Product in Practice with Dandy People

A fresh approach to slicing value
Rachael Gibb Dandy People
Kari Kelly Dandy People

Welcome to Product in Practice with Rachael Gibb and Kari Kelly!

We will run the event in English.

Together we will put product theory into practice with our first session focusing on slicing for value. Participants will learn the importance of visualizing value, explore the benefits of slicing for value, and above all have an inspiring, fun and educational afternoon together. Product in Practice will continue at Dandy People’s creative setting.

Rachael Gibb and Kari Kelly will be hosting this event. Rachael is known for her work in product discovery and helping teams and Product Leaders align their goals with what is valuable, desirable, and feasible. She has vast experience working deep in technical platform teams, as well as with customer experience teams in organizations such as Spotify, Tele2, and Mentimeter. Kari brings perspective from her work in supporting traditional project-based companies that want to become more “product led” but don’t know where to start. She draws from her experience from If Insurance, EQT, and Bosch Siemens.

Slicing for Value – 29 November

You will get plenty of inspiration, tricks, and the opportunity to develop your own toolbox to visualise value with your product teams, stakeholders, and collaborators.

Target group: those in product roles such as Product Managers, Product Owners, Tech Leads, or those who want a fresh take on value đŸ€©

Prerequisites: we welcome people in product development from all levels of experience
Date: 29 November
Time: 13.30 – 16.30
AW: 16.30 + Onward
Price: Only 500kr
Location: Dandy People, HumlegÄrdsgatan 19A, floor 2, Stockholm


  • Why slice for value (even when you get pushback that you need to do all the work anyway, right?)
  • Ways to visualize value 
  • How to cut through the mess and make a prioritised plan (notice common pitfalls so you can take this back to your teams and use it successfully ASAP!)
  • When user stories make sense, when they don’t, and alternatives you can start applying today
  • Plus lots of real life examples, tips and tricks, and activities that put theory into practice at every step!

Warm welcome to you all!

Dandy People’s creative location

Our central workshop and training facilities that inspires to creativity and growth.

In the center of Stockholm you find our creative space of 100 sqm designed for Agile workshops, trainings, seminars, meetups and other activities to support fun and energizing growth. We offer our consultants, customers and partners to use our facilities and we also use it for our own activities within Dandy People.

The space is named Las Vegas, because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas 😉

The Las Vegas space is divided in two big rooms with a wall, but no doors in between. That is why both areas are always used by the same group at all times. One part, the SOCIAL SPACE, of about 50 sqm is designed with comfy sofas and chairs for about 20 people. And on the other side of the wall is the WORKSHOP SPACE. This space is dedicated for workshops, trainings and seminars and it is an open space about 50 sqm with flexible furniture to fit any purpose.

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