Agile Pattern Cards – for Successful Agile Change – 5 pack


Cards visualizing the patterns that we have seen to be the most important to succeed with Agile transformation and scaling Agile organizations.

Number of card decks: 5
Number of cards: 33 cards in total in one deck
Size per deck: 100 x 90 mm
Quality: Exclusive Quality, Thick Cards with Soft Finish
Shipping cost: Free
Shipping time: 1-2 weeks


The different cards are visualizing patterns that we have seen to be the most important to succeed with Agile transformation and scaling Agile organizations.

Many times while coaching people we want to be able to quickly give people new perspectives, food for thought and bring people together around shared understandings and common goals. Thats why we created these pattern cards for successful Agile transformation, to enable engaging discussions.

Suggestion of how to use the pattern cards

You can probably use them in many different ways. Here is how we have used them with leadership teams most of the times.

Group people in smaller groups, 3-5 people. Give them a time box of 10-15 min to prioritize the 5 cards they find would bring the most value to focus on in the next period (3 – 6 months perhaps).

As always the discussions that are taking place are the most important thing, so try to walk around and listen in to what they are saying.

Ask them to add a sticky note to their prioritized cards with a short description to what problem they will adress with that specific pattern.

You can also ask them to pick the top 3 things they are already doing well in, if there is time.

When all groups are done you can ask them to share their prioritization, what problem they will solve with each pattern, shortly how they resonated and if it was difficult to agree and prioritize.

This could be a kick start to defining what problems you want to adress going Agile, or just to get people interested in learning more about what could be important to succeed when doing Agile transformations. It’s usually a great conversation starter that sparks interest in learning more – and that could be all we need sometimes to get on the right path 🙂

We´ve noticed that the discussions between people from different organizations around these cards could be interesting too. Different organizations have different needs and situations, and the discussions may broaden horizons.

Pattern Cards for Agile Change

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