The Dandy People Agile Advent Calendar

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At Dandy People we love to share our work with others, it is a part of our DNA.

Therefore, this years Advent Calendar is about sharing one of the things that have made us stand out, what most people recognizes us for, our beloved agile illustrations. As part of the many popular posters we have created through out the years, downloaded by hundreds of thousands from all around the world, these illustrations are an important part of our brand and our culture.

We are giving you the chance to download a new illustration every day for the whole of December as we are opening up our Agile Illustration Bank. You can use and share these illustrations as you please, in your presentations or as part of your work, for free under the Creative Commons license.

We hope you will enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed creating them. Keep your eyes open on our social media channels on December 1 for the first illustration.

Lets make this a shareful Christmas! 

December 1

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Shu Ha Ri

When learning something new, we all go through 3 different stages. Think about where are you in your journey, or where people around you are.

December 2

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Conflict of Interest

When change is inflicted on people in the organization and they meet to argue their different standpoints to try to convince others that their view is the correct one.

December 5

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Decision Making

Too often in todays’ organizations we loose innovations or improvements due to the time it takes to get a decision in place.

December 6

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Build teams

Build teams across the organisation so that everyone can belong to a team. Focus on making them well functioning and high performing

December 7

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Management by Outcomes

Leading in the complex domain requires a new form of leadership and management. Clear, agreed and shared outcomes mobilise the brain power of the teams to solve the right problem.

December 8

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Optimize for flow

Optimising for flow of deliverables means creating some slack instead of making sure everybody is busy all the time.This may be counter-intuitive but it leads to quicker deliveries and it creates a more sustainable pace for employees.

December 9

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Handle the Unknown

The signs we see from our organizations and teams are only the tip of an iceberg that has far more complexity than what we can see. It is important to be aware of this and carefully read those signs without rushing with wrong solutions.

December 10

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Transformational Leadership

To be inspiring and motivating, a role model with compassion and caring.

December 11

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From Reactive to Proactive

To meet the need from high-speed Agile teams the recruiting process needs to be always on-going. We need to keep good people in the loop even though it might not be a match at the moment it can change very quickly.

December 12

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The Agile Mindset and Capabilities

The Agile mindset and capabilities of a team are not made of a linear path, but more of a loop of areas that enable each other and ultimately help the team to get their wanted results.

December 13

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From control & order toward trust & safe-to-fail

To obtain better learning and innovations, it is important to shift from control & order toward trust & safe-to-fail. Only then people will feel safe to try and learn new things.

December 14

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People First

To improve business results we need to starts with the people first. Increasing their happiness will make sure they deliver quality and value, and that turns into business results. This can take time but will definitely worth the investment.

December 15

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Reflecting and learning together on a regular basis in a structured way. Taking action to improve behaviours and removing impediments helps our organisation to continuously evolve.

December 16

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One Backlog

Practicing the use of ONE backlog makes iterative and incremental product planning across teams easier. It minimises unnecessary conflicting priorities and enables collaboration on shared release goals.
User Story Maps makes great product backlogs. One product, one backlog.

December 17

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Customer Focus

Practicing the use of ONE backlog makes iterative and incremental product planning across teams easier. It A focus on delivering the highest possible value to the customer is ingrained in the whole organisation. The “Voice of the Customer” is paramount, the organisation is built along value streams and the customer journey is integrated end to end. When we make changes in our organisation we always think, ”how does this impact our customers?” We agree that hitting ”the budget” is not how we succeed making our customers feel awesome.

December 18

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Sustainable Change Capacity

Change capacity that endures over time is essential.
Change often takes longer than anticipated before results can be seen.

December 19

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Theory X and Y

The “view” we have on people influences the systems and structures we build. People are naturally awesome, we just need to provide environments that enable them even more, not that demotivate them

December 20

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Change Management

It is important to introduce changes and improvements in an incremental and iterative way. As we do for product delivery. This makes sure we can always learn and adjust along the wayot that demotivate them.

December 21

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Best Ideas

Complex environments require creativity and innovations. And to get those are emerging the most when people are wComplex business problems requires creativity and innovation. That is why collaboration between people with different capabilities is key in agile ways of working to be able to find solutions that are both feasible and usable = valuable. 💡

December 22

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Co Create Employee Experience

Mapping the employee experience to redesign the user and people experience of work to be more human centric and support high performance.

December 23

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Push vs. Pull

Moving from a push system to a pull system, not only makes sure we keep a sustainable flow, but it also improve the commitment and sense of ownership of those that pull.

December 24

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Ride on the Dandy wave of powerful visualizations into 2023.

As this Christmas Calendar is coming to an end we wish you a magical Christmas and Happy Holidays ⭐ 🎄 🤶
We also hope you get to feed your creativity – as we often need us to get a break from the everyday stress to get creative again. Perhaps you are a person who visualizes, or use words or other media? Either way we hope that you have found the visualizations from our Christmas Calendar inspirational, and that you find them valuable in your work to communicate and inspire to human centered work and creative collaboration across borders, as well as create your own creatives.

We hope to see you soon in the new year and ride the creative, wave together. Best wishes from the whole Dandy team 🥳

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