Agile in a Nutshell poster – Translated to Spanish

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A few days ago I received my free Agile in a Nutshell poster translated to Spanish. I’m so happy to receive all the feedback and help that I have done with this poster. Hope you all enjoy it too 🙂

Resume Agile – Spanish translation
Resume Agile - Spanish translation

Thank you Juan Carlos Perez Amin!

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2 thoughts on “Agile in a Nutshell poster – Translated to Spanish

  1. A small but I think important mistake:
    The correct translation of “What we don’t know we don’t know” would be “Lo que no sabemos que no sabemos”.
    There are some other minor typos, but they do not affect the meaning like this one.
    Example of the minor ones: “Porque Agile” should be “Por quĂ© Agile”
    Anyway, thanks to Juan Carlos for the translation that makes this easier to share with some colleagues.

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