Agile Advent calendar wrap up 2021

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Since we like to have fun and laugh here at Dandy People we did an Agile Advent Calendar last year full of Agile inspired Dad Jokes, so if you missed it we have the wrap up for you here.

December 1

Cycle time is a measure of the elapsed time when work starts on a product or feature until it’s ready for delivery. Cycle time tells how long (in calendar time) it takes to complete the product, also including non value adding time (waiting time).

Thanks to our Dandys Rachael Gibb for the idea, and to Mia Kolmodin for the modelling 👏

December 2

Thanks to our Dandy Robert Nordh for the idea

December 3

In todays Agile Advent Calendar, December 3rd, we can see that Astrid Lindgren was before her time putting a LACE team in her movie Ronja the robbers daughter ☃️

The goblins are saying “Why, why are they (you) doing like this” not so unlike us Agile coaches 🎥

Thanks to our Dandy Robert Nordh for the idea that got tweaked (just a tiny bit) by Mia Kolmodin 

We wish you all a Dandy Friday and looking forward to seeing you on Monday again continuing the Agile Advent Calendar 

December 6

In todays Agile Advent Calendar we share a visual of a SAFe Certification that is stepping out in the snow – in Swedish it says ”Oh, no! The certification has expired” – because expired and ”went out” is the same in Swedish… ❄️

A certification should be a proof for myself and others, that I participated and gained knowledge during a training. But when we have to pay to keep the certification over time, then we are in big trouble.

Instead we need a growth mindset, be curious, experiment, act based on Agile values and care about the people around us and we will grow far, far beyond that certification.

December 7

In todays Agile Advent Calendar, December 7th, we see how an hiring situation can look with an Agile Coach.

Since our job is to improve the system and the capabilities of the people, and we almost always have to start with the system to increase the outcome of the organization – we often need tactics to be able to remove hinders in the system. One tactic often used by both Agile Coaches, and others to succeed, is gaming the system. 👾

But once the gaming has given impact it is time to make the change stick and do the real system change wich can be as small as managing to get security to go along with buying licences for Mural the ”right” way to enable people to collaborate to be productive, or changing the budgeting process not to force Product owners and teams to commit 1 year ahead and constantly fail in delivering on that ”promise”

December 8

December 9

December 10

December 13

Knock, knock…. Who is there in todays Agile Advent Calendar?

Today we also wish you all a wonderful Lucia that we in Sweden 🇸🇪 celebrate today. Lucia that origins from Italy 🇮🇹 and bring the lights at a very dark time of the year 🕯

If you know our own Kari Kelly you know that she brings light to everyone, every day.💡😀

December 14

Let todays Agile Advent Calendar remind us all of what we don’t want for next year, and help us come up with tactics how to do more value based conversations, collaborations and focus time. ☃️🧑🏻‍🎄

We can probably all recognize ourself in this management charactar with the full calendar and how it feels like you get nothing done even though you are sooo busy.

And if you are a manager, lets help everyone else not to get here 🙏

December 15

December 16

December 17

December 20

In todays Agile Advent Calendar we meet the Agile coach who took on the head of Agile role in a traditional organization.

As our role as Agile coaches are to enable change and improvements in the organization we might not always be the most popular people. Our work might trigger some less positive sides of those people who rather keep the old ways of command and control leadership and other non agile activities that made them successful previously.

December 21

In todays Agile Advent Calendar we who have been Product Owners might know what feelings go through this soon to become Product Owner’s head.

🔴🟢And those of us who have watched the Squid Game know that those eyes of the doll can help the Product Owner to use the mandate that should come with the role to say no, kill, and throw away what doesn’t bring value, and support the team and organization to deliver customer value.

Squid Game:

December 22

December 23

In todays Agile Advent Calendar we meet the Agile Coach with her seal of approval.

In recent years the need for understanding what is right or not seem to have grown dramatically increasing sales of agile trainings with seals of approval. Perhaps this seal will be the upcoming trend in 2022?

December 24

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us at Dandy People to all our friends, and soon to become friends too! 🎅🏼🎁🎄 

Todays final Agile Advent Calendar is a ”dad” joke just in Swedish… and one that doesen’t translate well – but we promise, it is funny once you get it 😆

Thanks for sharing all the laughter with us in this years calendar and we hope to see you during 2022.

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