VIDEO – iZettle on Agile procurement – 6 months from idea to improving business with Salesforce

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On the Agile contracting conference 2018 Maria Izzo presented how iZettle – Using Agile Contracting, went from idea to improving business in 6 months.

Salesforce was implemented globally to handle automated marketing, and Maria was responsible for the implementation.

Dandy People is part of and co-hosts of the conference.

Description of the talk

Maria Izzo, Automation Lead at iZettle, talks about how they refactored their CRM system merging two off-the-shelf solutions using Agile Contracting. These tools enabled them to go from idea, to working solutions in just 6 months. An interesting aspect of the challenge is that this involved updating critical business processes, around the globe.

About Maria
Maria Izzo is the Automation Lead at iZettle. The multifaceted nature of her background tells the story of a person who loves to learn, be curious and see the world. Her dream is to live in a world where humans can spend most of their time traveling, thinking, creating and exploring.

This is what inspires her every day to act upon the closest small-scale environment at hand – work – and strive toward simplifying and innovating small and big things whenever there is the opportunity.

She has found purpose in working hard to make processes easier, enable people to focus on what matters the most at work and decrease wastes of time spent on redundant, frustrating, unnecessary tasks.

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