Join us in reading “Human kind: A Hopeful History” in The Dandy Book Club

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So, it is time for a new book in the Dandy Book Club and the next book up is “Humankind: A Hopeful History” by Rutger Bregman.

Books we have read until now

We have just finished reading the current book, “Humanocracy”, and as usual we face the nice task of choosing the next one. So how do we actually select which books to read and discuss, and why have we chosen this next one you might ask?

Well, the first book for the book club was “Reinventing Organizations”, when participants wanted to read this particular book and had suggested doing a book club specifically for that. But how do you continue when you already have a book club? We have done it differently.

The participants have brought up different suggestions, and then we have voted and started to read the selected book. This is really the way to do it if you are a stable team, or a group of people that in some other way are connected to each other. 

However, The Dandy Book Club is not set up that way. Anyone can join and leave at any time. No fees, no obligations. Everyone is there for the learning, for the networking, and because it’s an inspiring relaxing time together with people sharing similar values. After some weeks we also realized that people voting for a certain book, had for different reasons left the book club. So, are the people still here interested in reading what was voted for?

The next time we chose two books, “Doing Agile Right” and “Turn the Ship Around”. Two really good books! But maybe this was a bit too ambitious. At this time, most people were back to business again after the major break caused by Corona. Adapting to the new circumstances, working from home, we were still longing for the possibility to meet others. So at the end of the period, we ended up only discussing the first book. Conclusion: One book was enough for our Book Club.

The latest book “Humanocracy” was chosen from within Dandy, with short notice. We are a group with well experienced Agile Coaches, most of us like to read. And this was a new book, many of us got curious about it. It worked fine. More people in the community were interested.

How did you come up with the latest book?

So now, to choose our next book, I teamed up with Patrik Ekstrand, who has been part of the Book Club since the beginning, and now is a new member of the Dandy Team,  in a brainstorming session to come up with the next book. We wanted something different than before. Something that would be interesting for people in the Agile Community, but not another book about “how to do” Agile. Something that offers another perspective. Something that could bring hope and optimism to us. We had picked some suggested books and were to present them to the book club. But, we only came to presenting this one, since everyone got so curious and happy about it!  🙂

Have a look at the video with the author, Rutger Bregman, and you will hopefully understand why

Would you like to join us in the Dandy Book Club?! 

Just join our slack-workspace “Coffee Coaching” and the channel “Book Club” (link below). You will get the Zoom-link for each session there.

We meet on Mondays at 4 pm CET. And we will start with “Humankind” on February 8. Until then we are supposed to have read the preface.

Everyone, regardless of previous Agile experience is Welcome!!!

This is the link to the Slack channel

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