Live Webinar Recording – How an Agile Coach applies Leadership as an officer in the UA Army

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Listen to Dmytro Yarmak as he shares his story about how he became an officer in the Ukrainian Army, leading 150 men, and how he has taking on that role and huge responsibility.

By using Agile principles and ways of working he has managed to move from being reactive as a leader, to proactive. Dmytro has been able to build an amazing culture of autonomy, responsibility and humanity as well as building up skills for people new to war and survival (as almost all were).

It is a really strong story about chaos, bravery, humanity and leadership in extreme VUCA that he shares. A big thank you to our hero Dmytro Yarmak for sharing this with us live from the war ❤️ and even making us smile and laugh (!!) ☺️ What an humbling experience for all of us 🙏

Please consider donating to support the Ukrainian Army in the war against Russia: for donations to the army. for helping the volonteers organization who support the army with drone and other important materials.

Also, feel free to share this video ❤️🙏

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