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Are you optimizing your organization to continually produce value?

Many organizations are missing the strategy, processes, policies, and capabilities needed to effectively promote and sustain real value creation.

If this is you, you’re not alone. You may be experiencing some success with Agile methods, but the impact on increased customer value and business may be falling short of expectations.

The solution is moving towards a Product-Led organization.

In a Product-Led organization, the product experience is at the very center. Success happens when every part of the organization is focused on the product so it becomes the primary means of driving growth, acquiring and retaining customers, and influencing priorities across the organization.

Whether you’re just starting this journey or just now hearing the concept for the first time, our strategic blend of training, coaching, and facilitation will weave product into the fabric of your organization. Our Agile Programs are designed to align every aspect of a business, from the Aspiring Agilists to members of your HR team, from Finance to Procurement, and from Executives and beyond.

The overall content of the Program:

  • Transformational leadership
  • Complexity Leadership Theory
  • Management Structures that Increase Flow
  • Agile Leadership Teams
  • Four Key Agile Management Areas
  • Teaming Structures and Good Practices
  • Coaching Agile Teams
  • Decision-making with Cynefin
  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Agile Change Management
  • How to deploy strategy and put theory into practice
  • Leveraging “My Needs” assessment to play to your leadership strengths
  • Case studies

Executives, Managers, Organizational Decision-Makers, Change Leaders, Coaches, Consultants who are familiar with Agility


WHEN: This program will run during spring 2021, and it will be 10 weeks.

PRE-REGISTRATION: Pre-registration is now open now for those who want to make sure to get a seat for the introductory price of $3,500

Signup for Pre-Registration via the form on the side of this page, or contact

PLEASE NOTE: This program is part of a larger Ecosystem of Online Programs Designed to Accelerate Agile Excellence across the Organization. All programs will be launched in Q1 2021.

Dandy People Programs

We have created a program that contains all different aspects that enable great experiences, learning for different learning styles, and enables the practical application to enable real results.

The program is facilitated by experienced Agile Coaches and Trainers from Dandy People who have also created all the materials.

We apply a learning design that moves the participants through all the first three levels of Kirkpatricks Learning Evaluation Model. If you are interested as an organization, team, or individual, we also offer our services as Agile Coaches to support you to apply this in your organization.