Alignment & Organizational Rhythms

Design Modern Governance Structures that Enable Autonomy

An agile team has a heartbeat and a rhythm in their meetings and conversations. And if agile, so does the whole organization. To enable our agile teams to succeed in their mission, some crucial conversations need to happen in a structured manner in the organization. This training will help you discover the heartbeat and rhythm that your organization needs to meet your goals.

Your trainer in this course is agile coach Jimmy Janlén, with an unique experience in helping modern agile companies such as Spotify, Kry/Livi, Tibber, and many more, to discover how to make agile work at scale, beyond the agile transformation. With many stories and examples, he shares what he has learned about modern governance structures and ceremonies.

Even though we have autonomous self-organizing teams – they won’t be able to succeed in their missions without support. They need mechanisms to continuously resolve dependencies and impediments, as well as guidance in prioritization and alignment.

In this one full day training, we will inspect the heartbeats of an agile organization. We will discover the essential conversations that need to happen to enable and empower our agile teams to succeed in their mission and in their contributions to our shared collective goals. We will also discuss what makes us slow, preventing us from experiencing the promised benefits of agile.

What we will go through during the training

➡️Organisational Agility.  Common causes of slowness. Essential Conversation for the Agile org.

➡️Boundaries & Constraints. Alignment and Boundaries as Enablers. Fragmentation vs Standardization

➡️Strategic Alignment. Planning Horizons. OKRs. Other examples of strategic alignment frameworks. From Strategy to Backlog, Roadmap visualizations.

➡️Ceremonies & Habits. Clarity and Transparency on when what and whom. Support & Guidance. Sync & Coordination. Sharing & Mastery

➡️Visual Navigation. Organizational Maps. Transparency of Meetings & Rhythms


Who is this training for?

This course is for leaders and influencers on all organizational level, such as:

  • CxOs
  • Heads of Department/Area/Tribe
  • Engineering Managers. Product Managers, Product Owners.
  • Managers and leaders. 
  • Scrum Masters, Agile/Lean Coaches, Change Agents.

Prior Knowledge & Prerequisites

No prior knowledge is required. But knowledge about Scrum, or experience from working with agile teams, is a benefit.

3 for the price of 2

For all of Jimmy’s courses, you can redeem an offer where you get to send three participants for the price of two.


08.45 – 09.00 Technical check-in and coffee

12.00 – 13.00 Break for lunch

09.00 – 17.00 Training

More info

This training will be held in English and is conducted remotely over video using Zoom.
If you want to send your entire team to join this training, we also offer it a location that suits your needs.