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Many organizations are in need of leveraging Agile across the organization to improve collaboration, shorten lead times and improve quality. One great way to do that is to use Agile online trainings and facilitate the learning journey in different ways and embedding learning in your every-day work.

Since we will only get the impact of doing trainings when people actually use their learnings, starting to act and think differently all online trainings should focusing on driving curiosity, shared learnings and action.

To support organizations in tactics on how to engage and activate people through online trainings we created this poster that shows some ideas on how you can enable continuous learning and growth.

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Strategies of how to enable continuous learning in the organization

Making the content available on mobile platforms as well as laptops, makes it accessible at all times in smaller micro-learning snippets, collections of content or guided curriculum. Videos between 1-5 minutes, articles and guides are all easy to digest and at the same time offering food for thought.

Asyncron Courses
Without a start or stop date, the content can be used and shared over and over again, by everyone. The curriculum forming the trainings can preferably be offered to everyone in the organization, making it easier to build a common understanding with a shared language.

Evergreen Training
Sometimes it might be good to set a start date and drip new content every week. This is good when you want people to take a training and learn together, or when you want to do facilitated events or use them as blended learning.

Blended Learning & Train the Trainer
With the online trainings from Dandy People, we can train people to become Agile coaches and trainers and use it for blended learning. Growing your internal Agile coaching competence is part of becoming an Agile organization.

Learning Buddies
This is a structured way to enable collaboration and learnings across the organization. By connecting people in triads and building clusters of buddies and facilitators across the organization you create a safe environment and enable people to start to using their learnings and enable business Agility. By starting to training facilitators and then having them train in buddy pairs you exponentially grow the knowledge in the organization. The online training material enables this in a simple and practical way.

A Buddy System is a great way to create a dynamic and flexible structure across the organization that can be used for many things such as learning, problem-solving, change, and implementation. The positive side effect is that people from across the organization start to know each other which helps them to solve problems together.

Agile Coaches Toolbox
In the end, the content in the Dandy People online trainings is part of the Agile Coaches toolbox. These are some of Dandy Peoples best coaching-tools that we use in our daily work, crafted to support growth, collaboration, innovation, and change. You can use them too, and by leading people through these tools in their learning journey they know where to find them, and how to use them.

The Organizational Agile Program

The Dandy People Online Training’s are designed to cover the full spectrum from mindset, values, and principles to tools and practices, giving your people the understanding of why and how, and the tools to start being agile.

The Organizational Agile Program gives everyone in the organization access to the online Agile Trainings from Dandy People. All to enable organizational Agility and change across the organization. We gladly help you facilitate the learning journey remotely or on-site to support your success.

In challenging times like this, it is often wise to focus on learning and innovation to make sure you have the best possible situation once the market is stabilized again. Just like Scania or Ericsson who previously in challenging times put up to 60% of their workforce time into learning.

Read more about the Agile Online Trainings here.

Contact us for more information about the Organizational Agile Program and to get support in your Agile learning and change journey.

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