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In this episode of Dandy Conversations I met up with the founder and CEO of Adventures with Agile (AWA) Simon Powers to talk about the values and purposes that drives their companies. We talk about how our work aims to changing mindsets, making people flourish and become their best and how we can support our customers to meet their goals and visions.

I first came to talk to Simon many years back when I first created the Agile in a Nutshell with the Agile Onion which is a creation by Simon, at least in the form that we have it in the poster with the arrow and the descriptions. I contacted him then to see if he was ok with me putting it in the poster – and he was 🙂

Today we both run successful Agile coaching agencies built on the same mindset, to collaborate and use the power of the network to help as many as possible get value from Agile.

The reason we recorded this video was to share our collaboration as companies more openly with the world. AWA have been running their fabulous Agile Coaching trainings with us at Dandy as their partner for Sweden for a few years already, and we are really happy for the collaboration since we know they deliver trainings in the same way we at Dandy do, with Training from Back of the Room and with trainers who themselves work with – and are experts within what they teach others. So no boring theory sessions, instead engaging, fun, deep insights and hands on learning.

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I detta avsnittet sÄ pratar 4 av vÄra kollegor om Tillitsbaserat Ledarskap, om vad det Àr, hur det hÀnger ihop med Agilt Ledarskap, vad det Àr i praktiken samt om vÄr meetup vi ska ha den 25/1 2022 som handlar om just Tillitsbaserat Ledarskap.

AnmÀl dig till vÄr Meetup om tillitsbaserat ledarskap och ledning dÀr vi tillsammans undersöker kopplingen till Agilt >

Om du vill lÀsa vÄrt blogginlÀgg om vÄr enkÀtundersökning gÀllande just Tillitsbaserat Ledarskap hittar du det materialet hÀr >

Glöm inte att prenumerera pÄ vÄr YouTube-kanal dÀr du kan hitta massa intressanta videos.

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In this episode of The Agile Weather Report we talk with Magnus Sedlacek about how they used the Buddy System at Ada Beat to create a flexible learning organisation.

If you want to read the blog post that gives you a bit more insight you find it here

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In this episode of The Agile Weather Report we talk about the future of Agile Teams in this new Remote and Co-located world.

Den hÀr inspelningen Àr pÄ Svenska. This episod is in Swedish.

If you want to watch the Pilot Episode you can find it here

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Ever wondered what the business impact would be of delivering continuously in small batches instead of everything in a big bang? Watch this video and reflect if you could benefit from delivering in an Agile way.

This video is produced as a part of our custom-made training materials in Dandy People Academy.

Visit our digital learning platform here: https://www.agileonlinetrainings.com/​

Our total learning offer here: https://dandypeople.com/training/

See more videos on our Youtube channel >

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February 2021 was an amazing month for the evolution of agility. As a celebration of the 20th birthday of the Agile Manifesto, there was a month-long, worldwide, free, virtual festival, started by Scott Seivwright. It was open to anyone to join in as a participant and speaker or to host any kind of virtual event, and it was totally self-managed and co-hosted by ambassadors across the world.

I was honored to be the Swedish ambassador

Together with my team at Dandy People, and particularly Patrik Ekstrand who worked full time on this, we supported people to set up talks and events and promote them to the audience. A really big thank you to all the great speakers and everyone who joined in making new friends, building relations, and shared learnings! We are already looking forward to the 2022 event 🙂

The Agile 20 Reflect Festival Videos

As the festival closed, it had over 700 sessions, with speakers ranging from first-timers to co-authors of the manifest. Here is the official Youtube channel for the Agile 20 Reflect festival > And below I have collected the sessions that we hosted and recorded. You also find them on the Dandy People Youtube channel >

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With The Agile Weather Report we want to give you the latest, most up to date look into our Agile Teams and share their current findings and learnings from the Agile World.

Den hÀr inspelningen Àr pÄ Svenska. This episod is in Swedish.

In this first episode, the Pilot episode, we talk about Remote Teams and share several great tips and tricks for making Remote Work run smoothly.

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This is an interview between Mia Kolmodin and Mattias Skarin on the basics of Agile Procurement and Agile Contracting.

Topics discussed

– When should you use Agile procurement?
– What are the different steps in an Agile procurement?
– How do you Agilize the process?
– Are there any successful examples?
– What are the most common pitfalls when getting started?
– How do you get started?

The founders of agilakontrakt.se

Mia and Mattias are the founders of agilakontrakt.se and on this website they have for about 5 years collected good examples and created tutorials and guides in order to support the agilization of the procurement process in Sweden.

They have also set up several conferences in the Nordics on this topic and hosted a network that meets 4 times a year and shares experiences to grow new capabilities within the public and private market in Agile procurement. Anyone is free to join this network, you find it on the website.

Here they have gathered the existing content in English: https://agilakontrakt.se/category/in-english/

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We feel honored to have been invited to the Hacking HR chapter in Sofia/Bulgaria 🧡 In this webinar Mia Kolmodin and Thomas Eklöf walk you through the new poster on Agile Recruiting to manage in VUCA.

Free download of the Agile Recruiting in a Nutshell poster

As always you can download the poster in high-resolution PDF for free >

We are also looking into running a second webinar before Christmas, but this time perhaps in Swedish 🇾đŸ‡Ș Please let us know if you are interested.

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Inspelningen Àr frÄn DIs HR-dag den 30 september 2020 pÄ Grand Hotel i Stockholm och online.

HÀr delar Mia Kolmodin pÄ 15 minuter med sig hur Agila metoder kan anvÀndas av HR för stötta organisationer att transformera sitt eget arbetssÀtt, samt stötta organisationen i en Agil transformation för att att leverera rÀtt vÀrde vid rÀtt tidpunkt. Mia rör ocksÄ Àmnen som Agilt Ledarskap, Agila Team och Agila tankesÀtt och ger dig 5 nycklar till en lyckad Agil Evolution.

LÀs mer om hur Dandy People kan hjÀlpa er att nÄ era mÄl med Agila arbetssÀtt och mindset: https://agile.dandypeople.com/dihr/

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Ämnet för Ă„rets DI HR-konferens Ă€r mĂ€nniskor och kultur med mycket Agilt fokus.

För att hantera den ovÀntade situationen har mÄnga företag nu snabbt tvingats att digitalisera mÄnga av sina arbetssÀtt, och kanske Àven att till viss del agilisera sig.

Vi ser Ànnu tydligare Àn tidigare hur viktigt det Àr att inte hÄlla fast vid lÄnga detaljerade planer, utan att i stÀllet snabbt stÀlla om och möjliggöra för medarbetare och korsfunktionella team att fatta snabba beslut baserat pÄ nya insikter för att lösa komplexa problem pÄ bÀsta möjliga sÀtt.

HR spelar en mycket viktig roll för att möjliggöra en Agil transformation med snabbare leveranser, mer fokus pÄ löpande innovation, teamarbete och strategisk flexibilitet. Med en mer snabbrörlig teambaserad organisation gÀller det för HR att bland annat sluta arbeta med lÄngsamma Ärliga cykler, som HR-hjulet, och i stÀllet leverera förbÀttringar oftare, att prototypa och bygga in ett lÀrande i arbetssÀtten för att förbÀttra medarbetarupplevelsen och minska ledtider, att hitta nya samarbetsformer och arbeta korsfunktionellt att stÀlla om frÄn ett individbaserat synsÀtt till fokus pÄ teamet.

Nycklarna till en lyckad agil transformation, 20 min förelÀsning online

Mia gÄr med hjÀlp av inslag frÄn praktiska case igenom de största strukturella förÀndringarna som ledning och HR behöver göra för att skapa förutsÀttningar för en teambaserad och snabbrörlig organisation och möjliggöra en lyckad Agil transformation.

DI HR’s heldagskonferens 2020 direktsĂ€nds frĂ„n Grand Hotel i Stockholm.

PÄ grund av situationen med Corona sÄ livesÀnds konferensen och Mias förelÀsning digitalt. Som besökare kommer du ocksÄ att ha möjlighet att möta oss pÄ Dandy People digitalt, stÀlla frÄgor till Mia och vÄra andra Agila experter, samt ta del av vÄrt coaching och utbildningsmaterial kring Agil HR, ledarskap, Business Agility och Agil transformation.

Boka din biljett och se agendan hÀr >

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In this webinar we share our own story of what Agile has meant for u as individuals and our career. We talk about why Agility is needed today, and what a Learning Organization is and how it can support Business Agility. We also share some tips and tools you can use in your work as well as a glimpse of what it means to be an Agile Team and how you can become an Agile Transformational Leader. You will also gain an understanding of the content of the Online Agile Trainings from Dandy People.

A new live session of this webinar will come, but until then you can enjoy the recorded version here.

You will also gain an understanding of the content of the Online Agile Trainings from Dandy People.

Visit our online training center here to access the online trainings that are part of the webinar: https://www.agileonlinetrainings.com/

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In this webinar, Mia will share ideas and examples that enable Agile change and Agile ways of working, making any organization high performing by removing hindering structures and empowering the employees to deliver customer- and employee value.

In the world of today speed and flexibility is even more important than ever before. Unfortunately, this is the opposite of what our organizations have been constructed for.

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Det hÀr Àr en inspelning av det webinar som vi höll den 2a april med ca 75 deltagare.

April 15 I will do this webinar in English too, please join that here if you are interested >

In this presentation, Mia will share ideas and examples that enable Agile change and Agile ways of working, making any organization high performing by removing hindering structures and empowering the employees to deliver customer- and employee value.

In the world of today speed and flexibility is even more important than ever before. Unfortunately, this is the opposite of what our organizations have been constructed for.

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Webinar med Joaquim Linder frÄn MittMedia/Bonnier News och Mia Kolmodin som facilititator.

SjÀlva webinaret startar 09:00

I mĂ„nga organisationer Ă€r det svĂ„rt och stökigt att jobba med KPIer pĂ„ ett effektivt sĂ€tt. KĂ€nner du igen dig i att olika delar av organisationen har olika KPIer (Key Performance Indicators), som ofta mĂ€ter det som ”ser bra ut” i stĂ€llet för vad som egentligen Ă€r viktigt, som kanske drar Ă„t olika hĂ„ll, och ingen agerar pĂ„ vad de visar?

Om man har ambitionen att skapa en Agil organisation sÄ kan det hÀr vara en viktig systemförÀndring som behöver ske för att lÄsa upp organisationen ur dödlÀget som ofta finns och möjliggöra samarbete och iterativt arbete tvÀrs över hela organisationen. VÀlkommen pÄ en djupdykning in i mÀtbarhetens hÀrliga vÀrld. LÀr dig hur rÀtt KPIer kan hjÀlpa er att nÄ visionen genom att möjliggöra effektiva leveranser pÄ strategin.

Joaquim Linder Àr ansvarig pÄ MittMedia för att tydliggöra strategier och göra dem tydliga och möjliga att agera pÄ för de Agila teamen. Hans passion för att leverera kund- och affÀrsnytta har lett honom till att lÀra sig allt om hypotesdriven utveckling, KPIer och experimenterande i stÀllet för att leverera lÀtta men ineffektiva lösningar. I den hÀr sessionen kommer Joaquim att dela med sig av lÀrdomar, tankesÀtt och metoder som du sjÀlv kan anvÀnda för att aligna organisationen, se sanningen och leverera det som skapar vÀrde tillsammans.

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This spring I had the great pleasure to jon the ACE! 2019 conference in Cracow as one of the speakers. It was the 10th anniversary of the conference with over 500 people joining from many different countries. This is a true role model for modern conferences where they have focused on diversity and customer experience in many different ways. They are supporting all speakers paying their travel and hotel costs if their companies does not – or you can choose to pay for your self and become a sponsor for the conference, what a great idea! I bring with me their truly inspiring and nice way to handle these things. As a speaker it was also amazing to meet the other speakers, organizers and visitors in the different socializing activities they had planned. One of the fun activities except for the actual conference it self was the open “dinner with friends” that they had arranged where anyone who wanted could join in at different restaurants each night.

My talk “Customer focus and Agile Mindset”

With customer expectation changing rapidly and an increasing demand for better digital products and services organizations need to find new ways to work an organize them self to be able to deliver customer value more frequently. To manage this, there is need for change in mindset in management and a strategic leadership decision. This seminar is directed to curious leaders who want to support customer focus. I will talk you through trends and strategies in how to organize and lead customer focused product organizations in a way to enable brain power in cross functional and autonomous teams that faster can deliver products and services that creates expected business impact.

I will also show models for how organizations can work structured with innovation and customer focus to choose to become a shark and not a snail, and real examples from this type of transformation from different type of businesses and organization.

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Why Agile – in a Nutshell Video

This video covers the value of working agile, some of the differences between the traditional plan driven ways of working and Agile as well as key principles. All this to make your organization adapt quickly to meet new customer needs.

The content of this video is part of the poster “Agile in a Nutshell” which you can download for free and use in your daily work. The poster has been translated to many different languages and has now over 45.000 downloads.

Ways of Working Agile – in a Nutshell Video

This video covers some of the key koncepts of ways of working agile as presented in the Agile in a Nutshell poster. Why competences are more important than traditional roles, the concept of T-shape and how it helps the team collaborate and build innovative and high quality solutions, how we find value together in a x-functional team as well as key principles och Lean UX and Modern Agile. All this to make your organization adapt quickly to meet new customer needs. The content of this video is part of the poster “Agile in a Nutshell” which you can download for free and use in your daily work. The poster has been translated to many different languages and has now over 45.000 downloads.


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The speed of change today is extremely high as well as complexity, but our organizations and the way we manage it was invented for very different times – 100 years ago. The performance of traditional organizations are decreasing dramatically due to this discrepancy. For organizations to be able to adapt and find new flexible ways of thinking and working to deliver value a human view is key. To enable this HR and Finance must join forces and work in collaboration to change the system dramatically. Only then will organizations survive.

Don’t miss this new unique and important workshop
In the workshop you will learn how to enable business Agility through HR and Finance. This workshop is both inspirational with a lot of new thinking and cases, but you will also get to do hands on practical exercises on how to change the system together.

Join us in Stockholm at Dandy People on February 20 or April 11! Sign up and read more here >

Interview about how to enable Business Agility through HR and Finance (18 min)

This video is a short walkthrough of some of the core concepts behind the work Pia-Mia, Inspiration Director and Agile People Coach at Agile People and Bjarte Bogsnes, Chairman of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table, are doing and also part of the 1 day Workshop “Enabling Business Agility through Finance and HR” that you can read more about here >

You should join
Any Manager, Finance and HR people, as well as Agile Coaches or Change Leaders.


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Projekt Elmarknadshubben – Erfarenheter av agil upphandling ur bĂ„de kundens och leverantörens perspektiv. Det hĂ€r Ă€r en presentation frĂ„n konferensen “Agile Procurement for Business Agility” 2018 som Dandy People var medskapare till för Agilakontrakt.se.

Om förelÀsningen
NĂ€r Svenska kraftnĂ€t skulle upphandla en systemutvecklingsleverantör valde man att göra det pĂ„ ett nytt och spĂ€nnande sĂ€tt – en Agil upphandling. Under presentationen berĂ€ttar vi: Vad fick Svenska kraftnĂ€t att vĂ€lja att genomföra en icke traditionell upphandling, hur utvĂ€rderades leverantörernas kompetens och förmĂ„ga och vad var Svenska kraftnĂ€ts och den valda leverantörens utmaningarna och lĂ€rdomar av upphandlingen. (more…)

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On the Agile contracting conference 2018 Maria Izzo presented how iZettle – Using Agile Contracting, went from idea to improving business in 6 months.

Salesforce was implemented globally to handle automated marketing, and Maria was responsible for the implementation.

Dandy People is part of agilakontrakt.se and co-hosts of the conference.

Description of the talk

Maria Izzo, Automation Lead at iZettle, talks about how they refactored their CRM system merging two off-the-shelf solutions using Agile Contracting. These tools enabled them to go from idea, to working solutions in just 6 months. An interesting aspect of the challenge is that this involved updating critical business processes, around the globe.

About Maria
Maria Izzo is the Automation Lead at iZettle. The multifaceted nature of her background tells the story of a person who loves to learn, be curious and see the world. Her dream is to live in a world where humans can spend most of their time traveling, thinking, creating and exploring.

This is what inspires her every day to act upon the closest small-scale environment at hand – work – and strive toward simplifying and innovating small and big things whenever there is the opportunity.

She has found purpose in working hard to make processes easier, enable people to focus on what matters the most at work and decrease wastes of time spent on redundant, frustrating, unnecessary tasks.

View all the videos (in English) from all presentation on agilakontrakt.se >

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I vĂ„ras blev jag inbjuden att medverka som talare pĂ„ Agila Örebro. Det var ett vĂ€ldigt trevligt event med massor av intressanta talare och deltagare frĂ„n regionen, men ocksĂ„ frĂ„n andra delar av Sverige.

NÀr kunderna krÀver bÀttre digitala tjÀnster och produkter behöver företagen hitta nya sÀtt att organisera sig för att snabbare leverera kundnytta. Gör man inte det riskerar man att bli omsprungen av snabbare konkurrenter. För att lyckas med detta krÀvs medvetenhet hos ledning och ett strategiskt ledningsbeslut. Den hÀr förelÀsningen riktar sig till nyfikna ledare som vill möjliggöra kundfokus och innovation.


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Den Agila upphandlingskonferensen Lyckade upphandlingar
Den 21a februari höll vi vĂ„r andra konferens, “Lyckade upphandlingar” för att sprida ljus över hur vi kan upphandla Agil utveckling Ă€ven inom LOU. Förra vĂ„ren anordnade vi (agilakontrakt.se) en konferens i Köpenhamn och nu var vi i Stockholm. Vi blev ganska precis 50 taggade personer, bĂ„de jurister, kunder i offentlig sektor, folk frĂ„n upphandlingsmyndigheten (yes!), leverantörer och konsulter som hade samlats för att bli inspirerade, dela med sig och ta del av erfarenheter och kunskap kring Agil upphandling.

Först vill jag bara sĂ€ga att anledningen till att jag engagerar mig i den hĂ€r frĂ„gan inte alls Ă€r att jag kan upphandling – eller LOU, men dĂ€remot har jag lĂ„ng erfarenhet av hur man med Lean UX och Agil metodik skapar digitala tjĂ€nster och produkter som löser riktiga problem, och det Ă€r den möjligheten jag vill skapa – speciellt nĂ€r det gĂ€ller stora komplexa lösningar dĂ€r det verkar omöjligt för mĂ„nga i dag att göra rĂ€tt. Jag ser Ă„r ut och Ă„r in alldeles för mĂ„nga upphandlingar göras i dag i Sverige dĂ€r man inte ger projektet eller programmet den möjligheten, möjligheten att hitta och förstĂ„ vad de verkliga behoven och problemen Ă€r och tillsammans lösa dom. Jag har sjĂ€lv blivit drabbad av den typen av projekt, Ă€ven lyckats vĂ€nda ett par av dom till att faktiskt fĂ„ arbeta Agilt och leverera vĂ€rde. Men det Ă€r frustrerande, vĂ€ldigt frustrerande, och vĂ€ldigt, vĂ€ldigt kostsamt och onödigt. (more…)

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Nyckeln till en lyckad upphandling Àr ett Agilt upphandlingsförfarande som lÀgger tonvikten pÄ anvÀndarcentrerad utveckling och mÀtbara effektmÄl. SÄ gÄr det tyvÀrr vÀldigt sÀllan till i verkligheten, Àr du intresserad av att veta mer ska du se filmen, och lÀsa bloggposten.

Jag har som flera av er sÀkert vet engagerat mig under ca 2,5 Är tillsammans med ett par kollegor för att lyfta frÄgan kring hur en bra upphandling skulle kunna genomföras inom LOU för att ge möjlighet till bÀttre leveranser som löser riktiga problem och skapar önskad effekt. Framför allt har det hÀr arbetet inneburit att vi har letat upp ett antal lyckade exempel frÄn offentlig sektor dÀr man har upphandlat Agilt och fÄtt lyckade leveranser i tid och pÄ budget. Det har varit svÄra exempel att hitta, bÄde pÄ grund av att dom tyvÀrr Àr alldeles (pÄ tok) för fÄ, och att man tydligen inte riktigt kÀnner sig trygg i att berÀtta HUR man gjorde upphandlingen.

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I gĂ„r kom det in en förfrĂ„gan om en analys frĂ„n Öresundskraft till min Facebooksida, Forum för Digital Design. Öresundskraft undrar om vi tycker att deras nya webbtjĂ€nst Ă€r bra och lĂ€ttanvĂ€nd. JĂ€ttekul förfrĂ„gan, som mĂ„ste undersökas pĂ„ en gĂ„ng sĂ„ klart!

HÀr Àr sidan vi testar: http://www.oresundskraft.se/teckna-elavtal/

Film nummer 1 – ca 12 minuter


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