprimanded. This is a strong driver of culture and is important to understand.

Also, as humans we also search for belonging, to be part of something bigger than our immediate family or team. We thrive in a context. As leaders, we need to consciously and intentionally build that shared identity.

The course is a mix of theory, stories and examples, discussions, exercises, and concrete practical advice and tips for experiments to run.

Topics covered during the training…

💙Defining culture

💙Cultural awareness

💙Building a shared identity, globally and locally

💙Strengthening sense of belonging

💙Change of mindset vs Change of habits

💙Trust and Transparency

💙Intentional Organisational Design

💙Promoting positive behaviours

💙Psychological Safety and Code of Conducts

💙Safe to fail environment

💙Model the culture

💙Embracing and amplifying an evolving culture

💙Communication and clarity

💙Sharing, spreading and cross-pollination of culture


Who is this training for…

This course is for leaders and influencers on all organisational level, such as:

  • CxOs
  • Heads of Department/Area/Tribe
  • Engineering Managers. Product Managers.
  • Managers and leaders. 
  • Scrum Masters, Agile/Lean Coaches, Change Agents.



No prior knowledge is required.

3 for the price of 2

For all of Jimmy’s courses, you can redeem an offer where you get to send three participants for the price of two.

More info about this training

The training is conducted remote over video using Zoom.


08.45 – 09.00 Technical check-in and coffee

12.00 – 13.00 Break for lunch

09.00 – 17.00 Training