Recording from Webinar may 29, 2024 – You Get What You’re Organized for

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Organizations and teams today are under pressure to organize in a way that shortens time to deliver, accelerates innovation, lowers development cost, and increases operational efficiency. Since “You get what you organized for”, it’s important to take the time to choose which principles you want to guide your efforts. By using a set of proven Agile Organizational Design Principles, you can increase the odds of becoming faster to learn and quicker to deliver.

And the interesting question is: What can we learn from looking at how restaurants are organized and how they function?

In this webinar Kari Kelley guides us through three critical Agile design principles that can help provide a systemic approach for pushing decision-making power into the organization to help increase speed to deliver customer value faster and more accurate. She also shares learnings from a case where they were able to increase transparancy and amp up on promised delivery by 80%.

You find the presentation as pdf here:

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