Agile Procurement

– with validated business and product decisions and continuously learning.

When procuring solutions to complex problems and in complex situations, such as digitized solutions, Agile procurement is the key that enables suppliers to deliver successful solutions to the problem. We have worked with Agile development for over 15 years, and in the last 2,5 years we have focused on spreading knowledge about Agile procurement and Agile contracting in Sweden and Scandinavia. As a part of the network we have initiated a website,, collected success stories in written form as well as videos, we have also set up numerous of seminars, a Certified Agile Procurement training and two conferences in Copenhagen and Stockholm. All to spread the knowledge within procurement, both in the public sector as well as in the private, and build network with shared understanding around the topic.

If you are a supplier, a consultancy company doing Agile deliveries or a client purchasing complex software solutions we can help with coaching and training. You can also join the Agile contracts network to meet and talk to others in your situation and get coaching on specific topics. The network arranges meetups 4 times a year (in Stockholm, in Swedish). Dandy People is a co-creator of the network and driver of the initiatives. We will join the meetups as coaches and facilitators as well as invite other experts dependent on topic such as Upphandlingsmyndigheten and lawers with deep knowledge in LOU.

There are many benefits from Agile procurement:

  • Possibility to evaluate suppliers actual abilities to deliver valuable solutions, before signing a contract for delivery.
  • Creating a strong partnership between supplier and client through a common impact goal.
  • Minimizing risks of delivering the wrong solution by incremental (partial) deliveries.
  • Maximizing the impact (outcome) instead of number of features (output).
  • Possibility to end a project before deadline when the client is content with the result by create strong incentive to deliver earlier
  • Create transparency in the project with important discussions if you are delivering the right product, and keeping the door open to change the strategy during the project if you realize from new learnings your strategy and hypothesis was wrong.

How can we help you?

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