Next book in Dandy Book Club: Humanocracy!

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Each week we meet to discuss a book. We meet for 45 minutes to focus on a chapter. No strict agenda. Those times I didn’t manage to read the chapter, I can listen to those that did that and learn a lot anyway. Sometimes someone brings up a challenge, and then we end up discussing that as well to help each other. 

It is nice to have a very casual conversation with other people. We don’t have the same employer, we don’t have the same office, role, or work situation. But we share the same interest in supporting organizations into a mind-shift change. A change where people and teams will have more space to use their skills and creativity to make great things happen. Great things for both companies, society, and the planet that we so urgently need.

To make this change we need to be stronger. Not individually, but together. This strength is within the network, based on connections, relations and the inspiration we get from each other.

The book club is one way to strengthen this network, and I feel a bit richer, wiser, and stronger after each week.

Beginning November we are to start with our fifth book in the Dandy Book Club. This time we will read and discuss “Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People inside them” by Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini.  We will start by reading the preface.

Would you like to join us?! Please do by joining our slack-workspace and join the channel “#BookClub” There you will get the Zoom-link to join and all information about time and date.

5 thoughts on “Next book in Dandy Book Club: Humanocracy!

    1. Thanks Astrid for telling that! We have had that problem before with slack. Will look into that problem, and I will come back as soon as possible. Hopefully it will get solved today!

  1. Not a Comment but Clarification Please 🙂

    Hello Bodil,

    Is your book club in Swedish or English?

    If it is in English, can you invite me to your slack workspace?

    1. Hi EleoNora! Thank you for the question 🙂 The group adjusts to whatever language is needed. And all books are in English 🙂

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