Agile WoW the Game – It’s not whether you Win or Lose, it’s How you Play the Game

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Not many people like being lectured. Not all people like being coached either. But everybody (yes, everybody!) likes games in one form or another. That’s why we’ve created an experienced-based free online game that teaches the basics of an agile way of working.

You can play it yourself or with up to four people, taking the part of a team member in an agile team working on a number of stories in a sprint.

The game introduces:

  • The look and purpose of a scrum board
  • How T-shaping improves your chances of succeeding
  • Why continuous improvements is a good thing in the long run
  • The general structure of a scrum sprint

How to play – the Quick Version

Go to and start playing!

How to play – Extended Version

1. Create an account at

It’s free and we’ve made an instruction video on how you set it up (because it’s frankly a bit trickier than it should be)

2. Get someone to play with

After creating a “room” you can send an invite code to other players who can join in (they need to create an account as well). Want a video on how to do that? Here you go!

3. Know the rules

Want to know the rules? Then, we’ve got you covered! The rules are available in the game but we made this how-to video just in case:

4. Start playing!

Go to and start playing!

Are you a Team Coach or an Agile Coach?

You can also take the role of a facilitator and play the game to train new agile teams about the basics or let it be the start of a discussion in a more mature team.

After finishing playing, run a retrospective. Follow up the usual “What could have we have done better?” and “What did we do well?” with “How does this compare with real life?” and “Do you work together like this in your teams?” and let the discussions flow.

Playing with people on the same team gets you comparisons to real life (and quite often “why don’t we work more together?”). People from different teams quickly get into comparing ways of working and exchanging ideas. All great stuff, and if you don’t have time to finish the game know that you’ve already won!

In order to create an experienced-based game, we have taken the liberty to simplify some things and we might not follow all the rules of Scrum. But if you are looking for the Scrum Guide you find the 2020 version here.

7 thoughts on “Agile WoW the Game – It’s not whether you Win or Lose, it’s How you Play the Game

  1. I tried it on Tabletopia, this is a nice game showing different aspects of agile day to day way of working. I would suggest one improvement about the difficulty of the game. You can pretty easily deliver all stories without having to share skills or invest in continuous improvement, which is really hard in the reality. I wonder if this could reinforce the avoidance of good practices usage for team learning the agile way of working.

    1. Hi Jonathan! Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I’ve played the game with different groups of people, and how the game goes varies wildly depending on the players mindset (or for that matter, if they’re used to playing board games). Also, the order of the daily events are random and, as in real life, affects the outcome.

      However, I’ve come to the same conclusion as you, that the difficulty should be ramped up a bit. I’ll let you know when I’ve adjusted it!

    1. Hi Stefan! The online game takes about 30-45 min to play, but you also want to add on the time for debreifing and perhaps some theory or so after the game.

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