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In this episode of The Agile Weather Report we talk about the future of Agile Teams in this new Remote and Co-located world.

If you want to watch the Pilot Episode you can find it here

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With The Agile Weather Report we want to give you the latest, most up to date look into our Agile Teams and share their current findings and learnings from the Agile World.

In this first episode, the Pilot episode, we talk about Remote Teams and share several great tips and tricks for making Remote Work run smoothly.

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“-With my style of clothing and your company name, we would be a match made in heaven.” That is a paraphrase of my first comment on The Dandy People Instagram, sometime in 2019.

The Dandy Intro Package arrived a few days ago. Some fun and interesting books to start the journey right. And stickers of course.

And that’s how my journey began really, because after that I just started reading up on them on their webpage, finding what I thought, a company that encapsulated everything I had thought about and looked for without even knowing it. I barely knew what Agile was back then but when I found out about the Agile Mindset everything fell into place. I instantly felt at home in the Agile world because I already had the Mindset without even knowing there was a name for it. 

So, I signed up for everything Dandy People; their webinars, going over their awesome “-In a Nutshell” posters, and some of their courses. And read A LOT of books!

Then I had my first zoom-call with Mia Kolmodin and the week after that, Corona hit – and everything closed down. So we had put it on hold.