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“-With my style of clothing and your company name, we would be a match made in heaven.” That is a paraphrase of my first comment on The Dandy People Instagram, sometime in 2019.

The Dandy Intro Package arrived a few days ago. Some fun and interesting books to start the journey right. And stickers of course.

And that’s how my journey began really, because after that I just started reading up on them on their webpage, finding what I thought, a company that encapsulated everything I had thought about and looked for without even knowing it. I barely knew what Agile was back then but when I found out about the Agile Mindset everything fell into place. I instantly felt at home in the Agile world because I already had the Mindset without even knowing there was a name for it. 

So, I signed up for everything Dandy People; their webinars, going over their awesome “-In a Nutshell” posters, and some of their courses. And read A LOT of books!

Then I had my first zoom-call with Mia Kolmodin and the week after that, Corona hit – and everything closed down. So we had put it on hold.

I Kept The Dandy Spirit Alive

We still kept in touch and I was a member of The Dandy Book Club so I got some Dandy feeling every Monday. I also did my PSM 1 during the summer. 

In the Agile world things happen quickly, so let’s jump to December 2020 when Mia asked me if I wanted to come work part-time as a “behind the scenes”-person and I jumped at the opportunity, and of course said yes.

A couple of weeks later it turned out to be full-time instead and I got instantly thrown into all the action. 

My First Day as a Dandy – in Sweatpants

It was a new and interesting feeling having my first day at work being at home, working remotely in sweatpants and a hoodie. But the Dandy team did all they could to make me feel welcome and the notifications from the Slack channel kept ringing all day. 

I instantly felt the nice warm and caring spirit and got the right amount of things to do and learn and I really feel like a Dandy already. The first days were a bit overwhelming (of course!) but everyone reached out offering help and support with my first task as coordinator for the Agile 20Reflect Festival. 

The Team Feeling

What I’ve noticed and something that really sets Dandy apart in my mind from other consultancy agencies, is the strong team-spirit and that we really work as a team – with clients and in-house. Another thing I appreciate is the Buddy system we have. I have already learned a lot from my buddy, and new friend, Paolo.

So, in short I’m very glad to be part of the Dandy team and look forward to everything else that comes my way and any new things I can learn. 

Everything is possible with a laptop and a company tattoo.

So, What’s Next?

Things happen fast in an Agile world, something I imagine a lot of you have noticed first hand in the past year or so. After February Agile20Reflect will be done and I will transition to focus on other things here at Dandy. Mainly Team Coaching and Facilitation.

In short: If your company needs help and want to talk more about the possibility of having me coaching your Team and help you with meeting and workshop facilitation, please let me know!

And, if you are at the beginning of your Agile journey, and want to level up your Agile skills – join any of the trainings we offer.

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